Such as The Four American Heroes Hillary Left Behind in Benghazi

You Haven’t Forgotten Hillary Clinton about the Four American Heroes
You Left Behind in Benghazi?

(Video Flashback) Remember Hillary Saying: “Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided to kill some Americans?
What difference at this point does it make?”


ISIS Savages in Iraq Murder People in Front of Young Boy & Force Him to Shoot Man in the Head

NYC Islamic Jihadist Ahmad Khan Rahami Once Sued Police in New Jersey Alleging Persecution For Being Muslim

(Video) So Democrat VP Candidate Thinks the Rise of Islamic Terrorism in the U.S. Means We’re Winning the War Against Islamic Terrorism

Democrats Must Think We’re Stupid

Obama Jokes About ISIS Same Day Terrorists Set Off Bombs in NYC & New Jersey

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Saturday’s Minnesota Shopping Mall Stabbing Attack

Another Democrat Out of Touch: NYC Mayor Comrade de Blasio Doesn’t Call Saturday’s Bombing Terrorism

NYC Terrorist Bombing Saturday: Donald Trump Tweets Condolences – Hillary Clinton Tweets Nothing

We Will Never Forget 11 September, 2001 — God Bless America!

september-11National Day of Remembrance — Patriot Day 2015
Images Courtesy: Irritated Woman & United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Another Clinton Foreign Policy Failure — God Help Us!

Video Flashback: Bill Clinton: U.S. Will Be Safer
Because of My North Korea Nuclear Deal

hillaryHistory Repeating Itself

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