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Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. Louis of Toulouse, Patron Saint of Mission San Luis Obispo

St Louis of Toulouse

St. Louis of Toulouse (1274-1297)
Image: Pax Et Bonum

(Franciscan Media) Born in Italy Nocera the son of Charles II of Anjou, King of Naples according to SQPN and Great-Nephew of Saint Louis IX (Feast Day: 25 August) and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (Feast Day: 17 November) Louis at an early age exhibited early signs of attachment to prayer and compassion to those in need. As a child, he would take food from the castle to feed the poor.

When Louis was 14 yrs old, he along with two of his brothers were taken as hostages to the King of Aragon’s Court as part of a political deal involving their father. At the Court, Louis was tutored by the Franciscan Friars under which he made great progress both in his studies and spiritually. — Like St.Francis of Assisi Louis developed a very special love for those afflicted with leprosy.

While still a hostage, Louis decided to renounce his royal title in favor of his brother Robert and was Ordained a Priest at the age of 23 — Very shortly thereafter Fr. Louis was appointed Bishop of Toulouse.

The Franciscan spirit pervaded Fr. Louis: “Jesus Christ is all my riches, He alone is sufficient for me,” Bishop Louis of Toulouse kept repeating.

Even as Bishop, Fr. Louis continued to wear the Franciscan Habit and sometimes would yet go out a beg for charity–Bishop Louis of Toulouse assigned a Friar to offer him correction, in public if necessary and the Friar always did his job.

Bishop Louis of Toulouse service to the Diocese was richly blessed, in no time he was considered a Saint — Bishop Louis of Toulouse set aside 75% of his income to feed the poor and maintain Churches, each day he would feed on average 25 poor people at his table.

On this date in 1297 at the age of 23, Bishop Louis of Toulouse fell asleep in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ — In  1317 Bishop Louis of Toulouse was Canonized by Pope John XXII

  • Publishers Note: Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa was the 5th California Mission founded in 1772 and named after St. Louis of Toulous by Fr. Junipero Serra who will soon be Canonized a Saint by Pope Francis, during the Holy Father’s visit to the United States next month.

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Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Joan (Delanoue) of the Cross

Saint Joan of the Cross

St. Jeanne (Delanoue) of the Cross
Image: Pinterest

(Franciscan Media) An encounter with a shabby old Woman many dismissed as insane prompted Jeanne Delanoue (Saint Joan of the Cross) to dedicate her life to the poor–For Jeanne who had a reputation as a businesswoman intent on monetary success, this was a significant conversion.

Born 1666 in France Saumur in the valley of the Loire River according to the Vatican Jeanne was the youngest of twelve children. Jeanne’s parents owned a business near the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-des-Ardilliers. Although but only 6 yrs of age when her father died, she helped her mother run the family business in order to maintain the welfare of her family.

Jeanne’s qualities were quite remarkable at such a tender age, she was skillful, energetic and determined, even to the point of keeping the store open on Sunday’s and Holy Days. — Jeanne’s future was hers as the business grew and prospered. It was precisely in this context of success at the age of 27 (shortly after the death of Jeanne’s mother) an elderly Woman, faithful to Notre-Dame-des Ardelliers, invited Jeanne to consecrate herself to the many impoverished people of her neighborhood.

Despite the responsibilities Jeanne had accrued in response to this call which she believed to have come from God, Jeanne turned toward the poor. — They assumed more of her time each day than did her other patrons until they became Jeanne’s  full-time occupation.

Within a short time no longer did the poor await her visits to them but they started coming to her. In 1700 Jeanne warmly welcomed a child into her home and soon thereafter, she began taking in the sick, seniors and the destitute too.

Now with so many requiring lodging–the only other place that the poor had to go was to the grottos hollowed (park) out on the tuff — Jeanne made them as comfortable as possible however at this point, it was necessary for her to seek help.

Within 4 yrs some young girls were interested in helping Jeanne and were willing to wear a religious habit if she wished them to do so. It was then, the ‘Congregation of St. Anne de la Providence’ was born.

Jeanne Delanoue tenacity, supported by the dedicated Woman that worked with her, brought about the foundation pf Saumur’s first home for the poor in 1715

Very quickly Jeanne’s charity spread beyond the limits of Saumur and the local Diocese–More than that, there were 40 helpers who were under her direction and had made the decision to follow her example of self-sacrifice, prayer and chastity.

At the time of Jeanne’s death on this date in 1736, she left a dozen communities, together with homes for the poor and schools.

Everyone could admire Jeanne Delanoue zeal and the work she accomplished in the numerous visits she received and made but only Jeanne’s closest friends knew of her chastity, her life of prayer and of union with God, it is from this, her untiring charity proceeded.

Jeanne Delanoue was attracted toward all those who suffered but especially those who were poor and God knows they were many during those sad years of want. of cold, of famine and of war. 

In November, 1947 Jeanne Delanoue was Beatified by Pope Pius XII and in 1982 she was Canonized by Pope Saint John Paul II

Today Christians Honor St. Roch, Patron Saint of Dog’s & Knee Problems

St Roch

Saint Roch (1295-1327)
Image: Oraciones y Conjuros

(Bartleby) Born into a noble family in France Montpelier, Roch was orphaned at the age of 20 according to SQPN and gave away his fortune to the poor.

Roch made a pilgrimage of devotion to Rome, devoting himself in Italy to serve the sick during a raging pestilence. — Falling ill himself and then unable to then assist others, Roch found himself shunned and abandoned except for his dog. Roch bore his trials however always with patience and holy joy. Continually faithful to God, he was restored to good health.

Returning to France, Roch was very solemn in his Christian observances and charitable always. — Subsequently arrested according to SQPN for allegedly being a spy, he languished imprisoned for 5 years never mentioning his noble connections, where he would die.

Reportedly, many cities have been speedily delivered from the plague by imploring his intercessory prayer–in particular, that of Constance during the general council in 1414

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Isn’t Fascism Just Lovely

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Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryAssumption of the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Image: Archbishop Jose Gomez

(Franciscan Media) On the 01 November, 1950 in the Apostolic Constitution Pope Pius XII proclaimed according to EWTN the ‘Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ a dogma of faith in these words:

“The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever-Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heaven.”

We find Homilies on the ‘Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ going back to the 6th century–In following centuries, the Eastern Churches held steadily to the doctrine but some authors in the West were hesitant, however by the 13th century there was universal agreement. The Feast was celebrated under various names (Commemoration; Dormition; Passing and Assumption) from at least the 5th or the 6th century. Today it is celebrated as (serious; dignified) a Solemnity.

Scripture does not give an account of Mary’s Assumption into heaven, nevertheless Revelation 12 speaks of a Woman who is caught up in the battle between good and evil. Many see this Woman as God’s people. Since Mary best embodies the people of both the Old & New Testament, her Assumption can be seen as an exemplification of the Woman’s victory.

Furthermore, in 1st Corinthians 15:20 Paul speaks of Christ’s resurrection as the First Fruits of those who have fallen asleep.

Since the Blessed Virgin Mary, is closely associated with all of the mysteries of Jesus’ life, it is not surprising that the Holy Spirit has led the Church to belief in Mary’s share in His glorification. So close was Mary to Jesus on earth, she must be with Him body and soul in heaven.

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