Pause & Remembering Andrea Rosenthal and the Victims of Pan Am 103 That Died 26 Yrs Ago Today

Pan Am 103‘Why Did This Happen?’ –Image Courtesy: Giorning@Twitter

Pan Am 103 Memorial Services26th Annual Pan Am 103 Memorial Services Today
at Arlington Natl Cemetery –Image Courtesy: VPAF103@Twitter

Pan Am 103 VictimMark@Twitter Remembers/Never Forgetting his Childhood Friend Elizabeth Sophie Ivell “Eli” Who Saved for Two Yrs for her Holiday in NYC

Remember — By Beulah McKee

Do many of you remember Pan Am 103? The plane bombed from the sky over Lockerbie? It happened December 21st, 1988 with all those aboard unaware of their fate.

As the ‘Maid of the Sea’ pushed back from the gate, it was behind schedule, the take-off was late but Terrorists had determined this to be a doomed flight. All those aboard would die that night.

As the plane took to the sky, headed out to sea, it had to pass over Lockerbie. Already flying at 31,000 feet and so, the explosion was unheard of those down below.

As parts of the plane fell to the ground, they came to land on a once quiet town. My son was one of the passengers that had been inside, whose bodies would come to rest on their countryside.

Though the oceans of tears those of us cried, over the years have mostly all dried. They have left us with memories that will ever remain, to come to mind again and again.

So–do many of you remember Pan Am 103? The plane that was bombed from the sky over Lockerbie? It happened long ago on December 21st, 1988 and yet, it’s a date that no one must ever forget.

We cannot, we must not ever forget.

Taken from ‘VPAF 103′ Poetry 19 Oct, 2007

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Today Christians Celebrate Feast of Saint Peter Canisius

St Peter CanisusSaint Peter Canisius (1521-1597) –Image:

(American Catholic) The energetic life of Peter Canisius, should demolish any stereotypes we may have of the life of a Saint as dull or routine.

Peter Canisius lived his 76 years at a pace which must be considered heroic, even in our time of rapid changes. A man blessed with many talents, Canisius is an excellent example of the scriptural man who developed his talents for the sake of the Lord’s work.

Canisius was one of the most important figures in the Catholic Reformation in Germany, his was such a key role that he has often been called the ‘Second Apostle of Germany’ in that his life parallels the earlier work of Saint Boniface (672-754)

Although Canisius once accused himself of idleness as a youth, he could not have been idle for to long, for at the age of 19 he received his Masters degree from the University of Cologne, soon afterwards he met Peter Faber, the first disciple of the Ignatius Loyola, who influenced Canisius so much that he joined the recently formed Society of Jesus.

At this early age, Canisius had already taken up a practice he continued throughout his life–a process of study, reflection, prayer and writing. After his ordination in 1546 he became widely known for his editions of the writings of Saint Cyril of Alexandria (376-444) and St Leo the Great (400-461)

Besides this reflective literary bent, Canisius had a zeal for the apostolate, he could often be found visiting the sick or prisoners, even when his assigned duties in other areas were more than enough to keep most people fully occupied.

Saint Peter Canisius strengthened the Catholic faith in German and Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Central Europe–During the mid 1500s, Canisius journeys took him to Prague where he founded the Jesuit school along with another in Bavaria and later a third in Munich. The year of 1555 in particular was a landmark for Canisius, Saint Ignatius promoted him to a leadership position within the order which he held until 1569–he published the  first and the longest version of his Catholic catechism, this work and its two shorter adaptations , went through hundreds of printings and remained in use for centuries.

Canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1925 Saint Peter Canisius was declared Doctor of the Church–In a famous saying, the Jesuit Priest revealed the secret behind the accomplishments of his energetic and fruitful life: “If you have to much to do, with God’s help you will find time to do it all.”

Full article here of Saint Peter Canisius –CNA

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Al Sharpton, Are You Now Satisfied With the Blood on Your Hands After Two NYPD Cops Shot Dead?

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Saint Dominic of Silos

St Dominic of SilosSt. Dominic of Silos (1000-1073) Image:

(EWTN) St. Dominic of Silos, founder of the Order of Preachers was named after this Benedictine Abbot who lived a century before him. According to Dominican tradition, St Dominic of Silos, appeared to Blessed Joan of Aza (Mother of the later St. Dominic) who made a pilgrimage to his shrine before the birth of her Son and named him after the Abbott of Silos.

