Democrats, If Gun Control Laws Are So Effective, Paris Should Be One of the Safest Cities in the World

Democrats(Breitbart) France Paris strict gun controls including all out bans on certain categories of weapons, proved impotent on the 13 November when 8 Islamic Jihad Terrorist thugs wielding AK-47s and wearing suicide vests, carried out coordinated attacks.

Flashback: On the 11 January, 2015 I wrote here ISIS released a video of Amedy Coulibaly, the Islamic Jihadist that murdered four people in a Paris Jewish market — In the background a radio can be heard announcing the news of the Charlie Hedbo massacre which Islamic terrorist thugs murdered twelve people just days before.

If strict gun control laws were so effective and would prevent ‘terrorists from getting deadly weapons’ Paris should be one of the safest cities in the world.

Day 3: Fortnight For Freedom – Witness to Freedom ‘Coptic Christians Martyred by ISIS’

Obama’s Latest Strategy to Defeat ISIS: U.S. Atty Gen Lynch ‘Most Effective’ Response to Terrorism is Love

AGU.S. Atty General Lynch Speaks About ‘Pulse’ Nightclub Massacre

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When the Facts Don’t Serve Obama’s Political Objective He Changes Them – AG Lynch to Edit Out Orlando Jihadist Pledge to ISIS

ISIS Disrespects U.S. Army Capt Antonio Brown, Identified as a Victim of Orlando Nightclub Massacre

ISIS Pictures Army Reserve CaptDisrespectful: This is how ISIS has pictured U.S. Army Capt. Antonio Davon Brown who served in the military for nearly a decade according to The Washington Free Beacon

Capt. Brown was identified as one of the 49 victims when the Orlando ISIS Jihadist opened fire inside the popular Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning. – Details are continuing to emerge about the Islamic Terrorist Thug who pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call during the rampage.

More here from the U.S. Dept of Defense

ISIS Praises Orlando Jihadist Thug — Claims to Be Sending Soldiers to U.S. Israel, Rome & China

ISIS Twitter Account Praising Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thugs

ISIS Claims to Be Sending Jihadists to U.S.

What Obama, Hillary Clinton & the MSM Will Never Tell You About the Orlando Islamic Jihadist Thug

Orlando Terrorist(LA Times) According to Public Records the Intolerant Orlando Islamic Jihadist Homophobic Racist was also a Registered Democrat with a Firearms License

Orlando GunmanMore here from InfoWars

Flashback Obama on ISIS: ‘They’re Not an Existential Threat To Us’

Obama On ISIS(Via MSNBC) — Don’t You Feel Safer Now?

Crazy Old Socialist Sen Bernie Sanders Makes No Public Statement About Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Attack in Orlando

Sen SandersBlowhard Vermont Socialist Sen Bernie Sanders Tweets NOTHING About Worst Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Attack in the U.S. Since 9/11 Resulting in the Deaths of 50 at Gay Nightclub in Orlando

Hillary Clinton Tweets in Spanish About Orlando Shooting, Sends Special Broken Link for Latinos

Hillary ClintonHow Hillary Clinton Tweets Out her Statement about the Orland Shooting to Latinos and Still Says Nothing
Hillary Clinton...

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