Obama To Release More GITMO Inmates – Do You Remember American Hero SFC Christopher Speer?

Obama GITMO(WaPo) Facing a potential showdown with Congress, the Pentagon is racing to release dozens of more GITMO prisoners in the coming months before lawmakers can scuttle a lame-duck Obama’s intentions to close the prison before the end of his term.

As a first step, the Obama Administration plans to send back to the battlefield 10 Islamic Jihadists, in all the Pentagon hopes they’ll be able to release up to 57 inmates before the end of the year.

On Thursday, Obama acknowledged the killing instead of capturing and arresting two accused Jihadist American citizens (Adam Gadhan from California and Ahmed Farouq) by a drone strike in Pakistan in January, not only depriving them of their 5th Amendment ‘Due Process’ rights but likewise forever losing any actionable intelligence they may have been able to provide.

What’s Obama up to? He’ll deprive American citizen accused Jihadists of their civil rights by killing them, while releasing non-citizen Jihadists from GITMO that were picked up on the battlefield waging war, conducting terrorist activities and killing U.S. Soldiers.

  • Flashback: Remember in 2012 Michelle Malkin wrote here about former GITMO Jihadist Omar Khadr, released by Obama after being found guilty of five charges related to the battlefield killing of American Hero SFC Christopher Speer in 2002

Where is the justice for Army Combat Medic SFC Christopher Speer, his widow and their families, together with all of the other American Heroes killed by former and current GITMO prisoners that Obama would rather have one not remember, as he schedules the release of more Islamic Jihadists back to the fight?

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Martyr for Jesus Christ

St. Fidels Martydom

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen (1577-1622)
Image: All Saints & Martyrs

(EWTN) Born in Germany Sigmaringen and christened ‘Mark’ he went to the university in Switzerland studying philosophy and law. Fidelis was a good, decent and respected lawyer, according to Franciscan Media accepting cases to help the poor and oppressed, becoming known as ‘The Poor Mans Lawyer.’

Justice and his faith directed Fidelis actions and he would become disgusted with the corruption and injustice he found among his colleagues which resulted in him abandoning his law practice to become a Priest and entering the Capuchin Friars in Firbourg he subsequently would dispose of his possessions, dividing them between the impoverished Seminarians and the poor.

After completing studies in theology, Fidelis received his Holy Orders and said his first Mass in the Convent at Firbourg on the ‘Feast of St. Francis’ in 1612 according to EWTN and he would subsequently consecrate himself to God by taking the habit. From that moment forward, implicit obedience, humility and charity were his delight.

Fr. Fidelis received orders from his superiors and was sent to the Convent at  Weltkirchen (present day Austria) where many converted because of his zealous work–Later, the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith commissioned Fr. Fidelis to go and minister at ‘Grisons’ (Graununden region of Switzerland) he was the first missionary that was sent there since the residents had embraced Calvinism–Eight other Priests from Fr. Fidelis order worked along side of him as his assistants.

Some of the Calvinists became angered at Fr. Fidelis work and success at converting their brethren and threatened his life.

On this date in 1622 Fr. Fidelis made his confession to his assistant’s Priests, celebrated Mass and delivered a sermon at Grusch, following which he stood silent with his eyes fixed on heaven in joy–Later Fr. Fidelis foretold of his death to several persons in the clearest of terms and executed his last letters, ‘P. Fidelis, prope diem esca vermium’ (Fr. Fidelis, who will be shortly the food of worms) subsequently traveling to Sevis (Seewis im Prattigau) to celebrate Mass and delivering a sermon with great energy urging the Christians to be strong.

Following Mass in Sevis on the road back to Grusch, Fr, Fidelis met twenty Calvinists with a minister leading them, they called Fr. Fidelis a ‘false prophet’ and urged him to deny his faith and embrace their heresy.

Fr. Fidelis replied to them saying: “I am sent to you to confute (or refute) not to embrace your heresy. The Catholic religion is the faith of all ages, I fear not death.”

Subsequently one of the Calvinists beat him to the ground by striking him in the head with his sword, Fr. Fidelis rose and on his knees, stretched out his arms in the form of a Cross and said in a feeble voice towards heaven:

“Pardon my enemies O Lord, blinded by passion they know not what they do. Lord Jesus have pity on me, Mary Mother of Jesus assist me.”

A second strike against Fr. Fidelis head would result in him falling to the ground laying in a pool of his own blood. Not satisfied with Fr. Fidelis lay dying, some of the Calvinists would repeatedly stab him and would desecrate his body as they would say to punish him for his many journeys into communities to minister to them.

Following the savage attack on Fr. Fidelis by the Calvinists and their departure as he lay dying on the road, a Catholic Woman that was hidden as she watched what occurred, found Fr. Fidelis eyes open and fixed on heaven. 

Fr. Fidelis was Beatified in 1729 by Pope Benedict XIII and Canonized in 1746 by Pope Benedict XIV

More here from Catholic News Agency and here from American Catholic

Obama’s Drones Kill Suspected American Jihadists, Who Made him Judge, Jury & Executioner?

