China Beijing Unpaid Migrant Workers Stage Protest in Cartoon Costumes

China Migrant Workers Protest in CostumesChina Migrant Workers Protesting in Cartoon Costumes –Shanghaiist

(Offbeat China) Five migrant workers in Beijing dressed as cartoon characters, sat outside the headquarters of China Natl Radio protesting unpaid wages–the pictures look surreal yet reflect a sad reality that millions of China migrant workers face every year.

While the China regime have announced that “malicious wage withholders” can be sentenced up to 7 years in prison, in China the law doesn’t many times work the way its intended, especially for the hard working, poor migrant workers, who often lack the knowledge how to get legal help–Getting attention online may be a much more effective way to receive compensation.

On 17 August, 2011 I wrote here that the China regime abandons thousands of migrant children every year. Subsequently on the 03 September, 2011 I wrote here that in China, Migrant workers have no rights and are often treated like slaves, living in unsanitary conditions, cramped together in makeshift tent homes.

This is China that Beijing, the Obama Administration and the Dinosaur Media ignores and would rather have go unnoticed. China’s migrant workers want–they deserve their grievances to go viral and all of the leverage and support Netizens may help to publicize their most worthy and necessary concerns.

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