Dominic of Silos, was born in Spain into a peasant family. As a young boy he spent time in the fields where he welcomed the solitude–he became a Benedictine Priest and served in numerous leadership positions.

Following a dispute with the King over property, Dominic and two other Monks were exiled, they established a new Monastery at what at first seemed an unpromising location, under Dominic’s leadership however, it became one of the most famous houses in Spain–many healings were reported there.

About 100 years after Dominic’s death, a young woman made a pilgrimage to his tomb, there ‘Dominic of Silos’ appeared to her and assured her that she would bear another son. The woman was ‘Joan of Aza’ and the son she gave birth to grew up to be the ‘other’ Dominic–the one who founded the Dominicans.

Rest here from American Catholic

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Prayers & Action — You Can Make a Difference

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Happy Birthday JesusJesus is the Reason for the Season –Image: Christian Cinema@Facebook

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Obama Claimed Today ‘Economy has Gotten Better’ Unless Your Black with 11.1% Unemployment or the New 18 Million Receiving Food Stamps

Obama Presser(Deneen Borelli) Obama Claims ’2014 Has Been Strongest Year for Job Growth’ Unless Your Black 11.1% Unemployment –Image: ABC @Twitter

Obamanomics...18 Million Added to Food Stamp Program
Image: Soquel by the Creek@Twitter

God Bless American Hero & Decorated Tuskegee Airman Lowell Steward, Dies in Ventura at 95

Lowell Steward(LA Times) Tuskegee Airman Lowell Steward Dies in Ventura
Rene Omega@Twitter

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Of Course George Clooney is Correct, Many in Hollywood are a Bunch of Wimps & Cowards

HollywoodMany in Hollywood are a Bunch of “Wimps and Cowards” When it Comes
to the First Amendment  –Image:
Cyber Blaze@Twitter 

(Deadline) As it begins to dawn on everyone in Hollywood and the rest of the country, the reality that Sony Pictures were the target of a cyberattack allegedly perpetrated by North Korea cyberterrorists on U.S. soil, questions are being asked of the Obama Administration, what are you going to do now in defense of the 1st Amendment and the preservation of our civil liberties that too many Americans take for granted?

This week George Clooney and his agent Bryan Lourd of CAA, began circulating a petition among Hollywood executives, together with top people in film, television and recording industry but unfortunately all of the persons contacted that are making a lot of money, one may add exercising their 1st Amendment rights they’ve taken apparently for granted, refused to sign Clooney’s petition, further evidencing the actual cowardice of many of the entertainment elite, despite their often hard nosed and tough talking demeanor.

Conservatives of course are Clooney’s “natural ally” when it comes to protecting and preserving Free Speech and I have written to Lourd, inquiring what one may do to help them? I haven’t yet received a response.

Much of the Hollywood and entertainment’s ostentatious, are exactly what  many Americans have known for sometime and which Clooney and Lourd are finally learning–they’ve for these many years been working selling their souls for fleeting fame to a  bunch of “wimps and cowards” that doesn’t mind capitalizing off of their civil liberties but when it actually comes to defending them (which many have made their fortunes) heaven forbid, they runaway like paper tigers when the beacon of liberty shines upon them and their fugacious little empires.

Today Christians Celebrate Saint of the Day, Blessed Pope Urban V

Pope Urban VBlessed Pope Urban V (1310-1370)

(uCatholic) Blessed Pope Urban V was born Giullaume de Grimoard in France Languedoc, he studied Canon Law and Theology in Avignon becoming a Benedictine Monk and in 1352 he was named Abbott of his Monastery , serving as a papal diplomat and was sent as an Ambassador to various locations–also serving as a Bishop around Italy and throughout Europe.

In 1362 the man elected Pope declined the office, when the Cardinal’s could not find another person among them for that important office, they turned to a relative stranger–the holy person we honor today.

Pope Urban V proved a wise choice, as a Benedictine Monk and Canon Lawyer, he was deeply spiritual and brilliant, living simply and modestly which did not always win him friends among clergymen who become used to comfort and privilege.

Still Pope Urban V pressed for reform and saw to the restoration of the Churches and Monasteries. Except for a brief period, he spent most of his 8 years as Pope living away from Rome at Avignon, seat of the papacy from 1309 until shortly after his death.

Pope Urban V came close but was not able to achieve one of his biggest goals–reuniting the Eastern and Western Churches.

Rest here from American Catholic

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