An Inspiration to All of Us: Students & Teachers Honored at Christian Service Awards Mass

Christian Service Award Recipients2015 Christian Service Award Recipients –Image: Tidings

(Tidings Online)  Peter Masado a Senior at St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City, enjoys devoting both time and energy to serving his fellow students and parish community as campus ministry president.

In that role Masado, has engaged with friends, learned new skills and developed leadership abilities but the Summer, Masado spent volunteering outside of his immediate communities is an experience that will stay with him for a lifetime.

As an Emergency Room volunteer at ‘Valley Presbyterian Hospital’ in Van Nuys, Masado helped deliver lab samples, ensured the availability of clean bed linens in all rooms and provided snacks, water and blankets to weary, waiting patients.

Masado recalled, ‘the most miraculous thing I’ve seen is a baby being born right outside the hospital, an emergency delivery took place in the parking lot. That happened on the first day of my volunteer experience and that just really opened my eyes to the miracle of life. It was amazing.’

Masado was among 78 Seniors from 51 Catholic High Schools throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles that were honored on the 18 March for their exemplary community service during the annual Christian Service Awards Mass held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels–the event also honored seven exceptional Catholic High School teachers.

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The Largest of Blessings are Those that Are Small

Precious ChildDo Not Forget That Sometimes, All It Takes Is Just One Prayer
to Change Everything –Esmeralda Kiczek@Twitter

#IPraytoEndAbortion ‘A Great Prayer for Life is Urgently Needed, A Prayer that Will Rise Up Throughout the World.’  –Pope Saint John Paul II

Obama Administration Shows Off Their Latest Strategy to Defeat ISIS

Adam Baldwin Takes On Obama’s Funny Math

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Lazarus, Bishop of Marseilles and Martyr for Jesus Christ

Feast of LazarusLazarus the Friend of Jesus and Brother of Martha & Mary
Image: Catholic Online@Facebook

(Franciscan Media) Legends abound about the life of Lazarus, after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Lazarus is supposed to have left a written account in what he saw in the next world before he was called back to life.

Some report that Lazarus followed Peter into Syria, another story is that despite being put into a leaking boat by the Jews at Jaffa, Lazarus, his sisters and other landed safely in Cyprus and there he died peacefully after serving as a Bishop for 30 years. A Church was built in Lazarus’ honor in Constantinople and some of his reputed relics were transferred there in 890

A Western legend has the oarless boat arriving in Gaul (Western Europe–present day France) there Lazarus is said to have been the first Bishop of France Marseilles and was martyred after converting a number of people and was buried in a cave, with his relics being transferred to the new Autun Cathedral (in France) in 1146

It is certain there was an early devotion to Saint Lazarus–Around the year 390 the pilgrim lady Etheria, talks of the procession that took place on the Saturday before Palm Sunday at the tomb where Lazarus had been raised from the dead.

In the West, ‘Passion Sunday’ was called Dominica de Lazaro and Augustine tells us that in Africa the Gospel of the raising of Lazarus was read at the office of Palm Sunday.

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Today Christians Honor Blessed Didacus Joseph of Cadiz

Blessed Didacus...Blessed Didacus Joesph of Cadiz –Image: Scribbles of a Catholic Girl

(Franciscan Media) Born in Spain Cadiz and christened Joesph Francis, in his youth, he spent much of his free time Capuchin Friars and their Church but his desire to enter the Franciscan Order was delayed because of the difficulties Joseph Francis had with his studies–Finally however he was admitted to the Novitiate of the Capuchin in Seville as Brother Didacus and later was ordained a priest.

Fr. Didacus gift of preaching was soon evident, he journeyed tirelessly through the territory of Spain Andalusia, ministering in small towns and crowded cities. Fr. Didacus words were able to touch the hearts and minds of the young, old, rich and poor together with professors–his work in the confessional completed the conversions his words began, he became known as the ‘Apostle of the Holy Trinity’ because of his devotion to the Trinity and the ease by which he ministered about this sublime mystery.

One day a child gave his secret crying out: “Mother, mother, see the dove resting on the shoulder of Fr. Didacus, I could preach like that too if a dove told me all that I should say.”