Obama Drone Murder

Obama Drone Murderer
Image: Bob Powell

(AP)  President Obama expressed regret and condolences to family members for a January done strike which killed Warren Weinstein of Rockville, MD held by Al-Qaeda in Pakistan since 2011 and Italian aid worker Giovanni Lo Porto.

The two hostages together with American Citizens turned accused Islamic Jihadists Ahmed Farouq and Adam Gadhan of Orange County (California) were killed which White House Press Secy Josh Earnest said in a statement:

“We have concluded that Ahmed Farouq an American who was an Al-Qaeda leader…we have also concluded that Adam Gadahn an American who became a prominent member of Al-Qaeda was killed…”

I have just two question for Obama?

When did these two American citizens, accused Al-Qaeda members relinquish their 5th Amendment right of ‘Due Process’ and who made Barack Obama, their judge, jury and executioner?

On the 05 February, 2013 I wrote here that while I often times am a critic of and disagree with the ACLU, on the issue of the Obama Administration use of lethal force to take out allegedly undesirable American citizens living abroad, I do agree that it ‘underscores the recklessness of the governments central claim and the deficiencies in the government’s defense of it…are so vague and elastic that they will be easily manipulated.’

In March, 2012 former New Jersey Superior Ct Judge and now FOX News Senior Judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano wrote “Can the president kill an American simply because the person is dangerous and his arrest is impractical? Can the president be judge, jury and executioner of an American in a foreign country because he believes that would keep America safe?

We live in a time in which the government recognizes no limits on its power–It doesn’t recognize natural law–It doesn’t recognize federal law. It doesn’t recognize the Constitution…the POTUS…became jusge, jury and executioner for a very hated and probably guilty individual (Anwar al-Awlaki) but the 5th Amendment says that ‘no person shall be denied life, liberty or property’ much less an American, without due process of law…”

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Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. George, Martyr for Jesus Christ

Martyrdom of Saint GeorgeMartyrdom of Saint George (Paolo Veronese 1564) Image: WikiArt

(EWTN) Born somewhere between 275 and 281 in Bithynia Nicomedia (modern day  NW Turkey) George is by far one of the most illustrious martyrs for Jesus Christ. The Greeks have long distinguished him by the title of ‘The Greek Martyr’ and keep his festival a holiday of obligation. To this day, St. George is honored as principle patron by several Eastern nations, particularly the Georgians. The intercession of St. George was implored especially in battles and by Soldiers in the ‘Byzantine Empire’ (330-1453) and its said that St. George himself was a mighty soldier.

There stood formally in Constantinople 5 or 6 Churches dedicated in his honor, Timothy II (1612-1620) rebuilt and enlarged ‘The Church of St. George’ in Istanbul and is open to the public to this date.

The extraordinary devotion to all Christendom to St. George, would seem to evidence how glorious St. George’s triumph and name have always been in the Church.

All of his acts, relate how St. George suffered under  the Emperor Diocletian — One account of his martyrdom according to Catholic News Agency comes from Ecclesiastical history which relates:

That Diocletian issued an Order to tear down all of the Churches to their foundations and destroy the Sacred Scriptures by fire…a certain man of no mean origin but highly esteemed by his temporal dignities, stimulated by a Divine zeal and excited by an ardent faith, took the Emperor’s Order as it was openly displayed for public inspection and tore it up into shreds. This act so enraged Diocletian, that he had the ‘certain man’ identified by more than one ancient source including Eusebius Bishop of Caesarea (263-339) as St. George though other historians have suggested that this isn’t likely.

St. George is usually depicted in Christian art as a Soldier on horseback killing a dragon with a lance. This image is representative of a popular legend of St. George which first appeared in 1275 in a romance entitled, ‘The Golden Legend’ (from 1470 to 1530 was the most often printed book in Europe) which George saved a town terrorized by a dragon with one blow of his lance. The image however is also and more significantly a powerful symbol of the victory of the Christian faith over evil (sometimes interpreted more contextually in the early Church as ‘Paganism’) personified by Satan who is symbolized by the dragon according to the imagery of the Book of Revelations.

The reason why St. George has been regarded as the Patron Saint of Soldiers is partly upon the score of his profession and partly upon the credit of a relation of his appearing to the Christian Army in the Holy War before the battle of Antioch. The success of this battle proving fortunate to the Christians under the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem by ‘Godfrey de Bouillion’ made the name of St. George more famous in Europe and disposed of Soldiers more particularly his intercession.

While some Christians dishonor the profession of Soldiers and weaponry, we find the names of more Soldiers recorded in Martyrologies  than almost any other profession. Every true disciple of Jesus Christ must be a Martyr in the disposition of ones heart and must be prepared to lose everything and to suffer anything rather than to offend Almighty God.

Every good Christian is also a Martyr by the patience and courage with which one bears all trials. There is no virtue more necessary, nor of which the exercise ought to be more frequent than patience–which I often fail, I digress.

In this mortal life we have continually something to suffer from, disappointments, from injustice, irritations, jealously, animosity of others, from ourselves in mental anguish, grief and physical pains. Even our own weaknesses and faults are to us subjects of patience. We likewise have many other burdens both of our own and to others to bear, it is only patience that we are to possess our souls.

