Please Do Tell Bernie Sanders How Your Lewd, Disgusting Stories About Rape Became the Story of America?

Bernie SandersPlease Do Tell Bernie Sanders How Your Your Filthy, Disgusting Stories & Writings About Masturbation & Rape for $50 Each Became the “Story of America???”

Bernie Sanders ArticleBernie Sanders Article “Vermont Freeman” Courtesy Mother Jones

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Liberal Lefty Philosopher: There are Among Refugees Also Terrorists & Rapists But So What?

Loony Liberal

(RT News) Slavoj Zizek, stirred a melting pot on Sunday as the closing speaker at a Loony Liberal Lefty forum in NY City making controversial comments about the refugee crisis.

The Slovenian academic  was heckled during his three and  a half hour session at the conference titled ‘Rage, Rebellion, Revolution:  Organizing Our Power” held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and streamed live.

Day One of Lefty Forum: Democracy in the U.S. is a Fraud – Debates Next Step for Bernie Sanders Movement — Day Two: Lefties Take on Police Brutality and Harassing the Sanders Campaign

Zizek was already labeled  a racist, anti-semite and misogynist before he hit the stage which perhaps is why he started his speech by saying, “If you want to start exchanging insults I can be extremely brutal, I always win but lets not do it today.”

The truce at the lefty forum was temporary after Zizek’s subsequent comments ignited a firestorm that continued to burn on social media on Monday.

“The obvious threat that there are among refugees also terrorists, rapists, criminals, I mean this in a totally neutral  way of course there are but so what? — When discussing the catastrophe in Europe.

While a more conservative audience may have been shocked by his blase ‘so what’ attitude, his comments seemed to trigger something much different in the lefty crowd.

Lefty Tweets
Lefty Tweet

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The Left Is So Busy Bashing Israel…Then to Open Its Mute Mouth on Islamic Jihadist Human Rights Atrocities

NY Times(NY Times) To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control — Modern Methods Allow the Islamic (Fascist Jihadists) State to Keep Up Its Systematic Rape of Captives Under Medieval Codes

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Bill Clinton Fighting For Us??? — Not So Says 11 Women Who Accused Slick Willie of Sexual Assault

Bill Clinton@Carin Savel — Bill Clinton Fighting For Who???

Not So Say’s These 11 Women That Accused ‘Slick Willie’
of Sexual Assault -Image: OccupyCorruptDC

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150 ISIS Sex Slaves Commit Suicide — Fed to Dogs

ISIS GenocideISIS Genocide –Image: Ammar Salim/Geriwo@Twitter

(AINA) At least 150 Yazidi Women and girls killed themselves after they were forced to become Islamic sex slaves, according to one Woman working with some of the survivors that managed to escape.

In one of the most comprehensive accounts of the effects of the Islamic State (ISIS) brutality, details have emerged of the ordeals faced by hundreds of Yazidi Women, very often after their male relatives were butchered by ISIS

On the 03 November, I linked back to a disgusting chilling video here that emerged of ISIS Savages negotiating a price of Yazidi slave girls.

Irifan Mahdi, who has been trying to help the Yazidi survivors rehabilitate into some semblance of normalcy, spoke of the horrors in an interview with the Sputnik News, Arabic website.

Mahdi spoke of Jilan Barjess-Naif age 17, “a beautiful green-eyed girl with rare blonde hair who slashed her own wrists in a public bath-house near Iraq Mosul which is under ISIS control. — Naif was separated from the less attractive young Women and ‘singled out for special rape treatment’ before being put up for sale in a sex market.

After Naif committed suicide, ISIS savages threw her body from the bath-house into the nearest garbage dumpster. — Jilan Naif’s sister committed suicide a few days after being captured and transferred along with other young Women to A-Raqqa the ISIS caliphate capitol in order to be sold into the slave market.

  • Where oh where is the moral outrage of Hillary Clinton, President & Mrs Obama, other Liberals and Feminists in the U.S. of the atrocities being committed against Women by ISIS? — I digress.

Jilan Naif’s pregnant mother, also captured by the ISIS Savages, gave birth to her infant in a cave–she was only freed recently and sent home “as a mad Woman” after the suicides of her daughters.

As if all of this was not enough, ISIS Jihadists executed 6 of Jilian’s siblings, together with her father–20 other members of her family whereabouts remain unknown.

Irifan Mahdi said that she knows of at least 150 Yazidi Women who committed suicide and believes the actual figure is much higher.

“They preferred to die than to live in brutal sexual slavery and violence by ISIS members,” Mahdi said.

“The bodies of some who committed suicide were thrown to the dogs,” said Yazidi Nurse Amal Hasou, who works in an IDP (Internally Displaced People) camp. Hasou said ISIS members even told the young Women that if one commits suicide, her body would be thrown into the garbage and severed as a meal for dogs.

Most of the young Women who committed suicide either cut their wrists or used their hijabs they had been forced to wear to hang themselves. — Others threw themselves to their deaths from vehicles used to transport them.

