Loony Liberals Brouhaha Over Rubio’s Sip of Water

Drinking Water --Patriotic Moms So We’re to Believe Dems Don’t Take a Sip of Water? –Patriotic Mom?

(Daily Democrat) Loony Liberal Lefties and the Dinosaur Media with a little bit too much time on their hands are giving Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL) need for a sip of water during his response to Obama’s State of the Union speech just a little too air time.

Had ‘Hoax-n-Chains’ taken a sip of water during the SOTU speech, Obama minions may have been falling all over themselves in awe that their beloved needed to have a drink of water during his lecture, to an ever increasing shrinking audience and may have wanted to preserve Obama’s throw away carbon producing plastic pollutant somewhere on display for the world to see in posterity, further evidencing that their Messiah truly is reincarnate into human life form.

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