By this, it affords us comfort in all of our distress/unhappiness and maintains our souls in unshaken tranquility and peace. This is true greatness of mind and the virtue of an heroic soul…What comfort should we find, what peace should we enjoy, what treasures of virtue should we amass, what a harvest of merits should we reap, if we had learned the true spirit of Christian patience. This is the martyrdom and the crown of every faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. 

More here from EWTN and here from Women For Faith & Family

Obama Urges Women to ‘Press for Fairness’ — Record 56,131,000 Women Not in Labor Force

Jobless(The Herald) Obama Watch: Urges Women in Charlotte, NC  to Press for
Fairness —
Record 56,131,000 Women Nor in Labor Force
Image: Ashley Gruber & Lan Cantrell

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Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Adalbert of Prague, Bishop & Martyr for Jesus Christ

St. Adalbert of Prague

Saint Adalbert (956-997)
Image: Scribbles of a Catholic Girl

(EWTN) Born Wojtech in Bohemia Cidilnou into a noble family, Wojtech was ordained a Priest when he was 27 changing his name to ‘Adalbert’ when he was chosen as Archbishop of Prague–Those who resisted his program of standing up against the pagan practices of Central Europe according to Franciscan Media forced him into exile–where he went to Rome and released of his episcopal obligations by Pope John XV

Adalbert withdrew to a Monastery and occupied himself in the most humble duties of the house.

In time, the people of Prague requested that Bishop Adalbert return and he was received with great demonstrations of joy but within a short time again, he was expelled a second time and returned to Rome after excommunicating those who had violated the right of the sanctuary by dragging a Woman accused of adultery from the Church and murdering her.

The people of Hungary were just then turning to Christianity, Bishop Adalbert went there to work as a missionary, after a short stay, he left to minister and evangelize in Poland and was made Archbishop of Gensen but again, he relinquished his position and set out to minister and evangelize the idolatrous inhabitants of the Kingdom of Prussia.

Bishop Adalbert at first saw success however his authoritative manner in telling the people to abandon their paganism irritated them and he was killed together with two of his companions by pagan priests in 997 near Konigsberg–the city was renamed Kaliningard, now part of Russia.

In 999 Bishop Adalbert was Canonized and is the Patron Saint of the Czech Republic of Bohemia and Poland.

More here from EWTN and here from American Catholic

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Anselm, Benedictine Monk, Archbishop of Canterbury

Saint Anselm

Saint Anselm (1033-1109)
The Beauty and Mystery of Life & Faith

(EWTN) Born in Italy at Aosta in part of the Piedmont region, Anselm’s father provided little in the way of moral or religious influence to his son–Anslem’s mother on the other hand was a very devout Woman according to Catholic News Agency and chose to send Anselm to school run by the Benedictine Order.

Anselm felt a profound religious calling during those years, spurred in-part by a dream in which he met and conversed with God. — Anselm’s father forbid him to become a Monk, this disappointment was followed by a period of severe illness and the early death of his beloved mother.

Unable to join the Monks and tired of the mistreatment by his father, Anselm left home and wandered throughout parts of France and Italy for 3 yrs, his life regained direction in Normandy where he met the Benedictine Prior Lanfranc of Pavia (1005-1089) becoming his disciple/student.

Lanfranc recognized his his pupil Anselm intellectual gifts and encouraged his vocation into a religious life. Accepted into the Monastery of Bec in Normandy, according to Franciscan Media Anselm was Ordained a Priest at the age of 27 and succeeded his teacher Lanfranc in 1063 when he was called to become Abbot of a different monastery.

Considered to be an original and independent thinker, Fr. Anselm was admired for his patience, gentleness and teaching skills. Under his leadership, the Abbey of Bec became a monastic school, influential in philosophical and theological studies.

During these years at the community’s request, Fr. Anselm began writing and publishing his theological works, comparable to those of Saint Augustine (Feast Day: 28 Aug) Fr. Anselm best known work is: Cur Deus Homo (‘Why God Became Man’)

At the age of 60 Fr. Anselm reluctantly accepted the position of Archbishop of Canterbury in 1093 his appointment was initially opposed by King William Rufus but later accepted.

For a three year period according to Catholic News Agency Fr. Anselm’s insistence on self-government of the Church against the claims of the state to its administration and property, caused him to be exiled from England but Fr. Anselm was successful in his struggle and returned to his Diocese in 1106

In the remaining years of Fr. Anselm’s life, he worked to reform the Church and continued with his theological research–following the motto: ‘Faith Seeking Understanding.’

Fr. Anselm passed away on this date in 1109 in England Canterbury, he was Canonized in 1492 by Pope Alexander IV — In 1720 Saint Anselm was named ‘Doctor of the Church’ by Pope Clement XI

More here from EWTN and here from American Catholic

Bill Clinton Raked in the Cash for Speeches While Hillary was Secy of State

Quid Pro DoughThey’re in the Money

(WaPo) New Book, ‘Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill & Hillary Rich’ to be Released 05 May

Bill Clinton Earnings...Bill Raked in the Cash for Speeches While Hillary was Secy of State
Image Courtesy:
FOX & Friends@Twitter