Feds Step Up Efforts to License Drones Over U.S.

Obama's Use of Drones(LA Times) While a national debate has erupted over wannabe Imperial President Barack Hussein Obama’s use of lethal drone strikes overseas, federal authorities have stepped up efforts to license surveillance aircraft for use by law enforcement and other uses, spurring growing concern about privacy violations and a continued abuse of the 4th Amendment by the Obama Administration.

On the 27 October, 2011 I wrote here that “Big Sista’s” Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) monitoring equipment, which include  speaker systems and motion sensors were being rolled out to a street near you with the aid of government funding.

Subsequently, I wrote on the 10 January, 2012 here that Janet Napolitano’s DHS, announced the Natl Operations Centers and its offices of Operations, Coordination and Planning, received written authorization to collect and retain personal information on new anchors,  journalists, reporters, or anyone that may use “traditional and/or social media” in real time.

Under what authority does the federal, state and local governments determine that they can secretly collect and store information on Americans without a warrant? What are the limits to the long-arm of federal, state and local authorities to collect this data?

Members of Congress, together with legislators in 18 States are considering bills that would limit the use of unmanned aerial systems, together with new civil liberties and privacy protections to ease fears about invasive surveillance from the skies.

Doesn’t Congress still have the power of the purse? Why haven’t they pulled the plug on the Obama Administration ability to spend money to eavesdrop on Americans without a warrant and cut domestic enemies of the Constitution off at the knees?

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