Disgusting! What TSA Agents Really See

Via: Stephan Kinsella.com

I’ve been making the argument now for more than two years that the TSA Full Body Imaging Scanners raise privacy concerns when it comes to the 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure by the government.

On Saturday, I wrote here that TSA counterparts in Europe printed full body scanner images and circulated them to airport staff.

Do you want to be seen naked by a total stranger? Do you want your children to be seen naked by a TSA agent?

The word “Disgusting” isn’t nearly strong enough.

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H/T: The View from Taiwan


  1. Gsoltso says:

    This image is a hoax. It is a nude photo that has been converted to a negative and has had the threat items superimposed on them. If you would like to see sample images of what the AIT operators actually see, please vist the TSA blog here : http://www.tsa.gov/blog/2009/08/imaging-technolgy-bigger-picture.html

    There are currently 2 types of machine found in American airports, the Back-scatter Xray, and the Millimeter Wave system. I hope this helps to clear up any misinformation that may have been given to you. Thanks for your time!

  2. Cristy Li says:

    Subsequent to my post I received mail from others quite knowledgeable in the field, one of the individuals pointed out, “…someone did post an image of a somewhat overweight middle aged woman, they used that to ‘trick the brain’ it seems less offensive and sexual because it is someone you would not want to see naked and your brain doesn’t make the connection. The younger, thinner woman is an accurate representation of what the naked body scanners show. Its just that passing around the image of an overweight, middle aged man or woman makes it seem more unobtrusive and acceptable.”

    I am not confused about the machine “types” being used or their ineffectiveness.

    There was an interesting posts published at Israel Matzav about the useless XXX Full Body Imaging Scanners


  3. Gsoltso says:

    I was merely posting to let you know that the images you have on your page – are a hoax. They are part of a nude photo shoot that included several other pictures in different forms and poses. You can see the original layout here : http://www.tatumba.com/blog/archives/1369

    I simply wanted you to know that someone has given you incorrect information, and wanted you to have the correct information for your audience. Take care!

  4. crookedhalo777 says:

    Ok, my mind is made up on this subject….but first, I did go to the links above by Gsoltso… First, the pictures that prove it’s a “HOAX” are so tiny, no one could possibly tell if it is the same woman or not. Second, wether it’s this type photo, or the one TSA is saying it looks like, both are basically showing a naked body… ones just a little less clear.

    I find being subjected to a groping by or an x-ray — something that is protected by HIPPA to be an invasion of privacy. Not to mention being subjected to unnecessary radiation. “There is a reason why when you go to the doctor and have your knee x-rayed they cover the rest of you to protect you from extra radiation. ( They can call it a backscatter if they want to but just because you’ve changed the name, doesn’t mean it’s not an x-ray.)

    Just look at this picture, or any of the “TSA approved” pics … I know I wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone like this and if I had a daughter, you can be sure she’d never go through one. . .

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