Uh Oh! Former Clinton Advisor James Carville: I’ve Become More Conservative as I’ve Gotten Older

James CarvilleJames Carville: Obama is Even Less Popular Than the Crack Smoking Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford –Image/Video –CNS News

(Politico) Former Clinton Advisor James Carville has dropped another zinger on Democrats and the Obama Administration recently, acknowledging that he’s beginning to see the error in his ways saying, “I do think that I’ve gotten more Conservative in some way as I’ve gotten older.”

In addition to his recent startling revelations about his own political views, Carville addressed the present day Democratic Party adding, “I do think a valid critique of Democrats or Liberal is that we seldom look at the world through the eyes of the Dry Cleaner or the guy with the Lawn Mowing service.”

President Obama maybe would benefit thinking about what Carville has said, before ‘The Obama’s” head out of Washington today for their annual luxurious 17 day Hawaiian vacation that most American’s can only dream about.

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