U.S. ISIS Recruiter “Isa Ibn” From Houston, Texas Appeals to Ferguson Thugs

ISIS Blows Up Ancient Church and Nunnery in Iraq Mosul to Cheers of ‘Allahu Akbar’ by Muslims

ISIS Blow Up Ancient Church

(Rudaw) ISIS blew-up the St George’s Church and a Nunnery Monday in Iraq Mosul–a local resident reported that cries of “Allahu Akbar” (god is great) rose from many mosques in the city while Jihadists destroyed the ancient Church.

Since its takeover of Mosul in June, ISIS has destroyed a number of Churches, Shiite Mosques and other ancient sites–on the 25 July, I wrote here that ISIS blew-up ‘Prophet Jonah’s Tomb’ in Iraq.

Flashback: Remember in December 2011 when Obama claimed, ‘The Iraq war is over–We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self reliant Iraq.’


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Professors Blame ISIS on ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Grievances’  -Blazingcatfur

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Following Ferguson Grand Jury Decision, Far Left, Antisemitic Marxist Answer Coalition.org Couldn’t Pass Up the Opportunity to Demonstrate

While Americans Were Focused on Obama Granting Amnesty to Illegals, U.S. Releases 5 More Gitmo Detainees


(FOX News)  The Obama Administration announced on Thursday that it has released 5 more Gitmo detainees after it was determined that they no longer posed a risk of returning to the battlefield.

Not so if recent history is a good teacher.

According to Reuters the recidivism rate of former Gitmo detainees is 27.9%  citing a summary report from the Office of the Director of Natl Intelligence which said it confirmed or suspected that nearly a third of the terrorists returned to the battlefield

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Four Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Terrorist Attack–Hamas Spokesman Calls it an ‘Heroic Act’

Hamas Cartoon(IDF) This is the Cartoon that Hamas Spokesman Mushir al-Masri
Posted on Twitter After the Calling the
Attack on a Jerusalem Synagogue
Tuesday that Left 4 Dead
an ‘Heroic Act.’

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New Palestinian (Authority) Video Game Advocates Violence

New ISIS Video Posted Claims to Have Beheaded American Peter Kassig

ISIS Kassig Family(CNN) New Despicable ISIS Video Claims Jihadists Have Beheaded
American Peter Kassig — Family Releases Statement

  • Flashback: CBS Video Remember in August When Obama Claimed that Airstrikes are Weakening ISIS

Remember When It Was American Foreign Policy Not to “Manage the Problem” Of Evil

Are They Out of Their Minds? Washington National Cathedral to Host ‘Muslim Friday Services’

Islam-v-ChristianityIslam -v- Christianity –Image: Tafkhekh@Twitter

(WaPo) For the first time ever, the Washington Natl Cathedral will host Muslim Prayer Services (Jumu’ah) on Friday consecrated by the Islamic Jihad Muslim Brotherhood to their false prophet Allah.

In addition this event will occur inside a national shrine to Christian faith and religious tolerance the ‘Center for Security Policy’ reports on the 100th anniversary of an edict by the last Ottoman emperor to launch a genocidal jihad against Armenian and other followers of Jesus Christ.

Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei Tweets: Only Cure for Israel is Annihilation

Khamenei TweetOnly Cure for Israel is Annihilation –Khamenei@Twitter

(FOX News) On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Obama wrote a ‘secret letter’ to Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, stressing ‘their’ shared interest in confronting the Islamic State (ISIS) and tying cooperation on that front to a deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

Obama’s recent letter to Khamenei, was at least the 4th time Obama had written Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard since taking office in 2009–pledging to engage with this fascist Iranian regime.

“Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.” –Shakespeare

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Obama Administration Propaganda: We’re Listening to ISIS…Air Strikes are Demoralizing Them

ISIS SlavaryISIS Savages Force/Traffic Women Into Slavery

 (U.S. Dept of State) U.S. General:  “We are listening to ISIS communications–know the air strikes are demoralizing them.”


ISIS jihadist...ISIS Jihadist has a Child Kicking a Mutilated Head
Leith Abou Fadel@Twitter

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