Obama Why Dems are Running Away: These are the Folks Who Vote With Me–Supported My Agenda

Obama MSNBC Al SharptonObama On Midterm Elections:  Democrats “These Are All Folks Who Vote With Me They Have Supported My Agenda in Congress”

Obama 2014 MidtermsObama Writing GOP Ads For Them–Says Endangered Democrats “Are All Folks Who Vote With Me” –Image Courtesy: Eric Bradner@Twitter

Islamic Fascist Iran’s ‘Red Lines’ Obama Capitulates & Acquiesces — May Sweeten Nuclear Deal

Irans Red Lines(AJC) Iran’s Stated Position Totally Incompatible With Any Nuclear Deal Regardless, Obama May Go Around Congress–Impose Deal With Iran

Report: U.S. May OK More Centrifuges for Iran –Stars & Stripes

Wannabe King Obama May Go Around Congress (Again) To Impose Deal With Islamic Fascist Iran

Obama Nuclear IranWannabe King Obama Sees Deal With Iran to Avoid Congress
Legal Insurrection

(NY Times) Should an agreement be reached between the Obama Administration and Iran the Treasury Dept has concluded that Obama, has the authority to suspend the vast majority of sanctions imposed on Islamic Fascist Iran without seeking Congressional approval.

“We wouldn’t seek Congressional legislation in any comprehensive agreement for years,” said one Obama Administration official.

White House officials say that Congress should not be surprised by this plan (they’ve gone around Congress so many times already without consequence–I digress) pointing to testimony earlier this year when top negotiators argued that the best way to assure Iran complies with its obligations is a step-by-step suspension of sanctions.

“We’ve been clear that initially there would be suspension of any of the U.S. and international sanctions regime and that the lifting of sanctions will only come when the Intl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifies that Iran has met serious and substantive benchmarks,” said Bernadette Meehan, spokesperson of the Natl Security Council.

Meehan added, there “is a role for Congress in our Iran policy” but Members of Congress want a role larger than consultation and advice.

Many of the details of the negotiations with Iran remain cloaked in secrecy. Wendy Sherman, Under-Secy of State for Political Affairs had struck a deal with Congressional leaders that enables her to avoid public comment when negotiations are underway–Its time to rescind that deal.

In 2010 The Christian Science Monitor reported  that the IAEA had sounded a note of caution about any of Iran’s claims that it isn’t interested in obtaining nuclear weapons adding that he couldn’t guarantee that all of the countries atomic activities are civilian and for peaceful purposes as Iran has long insisted.

According to the IAEA in September, Reuters reports that Iran had failed to address concerns about ‘suspected atomic bomb research’ by an agreed deadline and have implemented, just 3 of the 5 nuclear transparency steps that it was obligated by the 25 August, under a so-called ‘confidence building agreement’ it had reached with the IAEA last November–which the Obama Administration is ignoring.

The IAEA has observed through satellite imagery ‘ongoing construction activity’ at Iran’s Parchin military base–Officials believe that Iran once conducted explosive tests there of relevance in developing a nuclear weapon and has sought to “cleanse” it of evidence since then.

Obama’s War: Why is the U.S. Providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy?

Humanatarian Aid to ISIS(Daily Beast) U.S. Humanitarian Aid Ends Up Going to ISIS Jihadists
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Obama Hits the Campaign Trail, Democrats Walk-Out During Campaign Speech

Obama Crowds Walk Out(Daily Mail) Not a Good Sign for Dems Two Weeks Ahead of Elections
Crowds Walk Out on Obama During Campaign Speech in Maryland

Flashback: Remember earlier this month when Obama reminded Americans, that his policies are on the ballot in November, every single one of them.

California Highest Poverty Rate in the Country — Continue to Reelect Democrats for Prosperity

California Halloween(SacBee) Census Bureau: California Still Has Highest Poverty Rate in the Country — Continue to Reelect Democrats For Prosperity

Priorities: Obama Appoints ‘Political Hack’ Ebola Czar and then Goes Golfing With ESPN Host

NIH Tells a Big Whopper: Ebola Vaccine Would’ve Been Found Had It Not Been for Budget Cuts

NIH Wasteful SpendingNIH Wasted $39,643,352 Studying These and Many Other Unnecessary
Projects –Image:
Zone 6 Combat@Twitter

(DCist) Speaking with HuffPo the Natl Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr Francis Collins said that budget cuts and “stagnant spending” has significantly slowed down the potential to find a vaccine to treat the (Ebola) virus.

Not true, according to the Washington Free Beacon which uncovered $39,643,352 worth of NIH studies within the past several years that have gone to questionable research projects which include:

  • $2,873,440 Trying to Figure Out Why Lesbians are Obese;
  • $466,642 Why Fat Girls Have a Tough Time Getting Dates;
  • $2,075,611 Encouraging Seniors to Join Choirs;

Besides these wasteful federal research projects, the NIH is also texting older African Americans with HIV ($372,460); HIV & Drug Users in rural areas ($693,000); HIV Smokers ($763,519); Pregnant Smokers ($380,145); Teen Moms ($243,839) and Meth Addicts ($360,113) together with text message interventions to attempt to get obese people to lose weight have cost $2,707,067

NIH research on obesity has led to additional spending $2,101,064 on wearable insoles and buttons that can track a persons weight and $374,670 to put fruit on vegetable puppet shows for preschoolers.

More here from FOX News

Obama Watch Appoints Ebola Czar: ‘We Weren’t Looking for Ebola Expert’

Ebola Czar(Rare) Obama Administration on New Ebola Czar: “What we were looking for was not an Ebola expert but rather an implementation expert.”
Image Courtesy: –CNN

Censorship: Hong Kong Police Arrest Getty News Photojournalist Paula Bronstein

HK Police Arrest Getty News Photographer(Epoch Times) Paula Bronstein ‘Getty Photojournalist’ Arrested While Covering HK ‘Freedom Movement’ Demonstrations –Image: Amberbrella