Religion of Peace Strikes Again! At Least Two Confirmed Dead After Jihadist Mowed Down Pedestrians on Westminster Bridge

(Daily Mail) 2 Dead, a Dozen Hurt Some Catastrophic Injuries – Jihadist Knifeman Stabbed Parliament Police Officer -Images Courtesy: House of Mouse & WSJ

Libtard Progressives, Democrat-Socialists and Communists Never Learn Who the Real Threats are From and Those Determined to Kill Them -Thanks: Jim Mannarino

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Religion of Peace Strikes Again! France Father & Son Throats Slit On Paris Street

Flashback: Watch Terrifying ISIS Paris Attack Caught on Video – Nations Become Like Those Permited in Their Country


Terrifying ISIS Paris Attack Caught on Surveillance Video
Nations Become Like Those Permitted in Their Country

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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Give All Illegals a “Pathway to Citizenship” Maybe She’d Like These Two MS-13 Thugs to Move-In With Her?

Maybe Nancy Pelosi Would Like to Have These Two MS-13 Thugs Move In With Her?

Illegals! MS-13 Gang Members Smile and Wave at Cameras During Texas Court Hearing on Satanic Murders

DOJ Immediate Investigation Needed — Corruption Runs Deep

Certainly the Russians Must Be Involved Somehow???

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