Obama Administration Criticizes Execution of Oklahoma Rapist & Murderer Clayton Lockett

Stephanie Neiman and ParentsStephanie Neiman Together with Her Parents –Images and Story

Stephanie Neiman and GrandparentsStephanie Nieman Together with Her Granparents

Family of Stephanie Neiman StatementFamily of Stephanie Neiman Statement –Ben James@Twitter

Clayton LockettRapist & Murderer Clayton Lockett

(NBC News) Today, the Obama Administration claimed that the execution of Oklahoma rapist and murderer Clayton Lockett fell below humane standards.


While Lockett’s final 43 minutes on this earth according to The Washington Post reportedly did not go as planned, many people seem to be forgetting his victims Stephanie Neiman and her friend that Lockett together with his two cousins, abducted, tortured and repeatedly raped Neiman and her friend, then shot 19 year old Neiman in the head and buried her alive.

Lockett got what he deserved.

USAF Chief of Staff, General Mark Welsh Blames ‘Hook-up’ Culture for Military Rape

Real Men Don't Rape

(Policymic) Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen Mark Welsh claims that he’s solved the problem behind the increase in sexual assaults in the military–the Answer: America’s hook-up culture is too blame.


Apparently the military culture, the lack of good moral order and discipline, Generals like Walsh that excuse such behavior by failing to incorporate a zero tolerance policy against inappropriate behavior and and the abuse of Women, continue not to take personal responsibility for criminal conduct, while ignoring the fact that rape is a violent dehumanizing, demoralizing sexual crime of violence in which the military must stop dismissing it and attempt to push it under the rug–out of sight, out of mind.

On the 22 February, I republished here very disturbing statistics from NYU’s Student Health Center on sexual assaults that General Welsh and Congressional investigators would benefit if they would familiarize themselves with.

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Liberal Men Believe That Women Shouldn’t Be Armed For Self Protection

Better to be Tried by 12 Than Carried by 6 --Common Sense ClubBetter to be Tried by 12 Than Carried by 6 –Image: Common Sense Club

Liberal -v- Conservative Anti- Rape Tips --Canadian Conservatives--Lana WongLiberal -v- Conservative Anti-Rape Tips –Image: Lana Wong

This is my Rape Whistle --1,000,000 Patriots....Colorado Liberal Democrat State Rep Joe Salazar, Give Women Whistles Not Guns; You May Not Actually be at Risk of Rape

Townhall During a discussion on FOX News The Five about concealed carry on college campuses, liberal co-host Bob Beckel demonstrated his complete ignorance regarding the sexual violence that Women face particularly on campuses saying, “When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?”

Just because each and every rape on/off college campuses does not receive widespread spread media attention does not mean its not happening. Here are just a few statistics from NYU’s Student Health Center Mr. Beckel may want to familiarize himself with:

  • 1 in 4 College aged Women report experiences that meet the legal definition of rape or attempted rape;
  • 1 in 5 Women are raped during their college years;
  • Most survivors of sexual assaults are full-time students, approximately 1/3 of them are first year students between the ages of 17 and 19 years old;
  • 81% of Women who were stalked by a current or former partner were also physically assaulted by that same partner;
  • 80 to 90% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by an individual known by the survivor;
  • 1 in 12 college aged men admitted committing acts that met the legal definition of rape;
  • 35% of men report some likelihood that they would rape if they could be assured they wouldn’t be caught or punished;
  • Fewer than 5% of attempted or committed rapes are reported to law enforcement.

Also disturbing, was the fact that serial misogynist Bob Beckel seemed to downplay a Women’s right to self-defense in cases of date rape. Regardless of who is attempting to rape a Woman on a college campus, or anywhere, she should be entitled to defend herself and university policies ought to reflect as much. As Townhall’s Katie Pavlich reported here on Wednesday, an emergency call box and safe zones do nothing to help victims of rape.

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Where’s the Outrage by Liberals About Colorado Democrat State Rep Joe Salazar Rape Comment

Colorado State Legislature on Self Defense of Women(Legal Insurrection) Democrats are silent after Colorado Democrat State Rep Joe Salazar did a Todd Akin implying that Women shouldn’t be armed for self-protection because if a Woman is in fear for her welfare, she may just accidentally shoot someone who may or may not be a rapist.

“Its why we have call boxes, its why we have safe zones, its why we have whistles–because you just don’t know who your gonna be shooting at and you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped or you feel like someones been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you actually may not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop…pop around at somebody,” Salazar remarked in a debate last Friday.

More here from Revealing Politics

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Guns & Self Defense: How Responsible Gun Ownership Has Prevented Crimes And Saved Lives

Gun Owners Prevented Crimes --Paula PriesseCATO:  Where Gun Owners Have Prevented Crimes -Paula Priesse

(CATO Institute) Gun control proponents want legislation that will restrict access to firearms–their rational is to reduce accidental shootings and criminal use of guns against people but if harm reduction is the goal, policymakers should pause to consider how many crimes such as murder, rape, assaults and robberies are thwarted by ordinary people who were fortunate enough to have access to a firearm.

Gun control proponents can not deny that people use guns successfully against criminals but they tend to play down how often such events take place. The purpose of this map is to draw more attention to this aspect of the firearms policy debate.

Rest here from CATO Institute