Obama Facing Increasing Voter Discontent

President Obama defended his failed economic policies yesterday in the face of tough questions from skeptical Americans less than 5 weeks before the midterm elections, that threaten his fellow Democrats control of Congress.

Holding the latest in a series of backyard meetings with middle-class voters, Obama heard from one small businessman’s fears that his tax plans could “strangle” job creation. Obama also fielded questions about high unemployment and the impact of his health care overall.

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Democrat Congressional Majority Punts Until After Elections

The Do Almost Nothing Congress—Tax Cuts In Limo

Democrat-Socialists with a super majority in both the House & Senate were unable to pass even a Budget for Fiscal Year 2011 which begins on Friday but instead have decided to wait until after the 02 November midterm elections, returning to Washington for a lame-duck session of Congress.

Only 2 of a half dozen annual appropriation bills have passed the House under the Leadership of Nancy Pelosi, D-CA and none have passed the Senate, under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV—Democrats have opted out of having lengthy floor debates and politically difficult votes on spending and taxes.

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Dumb-O-Krats in Kongress, Kool on Kolbert

Congressional Dumb-O-Crats with little to do but spend others peoples money, have a message for Stephen Colbert, your dead to us—after failing to woo voters at last weeks Congressional Hearings but instead the shenanigan blew up in their face.

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CBS—Lost Actress Michelle Rodriguez Poses In Front Of Nazi Flag And Thinks Its Funny

CBS–Lost Actress Michelle Rodriguez, Happily Posed with a Swastika—Posting the Image on her Twitter Page she writes, “Hehehhehee, only in Austin can you find such Happy Nazi Flag shooters, look at the holes on this flag.”

I can’t think of anyone more suitable to terminate for violating the morals clause in her employment contract.

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Democrat-Socialist Majority In Congress, Plan To Raise Taxes

Democrat-Socialists in Congress adjourn for a 7 week vacation returning back to their Congressional District to campaign for their jobs without taking any action on tax cuts—should the Democrat Majority take no action before the end of the year, the Bush Tax Cuts will expire and every American Taxpayer will realize an increase in their income taxes in 2011

House of Representatives Votes to Adjourn—Final Votes Results Yeas 210–Nays 209

House Republicans, renewed their call for the Democrat Majority to schedule a vote whether or not to extend the Tax Cuts. Congressman Mike Pence, R-IN called the absence of a vote unconscionable that the Democrat-Majority plans to adjourn before an up or down vote on tax cuts.

Confiscation of Wealth–Taxing the Rich Job Creators

Poor people do not create employment opportunities and Government can not create prosperity by spending other peoples money.

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Obama Admonishes Democrats: Buck Up, Stop Whining

Obama admonishes his Democratic base for their apathy and telling them that it’s “inexcusable” and “irresponsible” for their unenthusiastic support during the midterms.

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Hillary Horror: New Demon Photo Appeared On News Wire

9th Annual Interfaith Blessings of the Animals

Religious groups have held Interfaith Blessings of Bikes how much less goofy can it be to hold the 9th Annual Interfaith Blessings of the Animals in Long Beach?

Sacraments are Holy—Catholic Canon Law Regarding Blessings of Animals

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Obama Administration Drafting New Regs To Go Peeping Online

Cronies in the Obama Administration, that used to lose sleep over the alleged civil rights violations of Islamic Jihad Terrorists held at Gitmo, now want to make it easier for Fed Super Snoopers to go peeping into suspected terrorists and alleged criminals private Internet, e-mail communications and social networking sites such as Facebook.

Who is a Criminal or Terrorist threat, Conservatives?

Just last year, the Obama Administration classified their political foes as the Bogeyman, dangerous right-wing extremists.

Iranian Nuke Program Infected By Computer Worm

Iranian made Zelzal surface-to-surface missiles seen near the portrait of the Grand Islamic Wizard Ayatollah Ali Khamenei at a war exhibition held by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to commemorate their war with Iraq.

Iranian nuclear agency is attempting to stop a computer worm which as infected their industrial sites throughout the country and capable of taking over their power plants—Experts from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, met while their Fascist President Ahmadinejad was at the United Nations, spewing his latest round of anti-Semitic venom.

The computer worm called Stuxnet, can take-over systems that control the inner workings of industrial plants. Experts in Germany discovered the worm on July and since then it has shown up in a number of attacks.

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