NYPD Officers Leave Ebola Doc’s Apartment Dump Gloves & Masks Into Public Trash Container






NYPD 4(Daily Mail) NYPD Leave Ebola Doctor’s Apartment, Dump Gloves,
Masks and Caution Tape into Public Trash Can

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ISIS Hatchet Wielding Jihadist Attacks Four NYPD Cops, One Hospitalized in Critical Condition

ISIS Jihadist NYC(NBC News) ISIS Jihadist Attack Four NYC Cops in Broad Daylight
Image: Rick Moore@Twitter

ISIS Jihadist Attack NYC PoliceISIS Jihadist Attacks Four NYC Cops Wounding Two, One Critical

Rep Charlie Rangel (D-NY) ISIS Not a Threat to Our Natl Security

ISIS Flag Banners Show Up In Western U.S. States

ISIS Flag on VanISIS Flag Banner Appears on Nevada Van –Images:  AIJabali_2@Twitter

ISIS in AZISIS Flag Banner Affixed to Arizona Highway Sign

Obama Administration: Don’t Read Anything Into Purchase of 34 Million Green Cards

You Can Not Fool All of the People...Soquel(CNSNews) Despite All of the Ample Evidence to the Contrary the Obama Administration Says You Can Trust Us On Immigration –Soquel Creek


Obama Refuses to Call Shooting Rampage at Canadian Parliament by Jihadist, Islamic Terrorism

Obama Terrorism

(CTV News) On Wednesday, following the shooting rampage in Ottawa, Canada that left Canadian Hero Cpl Nathan Cirillo dead, Obama pledged to ensure national security efforts continue to be coordinated between the two countries and said:

“We have to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with these kinds of acts of senseless violence or terrorism and I pledged as always to make sure that our national security are coordinated very closely–Not only is Canada one of our closest allies in the world but they’re are neighbors and our friends.”

Why can’t Obama bring himself to calling Monday’s Jihadist attack by a self-proclaimed ISIS supporter that left Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent dead, together with a second soldier seriously injured and Wednesday’s shooting rampage at Parliament in Ottawa Canada by an Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the Jihadist terrorist attack, “Islamic” Terrorism?

VA Attempted to Shut-Up Whistleblower, Sent Threatening Emails Attempting to Intimidate

Obama Scandal CrisisVA Crisis “Culture of Corruption Persists” –Image: Geraldo@Twitter

 (The Blaze) The Dept of Veteran Affairs last month, attempted to force one of their employees to execute a non-disclosure agreement and threatened him with disciplinary action, after the employee appeared on FOX News and criticized the ‘Veterans Administration’ for continuing to fail its mission to deliver health care to our American Heroes.

Scott Davis, a Program Specialist at the VA’s Health Eligibility Center in Atlanta and Whistleblower who had previously testified before Congress about the VA’s numerous failures.

Subsequent to Davis appearance on FOX News on the 02 September, Davis received an email just minutes later by William Lamm who asked Davis  to appear at an ‘Administrative Investigation Board’ meeting for 04 September

ScreenShot Email

Davis replied to the email the following day, that the White House Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is already investigating his Whistleblower case and said that the VA has already determined that the OSC investigation must be concluded before the VA could take any action against him.

“Therefore, I will have to decline your invitation to meet tomorrow,” Davis replied. “Mr. Lamm, I respectfully ask that you please stop contacting me about this matter.”

Subsequently, Lamm wrote back to Davis (continuing to harass him) that Davis had no choice but to attend the meeting–reminding him that refusing to testify on disciplinary matters “may be grounds for disciplinary action.”

Lamm Email

While Lamm backed off his demand later that day in an email that said the VA wants to cooperate with the OSC and that the OSC wouldn’t be able to have an Agent attend the planned hearing.

The email exchange prompted Rep Mike Coffman (R-CO) to write a letter to VA Secy Robert McDonald about the VA’s efforts to silence Davis.

“Mr Davis recently indicated to my staff that he is receiving threatening emails regarding disciplinary action against him–Davis indicated he is being harassed and investigated and that human resource officials, have demanded that he sign a document without a VA or OMB identification control number, purporting to be a Notice of Witness Obligations, Protections and Privacy.”

“Please be assured that retaliation against VA employees that have provided Whistleblower information to Congress will not be tolerated–I request a response and explanation within five working days.”

Scott Davis and Congressional Aides said that they haven’t received a response from VA Secy Robert McDonald, more than a month subsequent to Rep Coffman’s letter being sent.

Rest here from Rep Mike Coffman

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God Bless Canadian Hero Cpl Nathan Cirillo

Canadian SoldierPhoto Taken by a Tourist at Canadian ‘National War Memorial’ Shortly
Before Cpl Nathan Cirillo Was Murdered by Islamic Jihadist –Image: CBC

Canadia Soldier...RIP–God Bless Canadian Hero Cpl Nathan Cirillo

USMC Picture of the Day

USMC Pic of the DayLike Father Like Son –Image: One U.S. Marine Ret
Military Porn@Twitter