ISIS Sickening Excuse for Rape: Sex Abuse is Islamic Prayer, Drawing Them Closer to God

ISIS Rape(Catholic Online) A 12 yr old Yazidi rape survivor came forward with horrific stories of being attacked and how the attacker “insisted that what he was doing was not sinful” according to the Daily Mail.

“I kept telling him it hurts–please stop. He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever, he said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God,” she stated in an interview with NewYork Times Journalist Rukmini Callimachi after escaping 11 months of ISIS abuse.

“Every time he came to rape me he would pray,” explained a 15 yr old former ISIS sex-slave. “He said that raping me is his prayer to God, I said to him, ‘What you’re doing to me is wrong and it will not bring you closer to God.’ And he said, ‘No it’s allowed, its halal.”

ISIS has become widely known for their traumatizing abuse against young kidnapped girls made sex slaves–on the 03 November I wrote here linking back to a chilling video of ISIS Savages negotiating a price of Yazidi slave girls.

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11 Yr Old Sex Slave Strapped to Car Hood as Human Shield –Pam Geller

ISIS Says They’ll Bring War to America and Raise Their Flag Over the White House

ISIS StrategyISIS Strategy: “Will Bring the War to America…”
Image: Muslimah@Twitter

Flashback: Remember in July when Obama announced his latest ISIS strategy: “We’ll defeat them with better ideas and harness the power of our values.”

  • It Ain’t Working !!!

Obama Lies! Middle Eastern Countries are Actually Very Divided Over Iran Nuke Deal

Obama Lies(Daily Signal) Despite What The White House Otherwise Say, Members
of the Gulf Cooperation Council are Very Divided Over Obama/Islamic Fascist Iran Nuke Deal –Cartoon: IBD Editorials

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“A Scoundrel Plots Evil and On their Lips It Is Like a Scorching Fire” –Proverbs 16:27

Khamenei...Its So Sad When Obama & Kerry Lie & Lie About the Nuke Deal
With Islamic Fascist Iran and One Learns the Truth of it
From the Grand Islamic Wizard –Image: Khamenei

  • “12 Years of Challenge with Iran Made Six Powers Accept Spinning of Thousands of Centrifuges and Continuation of R&D in Nuclear Industry.”  Khamenei@Twitter
  • “Nuclear Industry R&D is an Issue They Spent Years Trying to Stop But Now They’ve Written and Signed It — It Only Means Iran’s Authority.” Khamenei@Twitter

Khamenei BillionsIran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei@Twiiter “Israel’s Security Will Not Be Ensured” — Laughing All the Way to the Bank with the $100B+
its to Receive Courtesy of Obama Image: Anne Bayefsky

Thousands Turn Out for NYC Stop Iran Rally — Democrats, Do You Hear Americans Now?

Stop Iran Rally(Breitbart Live Video) ‘Stop Iran Rally Took Over Times Square
Image Courtesy: Jonathan Margukis

Jewish Lives MatterBarack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton & Congressional Democrats:
Jewish Lives Matter –Image Courtesy: Anne Bayefsky

Stop Iran Rally NYCThousands Protest Obama’s Nuke Deal with Islamic Fascist Iran
Image Courtesy: Jacob Kornbluh

Stop Iran Rally NYC...Thousands in NY Times Square Say:
‘Remember 9/11 — Remember Islamic Terror –
Stop Iran Now!
Image Courtesy: Anne Bayefsky

Obama’s Watch: Iran Gets the Bomb

The Missing LinkIslamic Fascist Iran’s Nuke Program — The Missing Link
Cartoon: Branco/Legal Insurrection

Iran’s Fascist Dictator Khamenei: Muslims Have Aversion to Zionist Regime Israel — USA Masterminded Al-Qaeda & ISIS

Khamenei TweetsA Leopard Doesn’t Change his Spots –Image Courtesy: Arsen Ostrovsky

(Tasnim) Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei on Saturday said:

“Muslims have an aversion to the Zionist regime of Israel…In cooperation with ill-suited individuals in a number of Islamic governments, the arrogant powers have masterminded religious wars and created criminal organizations such as Al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS) in order to draw the Islamic nations away from (the battle against) the Zionist regime (Israel).”

  • Remember These 9/11 Victims — According to Ayatollah Khamenei
    They’re Fictional and Al-Qaeda & ISIS are Imaginary
    Image Courtesy: Library of Congress

September 11 Victims

H/T: Breitbart

Flashback: Remember When VP Joe Biden Claimed ‘We Face No Existential Threat’ From Terrorism

Marines Killed ChattanoogaGod Bless Our Beloved American Heroes Murdered in the
Chattanooga Terrorist Attack on Thursday –Image Breitbart

Riiight… — How confident are you now with that Nuke deal the Obama Administration cut with Islamic Fascist Iran this week?

Gun Free Zones Provide a False Sense of Security and Get Innocent Americans Killed

Gun Free ZoneGun Free Zones Get People Killed –Image: Gunservatively

ISIS Thug Who Murdered 4 Marines in Chattanooga Ranted He’s a “National Security” Threat

Chattanooga GunmanISIS Jihadist Thug Calls Himself a ‘Natl Security’ Threat
Image: daa3sh1/

Chattanooga Gunman...ISIS Praises Chattanooga Jihadist Thug Calls Muhammad Yusuf Abdulazeez “Shahadah of Our Fervent Brother — Mujahid”
Abu Ramzi Ashami