Obama Claimed ISIS Contained: New ISIS Video Shows 4 Yr Old Blowing Up Car With Alleged Spies

ISIS Video(JPost Video) Despicable: New ISIS Video Shows
4 Yr Old Child Soldier Blowing Up Car With Four Alleged Spies

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Obama’s New Iranian Pal Khamenei Reiterates U.S. & Obama Administration Its Enemy

KhameneiObama: Islamic Fascist Iran’s Grand Wizard @Khamenei
Doesn’t Feel the Same About You as You Do About Him

Does Obama’s Iran Deal Make You Feel Safer Now?
Image: BHO@Facebook

ISIS Now Controls Libyan WMDs — Obama Claimed ISIS Contained in November

Libya Strategic For ISIS(ASAHRQ) ISIS Now Controls Libya Nerve Agent ‘Sarin’ Gas
Storage Facility — Libya Provides ISIS Access to Ports & Large Stash
of Weapons to Export Terrorism –Image Courtesy: The Soufan Group

Obama Claimed Before ISIS Attack in Paris That ISIS Is Contained

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If Donald Trump Can’t Handle Tough Questions from Fox News Megyn Kelly, How’s he Going to Handle ISIS, Iran, Putin & Xi Jinping?

Islamic Fascist Iran Khamenei Claims Was “God’s Deed” For Its Humiliation of American Hostages

Khameni Violating Geneva ConventionIran’s Grand Islamic Wizard @Khamenei Credits “God’s Deed”
For Violating ‘Geneva Convention’ and Humiliating American Troops
It Took Hostage and Held Captive

Khamenei on Violating Geneva ConventionDisgraceful: @Khamenei Supposedly is a New Friend & Peace Partner
to Obama & Kerry —  Riiight…

Fatah/Hamas Official Praises Female Suicide Bombers as Role Models

(MEMRI) In a recent TV interview Fatah/Hamas Central Command member Amal Hamad, sang the praises of Dalal Mughrabi, the Deputy Commander of the 1978 Coastal Rd attack on an Israeli bus in which 38 people, 12 of them children were massacred together with two female Islamic Jihadists. 

Amal Hamad said, “Dalal Mughrabi led a squad of honorable and noble fighters, she crossed all the borders and the beach with them and reached the center of Tel Aviv, she got on a bus a massacred the enemy and caused dozens of deaths. She was the commander and the role model…There are many martyrdom seekers among the Fatah Women…Among our female fighters there were role models. Wafa Idris (first suicide bomber–killed one) and Ayyat Al-Akhras (17 yr old suicide bomber) killed two.

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Must See Video: Wake Up! Don’t Remain Silent About Christian Persecution by ISIS

Must See Video That is Quite Revealing

H/T: Franciscan Sisters

PA/Fatah Official: Palestine Alongside Israel is Just ‘A Phase’

12 Yr Old Iraq Christian Hunted by ISIS — What She is Capable of Will Amaze You

(Catholic Online) According to the Daily Mail Mima stunned the world when she appeared on ‘The Voice Kids’ in Beirut and gave a beautiful rendition  of ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s “Frozen” following an Iraqi love song called “Yesterday in a Dream.”

Mima has been called ‘The Babylon Princess’ was able to perform in Beirut after fleeing Iraq with her family from ISIS just eight months earlier.

In a video, a Mima shared that she was forced to leave Iraq and travel to Lebanon with her family 8 months ago to save her life. “After we got to Lebanon, my Dad told me that Daesh (ISIS) wanted to kidnap and kill me. From then I felt very scared at night and couldn’t sleep alone or be by myself,” Mima said.

MimaMima Blew Everyone Away as She Sang Disney’s ‘Let It Go’ (Voice Kids)

Mima’s father Anwar added, “Everybody knows the difficulties of Iraq from ISIS and how they slaughter the people and how they take their houses. They threatened us…We left everything behind–even my job with the government.”

Despite the reason for arrival in Lebanon, Mima stood tall and proud on the stage as she sang her heart out for the judges and audience.

The first song Mima sang ‘Yesterday in a Dream’ had been created by one of the judges who immediately recognized what she was doing and was pleased with her rendition of his love song. The other judges turned to face the still singing Mima and they applauded her once they final note fell.

Pursuant to the rules of ‘The Voice Kids’ each judge attempted to convince Mima to join their team. One judge offered her ‘Frozen’ costumes while another said that she could appear in his films.

One of the judges Kazem Saher, who is known as the ‘Caesar of Arabic Singing’ convinced her to join his team when he offered Mima an opportunity to sing whatever she wanted to.

Since Mima’s performance, its been viewed more than 12 Billion times.

Iran General to United States: “See You On the Battlefield” Suckers

John Kerry Iean DealThe Ink is Barely Dry on the Iran Deal Which @JohnKerry/Obama Administration Got Snookered Into, Falling for It Hook, Line and Sinker

(Daily Caller) The Deputy Chief of Staff for Iran’s military said the country’s response to new U.S. missile sanctions will come “on the real battlefield.”

Brig General Masoud Jazayeri, said on Tuesday, that diplomatic relations will not hinder Iran’s resolute and relentless military advances and that the Islamic (Fascist) Republic is ready to build up its defenses.

“Upgrading the country’s defense and missile equipment is among the Armed Forces priorities and its process will not stop for even a moment,” said Jazayeri according to Iran’s Press TV

The Obama Administration has defended the recent $150 Billion in sanctions relief given to Islamic Fascist Iran as part of the nuclear sell out together with an additional $1.7 Billion payment to the regime which “ends up being a very good deal for taxpayers,” said White House Press Secy Josh Earnest — In 1979 following the Islamic Revolution, the U.S. kept a $400 Million payment from Iran for military equipment which the U.S. refused to deliver after 52 Americans were held hostage by the regime for 444 days and not released until the day of President Reagan’s first inauguration.

Earnest said that Iran previously wanted $8 Billion in interest payments as a condition to the release of 5 American hostages but ‘settled for’ just $1.7 Billion — Iran snookered the American negotiators.