How Embarrassing! While ISIS is On The March Obama Leads Intl Effort to #ActOnClimate Change

Obama Global WarmingBHO@Twitter What About Leading the International Effort
to Defeat Islamic Terrorism?

How Embarrassing: On Tuesday Obama Claimed the U.N. Climate Conference Will be a “Powerful Rebuke to the Terrorists”

American Murdered in Israel by Islamic Jihadist — Dems Accuse Republicans of ‘Shameful Hate’ About Radical Islam

Islamic TerrorismAt Least 5 Dead Including American Ezra Schwartz –Daily Mail

(JPost) American Yeshiva student Ezra Schwartz was among three people murdered in the Gush Etzion area of the West Bank Jerusalem when a Palestinian Terrorist opened fire into a traffic jam.

These murders came on the heels of another deadly stabbing rampage in Tel Aviv in which another Palestinian Jihadist killed two people and wounded another. Fortunately a few brave civilians were able to subdue the terrorist before he could kill again or escape.

  • President Obama@Twitter is dead silent about the death of American Ezra Schwartz from Boston but instead Tweets about Climate Change and the Obama Administration Retweets:

Obama -- Harry ReidDemocrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid@Twitter accuses Republicans of “Shameful hate” when it comes to radical Islam.

H/T: Legal Insurrection

Obama Launches New Facebook Page This Week, Says NOTHING About Paris Islamic Jihadist Attack

Obama Facebook PagePresident Obama@Facebook Remains Silent About Paris
Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Attack on Friday Which Left 158 Dead

  • Naive Obama Tells ABC News Just Hours Before the Islamic Jihadist Attack in Paris that ISIS Is Not Gaining Strength and is Contained — Riiight…

Hillary Prays for Paris? – Remember Hillary Claimed We Must Empathize With America’s Enemies

Hillary TerrorismWho Is @HillaryClinton Empathizing With Now?

France Closes Its Borders After Latest Islamic Jihad Attack — Are You Listening Obama?

The Shocking Way American Taxpayers are Supporting Christian Persecution in Pakistan

It’s Your Money…  Image Courtesy: —California Network

H/T: Catholic Online@Twitter

ISIS Now in Sweden Targeting Christians ‘Convert to Islam or Die’

ISIS SwedenISIS Graffiti Painted on Swedish Stores Threatening Christians
‘Convert or Die’ –Image: DNSE

(AINA) Assyrian Christians in Sweden Gothenburg, are being threatened with messages linked to the Islamic State.

Swedish daily news ‘Dagens Nyhter’ reports that ISIS symbols and other graffiti were founded painted on two stores owned by Assyrian Christians on Tuesday. — Along with the ISIS logo ‘The Caliphate is Here’ — ‘Convert or Die’ and the Arabic letter ‘N’ (short for Nazarene) were also painted on the walls of the Le Pain Francois bakery and the next door Pizzeria.

“I felt a sudden chill down my spine, its terribly painful, we feel threatened,” said Markus Samuelson who own La Pain Francois. “Our family fled Turkey for Sweden in the 1970s What we’re exposed to, reminds us of the stories we were told as children. Its very real and threatening–we’re terrified.”

ISIS symbols were also found painted on homes belonging to Christians by ISIS Thugs in Mosul when it was captured a year ago.

On the 09 April I wrote here featuring pictures of ISIS in Iraq Mosul, destroying Churches and on the 29 December, here pictures of a Church in Syria that ISIS destroyed.

Last week ISIS released a video showing three Assyrian Christians being killed in Syria, the Jihadists have threatened to massacre 180 more if ransoms are not paid.

More here ISIS to Execute 180 Christians –NRO

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Iran Nuclear Negotiator Calls U.S. an ‘Enemy’ After the Nuke Deal and Tells Us What Obama Won’t

Iran Diplomacy
Secy of State John Kerry Meeting With Member of Iran’s Nuclear Negotiating Team Mohammad Sadegh Koushki —IRDiplomacy@Twitter

(Iranian Diplomacy) Mohammad Koushki, a member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team clearly has no confidence in the U.S. speaking of the Iran nuclear deal in a recent article published in Jahan News Koushki reiterates Islamic Fascist Iran’s view of Obama and the United States, once again referring to the U.S. as the ‘Great Satan” and acknowledges that Iran has “barred direct access” to their nuclear weapons sites and must not allow “indirect access and infiltration,” despite whatever assurances lies Obama tells.

  • It’s sad that Americans have to rely on Iran more than one can trust Obama and the White House to be candid and honest about the Iranian nuclear deal.

On Thursday, I posted here a screenshot of Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei Tweet (dated 16 September) in which he refers to the United States and the West as ‘Enemies’ before the ink is even dried on Obama’s nuclear deal or the Congress has given it an up or down vote.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei Once Again Threatens Israel’s Survival, Adding Another Message For the U.S. & West

Khamenei Threatens IsraelObama’s Islamic Fascist Partner in Peace Once Again
Threatens Israel’s Survival —Khamenei@Twitter

Khamenei TweetKhamenei@Twitter refers to the United States and the West as Enemies, After the Obama Administration Just Penned a Nuclear Deal With Iran

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Secy of State Hillary Clinton, during her last months in office was instrumental in opening the door to negotiations between the U.S. and Islamic Fascist Iran, agreeing to permit the rouge regime to maintain their capacity to continue its production of enriching uranium used in the development of nuclear weapons. 

Now Hillary Clinton expects the American people should have confidence in her ability to be Commander-in-Chief, to protect our national/international security interests and our allies from nations intent on doing us harm? — Good Grief.

As Dems Accede to Obama’s Iran Deal — Belligerent Khamenei Threatens the United States

Khameni Threatens...Video: Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei Threatens
the United States
— Will he Finally Reawaken a Sleeping Giant?