Fr. Didacus was that close to God, spending nights in prayer and preparing for his sermons by severe penances–his reply to those who criticized him: “My sins and the sins of the people compel me to do it. Those who have been charged with the conversions of sinners must remember, that the Lord has imposed on them the sins of their clients.”

It’s been said that sometimes when Fr. Didacus preached on the love of God, he would be elevated above the pulpit. Crowds in villages and town squares were entranced by his words and would attempt to tear off pieces of his habit as he would pass by.

Fr. Didacus passed away in 1801 at the age of 58 and was Beatified by Pope Leo XIII in 1894

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Is the NY Times Fair, Bias or Racist in Coverage of Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz?

NY Times BiasIs the NY Times Fair, Bias or Racist? –Image: BCP@Twitter

NY Times February 2007 When Sen. Obama Enters Race for President:

“Speaking smoothly and comfortably, Mr. Obama offered a generational call to arms, portraying his campaign less as a candidacy and more as a movement.”

NY Times March, 2015 When Sen Ted Cruz Enters Race for President:

“Mr. Cruz’s tenure in Washington has been marked by accusations of demagogy. He sometimes deploys the soaring dictation of a preacher while stalking out uncompromising and rigid conservative positions, often playing the role of a political flamethrower.”

H/T: Megyn Kelly

Archbishop Oscar Romero Declared a Martyr, Remembered in Los Angeles Ahead of Beatification

Archbishop Oscar RomeroSpirit of Archbishop Romero Lives On in Salvadoran People –Angelus 

(CNA) On Sunday in Los Angeles, over 3,000 people gathered at the ‘Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels’ for Mass in honor of Archbishop Romero’s upcoming Beatification (in San Salvador on the 23 May) and prayed that his ‘shining example’ of sacrificial love and his alliance and friendship with the poor and oppressed will continue to be fruitful.

“Archbishop Romero preached nonviolence and reconciliation in a time of hate and vengeance,” Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles said in his Homily Sunday, adding that he, “Spoke out against every form of violence, every violation of the sanctity of life and the dignity of the human person,” noting that this included “the violence of abortion.”

Sunday’s Mass marked the 35th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Romero during his celebration of Mass in a small Chapel outside of San Salvador.

The proclamation by Pope Francis confirming that Archbishop Romero died a martyr CAFOD reports followed a vote by Theologians at the ‘Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints’ in January that Romero was murdered in “hatred of the faith.”

Archbishop Romero Radio BroadcastArchbishop Oscar Romero — El Salvador’s Most Trusted News Source
Image Courtesy: The Church Alive@Twitter

CAFOD worked closely with Archbishop Romero during the 1970s supporting his famous Sunday radio broadcasts which — at a time of heavy press censorship, were often times the only means by which people in El Salvador, knew the truth about the atrocities occurring in their country.

A vocal critic of the country’s military dictatorship, the Sunday before his assassination, Archbishop Oscar Romero’s homily called upon Salvadoran soldiers to disobey their orders if asked to attack innocent civilians Tidings reports — his homily ended with the words: “In the name of God, I urge you, I plead with you, I order you—Stop the killing.”

Archbishop Jose Gomez said that Archbishop Romero is “a shining example to all of us,” showing us humility and courage, love for the poor and his “witness of solidarity and service to others, even to the point of laying down his life.”

Obama Snubs NATO Secy General Jens Stoltenberg as Russia Makes New Threats Against Allies

Obama Snubs NATO(Bloomberg) Obama Now Snubs NATO Secy General Jens Stoltenberg
This Week Even Though he’s in Washington–Image: Questions Many

The report on Obama’s snub comes amid Russia’s growing willingness to test NATO’s military readiness. On Tuesday, NATO jets were scrambled after four Russian military aircraft were spotted flying over the Baltic Sea with their transponders turned off.

Over the weekend, a Danish newspaper published remarks by the Russian Ambassador to Denmark which he hinted that Russian missiles could target Danish warships if Copenhagen joins NATO’s missile defense system.

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Thanks to ObamaCare That Raise You Want, You May Not Want

Covered California(The Blaze) Thanks to ObamaCare That Pay Raise You Want May Have
Negative Consequences to Some Taxpayers –Image:
Soquel by the Creek

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