9 Months of Terrorism in Israel — Lying Hillary Claims Truce Exists Between Hamas/PA & Israel

Lib Rag Media Matters Criticizes Mom of Benghazi Hero Sean Smith at RNC But Says Nothing Why Ferguson Thug Mike Brown’s Mom Will Speak at DNC

MMLiberal Rag Media Matters & NBC Despicable Criticism of Pat Smith,
Mother of American Hero Sean Smith Address at RNC

One Year After Obama’s Iran Deal the Islamic Fascist Regime Threatens to Withdraw

IranAnother Obama – Hillary Clinton Foreign Policy Failure

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Iran Deal

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ISIS Claims Responsibility for France Nice Massacre – Supporters Celebrate Which Claimed 70+

Religion of Peace Strikes Again – Paris Under Attack – Eiffel Tower Bombed Erupts in Flames

Loony Liberal Slate: Terrorist is Now Biased Term, Journalists Should Stop Using It

The Hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton Knows No Bounds

Democrats, If Gun Control Laws Are So Effective, Paris Should Be One of the Safest Cities in the World

Democrats(Breitbart) France Paris strict gun controls including all out bans on certain categories of weapons, proved impotent on the 13 November when 8 Islamic Jihad Terrorist thugs wielding AK-47s and wearing suicide vests, carried out coordinated attacks.

Flashback: On the 11 January, 2015 I wrote here ISIS released a video of Amedy Coulibaly, the Islamic Jihadist that murdered four people in a Paris Jewish market — In the background a radio can be heard announcing the news of the Charlie Hedbo massacre which Islamic terrorist thugs murdered twelve people just days before.

If strict gun control laws were so effective and would prevent ‘terrorists from getting deadly weapons’ Paris should be one of the safest cities in the world.

Day 3: Fortnight For Freedom – Witness to Freedom ‘Coptic Christians Martyred by ISIS’

Obama’s Latest Strategy to Defeat ISIS: U.S. Atty Gen Lynch ‘Most Effective’ Response to Terrorism is Love

AGU.S. Atty General Lynch Speaks About ‘Pulse’ Nightclub Massacre

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Washington Times

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