Obama Snubs NATO Secy General Jens Stoltenberg as Russia Makes New Threats Against Allies

Obama Snubs NATO(Bloomberg) Obama Now Snubs NATO Secy General Jens Stoltenberg
This Week Even Though he’s in Washington–Image: Questions Many

The report on Obama’s snub comes amid Russia’s growing willingness to test NATO’s military readiness. On Tuesday, NATO jets were scrambled after four Russian military aircraft were spotted flying over the Baltic Sea with their transponders turned off.

Over the weekend, a Danish newspaper published remarks by the Russian Ambassador to Denmark which he hinted that Russian missiles could target Danish warships if Copenhagen joins NATO’s missile defense system.

Full article here from FOX News

U.S. Says Russia Tested Cruise Missile Violating Treaty, What New? Obama Admin Remains Silent on Russia Violation of ‘The Budapest Memorandum’

Hillary Clinton Russia ResetGatewayPundit: Hillary Clinton Now Says She Was “Most Skeptical”
of Reset With Russia
–Image Courtesy: Vets4Liberty

(Free Beacon) In a letter from President Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States has alleged Russian violation of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty the NY Times reports.

According to Senior administration officials, the U.S. Embassy delivered Obama’s letter today which concluded that Russia had tested a ground launched cruise missile in direct contravention of the treaty–Republican lawmakers have criticized the Obama Administration’s reaction to the breach which has long been known to officials acc0rding to the New York Times.

Flashback: On the 09 March, I wrote here that President Obama was on vacation “again” when the “Ruskies” invaded Ukraine in direct violation of The Budapest Memorandum executed in 1994 between President Bill Clinton together with British P.M. John Major and Russian President Boris Yelstin as part of the denuclearization of the former Soviet Union, promising to protect the sovereignty of the Ukrainian territorial borders from an invading military.

The Obama Administration and the dinosaur media have all been silent when it comes to this forgotten piece of history–should any treaty alliance with the United States have any meaning at all any longer?

Russian Rebel Scumbags Caught in the Act Stealing Personal Possessions from Malaysian #17 Victims

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Obama Statement on Malaysian #17 Disaster: Yade, Yade, Yade…

Obama Russia

(CNBC) Obama called on Russia this morning to cooperate with the investigation of Malaysian #17 disaster saying:

“My preference continues to be a diplomatic resolution within Ukraine–I believe that can happen, that is my preference today and it will continue to be my preference but if Russia continues to violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and back these separatists and these separatists become more and more dangerous and now are risks not simple to the people inside Ukraine but the broader international community, then Russia will further isolate itself from the international community and the costs for Russia’s behavior will only continue to increase.”

Huh? If these separatists become more and more dangerous. They shot down a commercial aircraft and are keeping crash and crime scene investigators away from the crash site, how much more dangerous can they be?

How is talking, talking, talking…changing Vladimir Putin’s behavior regarding the Ukraine?

Flashback: In March, the Obama Administration “warned” the Russian’s that there would be serious consequences if last ditch efforts to resolve the Ukraine crisis are futile.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t appear to care much if at all about Obama’s feckless threats.

News of the Weird: Russian Rebel Leader Claims Many of Malaysian#17 Victims Died Days Before

Toys From MH #17Grim Search for Remains of Debris From Malaysian #17
Shot Down Over Ukraine –Image: FOX News

(AP) Top Russian Rebel Commander Igor Girkin in Eastern Ukraine has given what can only be described as a weird/bizarre version of events surrounding Malaysian #17 disaster, suggesting that many of the victims died days before the plane departed from Amsterdam saying on Friday, “a significant number of bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.


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Condolences to Malaysian Airlines #17 Victims Families & Friends

Condolences Malaysian Airline Jet CrashCondolences to Malaysian Airlines #17 Victims Families & Friends

Obama’s Watch: New Cold War? USAF Intercepts Russian Nuclear Capable Strategic Bombers 50 Miles Off California Coast

USAF Intercepted Russian BombersUSAF Intercepts Nuclear Capable Russian Bombers –Image: NATO Source

(Washington Free Beacon) Four Russian Strategic Bombers triggered U.S. Air Defense systems while conducting practice bombing runs near Alaska this week, meanwhile two of the Russian Bombers, came within 50 miles off the California coastline the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) confirmed today.

Retired Air Force Lt Gen Thomas Mclnerney a former Alaska Commander of NORAD said that he does not remember a case of Russian Strategic Bombers coming that close to the U.S. coast.

“Again we see the Obama Administration through their covert–but overt to (Russian President) Mr Putin, unilateral disarmament, inviting adventurism by the Russians,” Gen Mclnerney said.

“At the height of the Cold War I do not remember them getting this close. Mr Putin had to approve this mission and he is just showing his personal contempt for President Obama after meeting him in Normandy less than a week ago,” Gen Mclnerney said.

Ukraine Crisis: Obama Draws Another Red Line; Russian Fascists Ordering Jews to Register

Obama Red LineObama’s Red Line –Cartoon: Legal Insurrection

(CBS News)  President Obama put Vladimir Putin ‘On-Notice’ Wednesday evening, that there will be serious consequences if Russia takes further military action in the Ukraine.

In March, the Obama Administration ‘warned’ the Russian’s that there would be “serious consequences” if last ditch talks to resolve the Ukrainian crisis are futile.

It still doesn’t appear that Vladimir Putin has received that memo.

In related news, Haaretz reports that pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine, have posted a notice near a local synagogue ordering that all Jews register or face deportation.

Ukrainian crisis is sounding eerily familiar to Nazi Germany everyday.

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Lt Col Ralph Peters: Putin Brilliantly Beats Obama in Ukraine

Congressional Republicans Fear Obama Will Allow Totalitarian Regime to Seize Control of Internet

Obama Cedes Control of InternetObama Cedes Control Over the Internet to Globalists –Forbes
Image Courtesy:
Alex Jones@Twitter

(Natl Journal)   An Obama Administration plan to give up control of the Internet to globalists, may open the door to a takeover by an authoritarian regime, Republican lawmakers said today.

If Russia or the China regime would gain new influence over the management created here in the United States, they could begin censoring content or blocking websites that they determine to be objectionable.

“Make no mistake, threats to openness and freedom of the Internet are real,” said Rep Greg Walden (R-OR) Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which held a hearing on the issue today. “Leaders such as Vladimir Putin, have explicitly announced their desire to gain control of the Internet.”

Walden and other Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill that would block the transfer of authority until the Govt Accountability Office can study the issue. Dozens of Senators led by John Thune (R-SD) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a letter to the Obama Administration today, demanding more answers about their plan.