Religion of Peace Strikes Again! ISIS Teen Attacks Priest After Suicide Bomb Fizzles

ISIS Teen(CNA) Indonesia Priest Suffers Minor Injuries After Man Armed with an Ax Attacked at Sunday Mass After Suicide Bomb Failed to Detonate -Image: American Jihad Watch



ISIS Savages Execute 15 People in Iraq by Drowning Them in Olympic Size Swimming Pool

ISIS...In 2015 ISIS Executed People by Drowning Them in a Giant Cage -Shoebat

VIA: FARS News Agency


Remember in 2011 when Obama claimed, “We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq.”

Disgraced DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Can’t Guarantee Iran Nuke Deal Cash Won’t Go to Attack Israel

(Video) London Knife Wielding Terrorist Kills 60 Yr Old Woman, Injures Five Others – Ban All Knives!

Obama’s Watch – Coming To America? Frightening!

ISISFrightening & Practically No One Even Notices  -Image Courtesy: Amy Mek

Fr. Jacques Hamel Celebrating Morning Mass Martyred in France By Islamic Jihadist, Why Would Anyone Want to Ban Muslims?

PriestThe 84 Yr Old Priest was celebrating morning Mass when he was martyred by two Islamic Jihadists that stormed the Church forcing him to his knees and slit his throat in France Rouen  -Image Courtesy: AFP/BBC


Angelus 1

9 Months of Terrorism in Israel — Lying Hillary Claims Truce Exists Between Hamas/PA & Israel

Lib Rag Media Matters Criticizes Mom of Benghazi Hero Sean Smith at RNC But Says Nothing Why Ferguson Thug Mike Brown’s Mom Will Speak at DNC

MMLiberal Rag Media Matters & NBC Despicable Criticism of Pat Smith,
Mother of American Hero Sean Smith Address at RNC

One Year After Obama’s Iran Deal the Islamic Fascist Regime Threatens to Withdraw

IranAnother Obama – Hillary Clinton Foreign Policy Failure

Via: Asharq Al-Awsat

Iran Deal

H/T: Adam Milstein

ISIS Claims Responsibility for France Nice Massacre – Supporters Celebrate Which Claimed 70+