Obama Eliminated School Security Funds to Instead Save Big Bird & Develop Robotic Squirrel

Newtown, Ct Elementary School Shooting Massacre --Captain CartoonNewtown, CT Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre –Captain Cartoon

(Washington Guardian) Before the Newtown, CT school shooting tragedy which left 20 children dead the Obama Administration eliminated school security preparedness programs over the last few years that had provided more than $200 Million to schools for training, security equipment and police resources and instead chose to waste $1,067,532 to save Big Bird and wasted another $18 Billion on such  projects as:

  • $350,000 to study on how golfers may use their “imagination” envisioning the hole their attempting to putt in is actually bigger than it is;
  • $27 Million grant from the U.S. Agency for Intl Development for Moroccan Pottery Classes;
  • $300,00 to promote Caviar production and consumption;
  • $505,00 to promote shampoo for dogs and cats; 
  • $516,000 for a video game allowing taxpayers to relive Prom night; 
  • $325,000 on the development of a robotic squirrel named Robo Squirrel, among other things.

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