Following Sunday’s Islamic Terrorist Truck Attack in Jerusalem, Obama’s Palestinian Authority Pals Celebrate With Sweets

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug Took the Lives of These Four Brave IDF Heroes on Sunday


Deja Vu: Remember Following 9/11 When Palestinian Authority Arabs
Celebrated By Handing Out Sweets

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History Repeating Itself – Secy of State John Kerry Didn’t Learn Anything from Chamberlain & Hitler

@Secy of State John Kerry: Arab Muslims Could Choose to Live Peaceably With Israel

Music Video Celebrates Suicide Bombings
“Strap on an Explosive Belt…Turn Them Into Body Parts”

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Thousands Rally in Gaza for Hamas Anniversary -Al Jazeera

Remembering — Never Forgetting Pan Am #103

In Memory of the 269 Innocent Victims and Andrea Rosenthal,
Who Were Tragically & Senselessly Murdered on This Date in 1988
by Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs
Photos Courtesy of: Thomas Joseph Ammerman Family


Ohio State University Islamic Jihadist Identified as Somali Refugee Abdul Razak Ali-Artan Granted Permanent Residency in 2014 – Thanks Obama!

(RT News) Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug Abdul Razak Ali Artan Came to the U.S. in 2014 as a Refugee and was Granted Permanent Residency — Thanks Obama.

osu-jihadistIn 25 August issue of the OSU Lantern Abdul Razak Ali Artan, complained about the lack of Muslim prayer rooms at OSU and claimed that people misjudge him unfairly because he’s a Muslim and prays five times a day to the false prophet Allah

(Video) Religion of Peace Strikes Again — Islamic Jihadist at Ohio State University Was a Somali Refugee

wcmhAll Muslims Are Not Terrorists But All Terrorists Are Muslim

President-Elect Donald Trump is Right When he Calls for ‘Extreme Vetting’
of Immigrants from Islamic Countries -Image Courtesy: WCMH TV Columbus@Twitter

Why Hillary Won’t Destroy ISIS — Clinton, Inc is Accepting Money From Nations That Support Islamic Jihadists

wkileaks-wjcWikiLeaks Podesta-Email 8396 — Qatar Gives Bill Clinton a Cool Million for his Birthday – One Doesn’t Bite the Hand that Feeds Them

WikiLeaks Podesta-Email 3774 The Govt’s of Qatar & Saudi Arabia “are providing clandestine financial and logistical support to ISIL/ISIS”

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H/T: Lana Wong

Gen. Keith Kellogg: Hillary Clinton Was Foolish For Discussing Nuclear Response Time

Team Clinton: Wanting to Protect Muslims Hurt Feelings At All Costs

team-clinton-protecting-muslimsWikiLeaks Podesta Team Clinton Emails 7405 and 11500
Don’t Want to Hurt Muslim’s Feelings

H/T: Jordan and Lili Kennedy Pearse

How Qatar is Funding ISIS & The Clinton Foundation

wkileaks-wjcWikiLeaks Podesta Email 8396 Qatar Gives a Cool $1 Million
to Bill Clinton for his Birthday

VIA: The Telegraph


Nigerian Bishop Doeme Combats ‘Boko Haram’ Islamic Jihadists With Rosary Battle Plan