TSA Introduces New Checklist of Who May Be a Terrorist — Do You Feel Safer Now?

TSA Warning SignsDo You Feel Safer Now? –Image: The Intercept

TSA SearchTSA Screener Hire-a-Cop Gropes a Child, Which One of the Terrorist
Warning Signs Did he Fall Into??? –Image: Barracuda Brigade@Twitter

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Obama Administration Shows Off Their Latest Strategy to Defeat ISIS

Cornell Univ Dean Joseph Scaffido Welcomes ISIS on Campus in Undercover Video

Cornell Dean(NY Post Video) Cornell Univ Dean of Students Joesph Scaffido is Either the Dumbest Ivy League Big Wig Ever or PC to a Fault  –Project Veritas

Another Obama Foreign Policy Failure… Now the White House Wants a Nuke Deal With Iran

Obama YemenFlashback Video: Remember in September when Obama Called Yemen’s
War on Terror a Success Story
and the Taxpayers Gave Them
Wasted $800 Million Since 2011 –Image Courtesy:
Shannon Knutsen

Obama Iran NukesNow Obama has His Sights on a Nuke Deal With Islamic Fascist Iran
What Could Possibly Go Wrong With That?

While Obama & Kerry Push Forward on Deal With Iran, Khamenei Leads ‘Death to America’ Chant

Iran KhameneiIran’s Grand Islamic Fascist Wizard Ayatollah Khamenei

(Rueters) Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameni on Saturday rejected Obama’s and Secy of State John Kerry’s claims that Tehran will be pressured and give into the demands of the United States and other Western nations.

Amid shouts of ‘Death to America’ Kahameni said in his speech in Northeastern Iran: “Of course yes, Death to America because America is the original source of this pressure. They insist on putting pressure on our dear peoples economy. What is their goal? Their goal is to put the people against the system.”

Khamenei challenged a message to Iranians by Obama in Fasrsi on Thursday in which Obama said the nuclear talks represented the best opportunity in decades to pursue relationship between the two countries.

In related news, ‘Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran’ is reporting this morning that Roozbeh Karamjani, who has been imprisoned for insulting the Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei leadership, has been transferred to Ward 6 of Rajai Shahr Prison for informing the media of his condition.

Ward 6 of Rajai Shahr Prison is one of the most unsanitary wards of the prison where the most dangerous prisoners with heavy sentences are kept.

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Mr. Obama: Please Explain Why Americans Should Have Any Confidence in Your Negotiations With Islamic Fascist Iran?

Assyrian Christians: “We Had the Best Life…Then ISIS Destroyed Everything”

Christians...Assyrian Christians: “We Had the Best Life, It was Lush and Green…”
Then ISIS Came–They Destroyed Everything… –Image: Citizen Go

(CNL) Assyrian Christians from Syria besieged Khabur region fleeing their homes when the Islamic State (ISIS) seized their villages in February are increasingly seeking refuge in Lebanon–Since the 17 March, the Assyrian Church in East Lebanon has registered 50 families from the region and more are on their way.

Michael and Hannah arrived in Lebanon earlier this month with their 10 yr old daughter Elizabeth, they requested that the Catholic News Service identify them by their pseudonyms to protect their identities because some of their relatives are part of the 300 or so Assyrian Christians kidnapped by ISIS in February, on Khabur’s cluster of 35 villages. So far ISIS released about 16-24 hostages but there has been no word on the remaining hostages which include women, children and the elderly.

“We have not heard anything,” said Michael, “We’re praying that God will protect them, what else can we do?”

Michael and his family were awakened at 3:00 AM by ISIS bombarding nearby villages. They waited awhile to determine if the Islamic Jihadists would approach their village of Tal Maghas and Tal Tarner, Radio Free Europe reports in the western countryside of Hasaka province, by 5:00 AM it was clear they had to leave.

“Everyone was terrified and panicking,” Michael said. The family only had enough time to grab official documents, not even a change of clothes before fleeing their home.

More than 3,000 people eventually fled the Khabur that ISIS overrun.

Michael reflected on their lives before ISIS invaded and their genocidal atrocities committed in their path.

“In our village we are a simple people,” Michael said. “Just imagine you live in your own house, you never owned a weapon, you never argue with anyone. We lived in harmony with everyone. Then Daesh came (referring to ISIS by it Arabic acronym) they rob, kill, destroy and burn just because we are Christians.”

“We had the best life, it was lush and green,” Michael said, where most of the residents had worked in agriculture–”They (ISIS) even destroyed trees, everything. Now our lands are like a desert.”

The Assyrian Church of the East in Beirut says more than 1,300 Assyrian families have fled to Lebanon and about 100 Assyrian families have arrived from Iraq after ISIS takeover of Mosul and the Nineveh Plain — Economically strapped Lebanon is now hosting more than 1.5 million refugees, mostly Syrians…

Read full article here from the Catholic Herald

One Nation Under Allah: New York Public High School Recites ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ in Arabic

One Nation Under Allah‘Welcome to the Future Folks Unless Something Changes Radically’
Steven Crowder@Facebook

(Record Online) In an effort to celebrate ‘National Foreign Language Week’ by reading the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic Wednesday, has polarized Pine Bush Senior High School in New York into angry factions.

Wednesday morning’s regularly scheduled announcements included an Arabic reading of the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ according to students, the announcement was immediately greeted with catcalls and angry denunciations in classrooms throughout the school.

Following the reading, High School Principal Aaron Hopmayer, made a building wide announcement, attempting to rationalize the reading’s context and made an apology to students that were offended.

Superintendent Joan Carbone described the reading as “something that was to be good but turned out not to be.” Cabone says that shes received complaints from district residents who had family members in the War in Afghanistan and from Jewish parents who were equally outraged by the reading.

Pine Bush Senior High School is no stranger to controversy. In 2013 Jewish parents sued the school in Federal Ct accusing them of being indifferent to chronic antisemitic harassment.

More here from the Los Angeles Times

Islamic Jihadists Hack to Death China Tagharchi Police Commander and his Family in Xinjiang

Made in IslamReligion of Peace — Made in Islam

(RFA) Authorities in Northwestern China, Xinjiang have shot dead 7 Uyghur Muslim Jihadists who hacked to death a Tagharchi police commander, two members of his family and a security guard.

China authorities have been investigating the 08 March, Islamic Jihadist attack which killed 40 yr old Fang Kezheng, his wife, her uncle and a security guard.

“That evening Fang Kezheng, his wife, daughter and his wife’s uncle were returning home from a restaurant…as they walked toward their car parked in front of the former armed forces department they were suddenly attacked on the road,” said Turap Emet, Police Chief in Shache Yarkand County.

According to Emet, the Jihadist Thugs surprised Fang who was in uniform but didn’t have time to react or draw his weapon.

“Four of the seven attackers slashed Fang killing him while the other three, chased after his wife and her uncle and hacked them to death. For some reason, they spared his daughter but they killed (Security Guard) Batur Memet, who had run toward the scene of the attack to assist Fang’s family.”

According to Emet, Police arrived on the scene within 10 minutes and engaged the Islamic Jihadists and killed them.

Last week, China authorities shot and killed four Muslim Uyghurs, that had carried out a knife attack on a group of Han Chinese outside the popular ‘Chess Room’ casino in Xinjiang.

In related news, ISIS recruiting leaflets have been discovered in Hong Kong, to carry out Jihadist attacks in China Xinjiang.

ISIS Flyer

The ISIS flyers show 10 veiled Islamic woman holding an ISIS flag in the caption accompanying the picture it tells women that they are dressed incorrectly and should emulate the Women wearing burkas in the photo.

More here from Want China Times

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