Al Sharpton, Are You Now Satisfied With the Blood on Your Hands After Two NYPD Cops Shot Dead?

Of Course George Clooney is Correct, Many in Hollywood are a Bunch of Wimps & Cowards

HollywoodMany in Hollywood are a Bunch of “Wimps and Cowards” When it Comes
to the First Amendment  –Image:
Cyber Blaze@Twitter 

(Deadline) As it begins to dawn on everyone in Hollywood and the rest of the country, the reality that Sony Pictures were the target of a cyberattack allegedly perpetrated by North Korea cyberterrorists on U.S. soil, questions are being asked of the Obama Administration, what are you going to do now in defense of the 1st Amendment and the preservation of our civil liberties that too many Americans take for granted?

This week George Clooney and his agent Bryan Lourd of CAA, began circulating a petition among Hollywood executives, together with top people in film, television and recording industry but unfortunately all of the persons contacted that are making a lot of money, one may add exercising their 1st Amendment rights they’ve taken apparently for granted, refused to sign Clooney’s petition, further evidencing the actual cowardice of many of the entertainment elite, despite their often hard nosed and tough talking demeanor.

Conservatives of course are Clooney’s “natural ally” when it comes to protecting and preserving Free Speech and I have written to Lourd, inquiring what one may do to help them? I haven’t yet received a response.

Much of the Hollywood and entertainment’s ostentatious, are exactly what  many Americans have known for sometime and which Clooney and Lourd are finally learning–they’ve for these many years been working selling their souls for fleeting fame to a  bunch of “wimps and cowards” that doesn’t mind capitalizing off of their civil liberties but when it actually comes to defending them (which many have made their fortunes) heaven forbid, they runaway like paper tigers when the beacon of liberty shines upon them and their fugacious little empires.

Boko Haram Islamic Rapist Thugs Suspected of Kidnapping 172 Nigerian Women & Children

Boko Haram(Reuters) ‘Islamic Rapists Are at It Again’ in Nigeria
Image Courtesy:
Anne Bayefsky@Twitter

H/T: Catholic Online

ISIS Publishes Penal Code Says Blasphemy, Adultery, Sodomy, LGBT Punishable by Death

ISIS Penal CodeISIS Publishes Its Penal Code –Image: Prophet’s Khilafah@Twitter

ISIS ProhibitionISIS Prohibition: Carrying Out Lashing on 3 Men for Drinking Alcohol
Image: Anbaari/Islamic State

 (WFB) Islamic State (ISIS) has published its own penal code which harshly penalizes actions such as sodomy, blasphemy, apostasy and theft with punishments including execution, crucifixion, lashing and the severing of limbs among other penalties.

ISIS issued the document this week that was titled “Clarification the Huded” as a ‘warning and a reminder to people living under its rule’ that any behavior not in accordance with strict Islamic ‘Sharia Law’ will be cruelly punished.

Following are the Crimes Appearing in the ISIS Document Along
with their Respective Punishments:

  • Blasphemy Against Allah: Death
  • Blasphemy Against the Prophet Mohamed: Death
  • Blasphemy Against Islam: Death
  • Adultery: Stoning until death in case the adulterer was married and 100 lashes and exile if he or she was unmarried
  • Sodomy/LGBT: Death for the person committing the act as well as for the one receiving it.
  • Theft: Cutting off the hand.
  • Drinking Alcohol: 80 Lashes
  • Slandering: 80 Lashes
  • Spying for the Unbelievers: Death
  • Apostasy: Death

Full article here from MEMRI

Congratulations President Obama! Calling ISIS the ‘JV Team’ Named Top Lie of the Year

Congratulations Obama(WFB) Obama Calling ISIS the ‘JV Team’ Named Top Lie of the Year
Image Courtesy:
Ministry of Truth

Pakistan Mourns 141 Killed by Taliban Jihadists — Remember When Obama Claimed ‘The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been’

Pakistan MotherPakistan Mother Grieves: “My Son Was in Uniform in the Morning, He is in a Casket Now.” –Image Courtesy: CBC Toronto@Twitter

(AP) Pakistan is in mourning as the nation prepares for mass funerals of 141 people, mostly children murdered in a Taliban attack in a military run school in the City of Peshawar on Monday.

Students were gunned down and some of the female teachers were burned alive which the Taliban has claimed responsibility for.

  • Flashback: Remember in June when Obama claimed “The world is less violent than it has ever been.”

Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Terrorist Attack on Movie Theaters that Screen ‘The Interview’

Sony Hackers(Variety) Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Style Attack on Movie Theaters
that Screen “The Interview” –Image Courtesy:
HuffPo Biz@Twitter

What is Obama’s (Latest Appeasement) Plan Now to Protect Americans?
Obama White Flag

“Tu Ne Cede Malis, Sed Contra Audentior Ito” –Publius Vergilius Maro

911...Enough Said –Image Courtesy: The Liberty Eagle@Facebook

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Claims: Torture Report is About Us, Not (Our) Enemies…

ISIS BeheadingLoony Liberal Lefties are Such Idiots –Image: Bob Lowe@Twitter

  • (SF Gate) Sen Feinstein: Torture Report is About Us Not Our Enemies and We Must Enact Reform”  Riiight….

9-11“Hey Liberals: The Only Torture I Care About is the Terrorist Acts Done to Americans on 9/11 and ISIS Beheadings” –Dr. John@Twitter

Pre 911(RBPundit)
“Exactly Liberals, So Its Time to STFU.” –Vegas Golf Dude@Twitter

ISIS Attempts to Sell the Headless Corpse of American James Foley for $1Million

James Foley(NY Post) Muslims are Mentally Ill: ISIS Beheads American Journalist
James Foley, Posts Graphic Video Online
& Now Attempts to Sell
his Headless Body for $1 Million