Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Saint ‘Good King Henry’ II

Saint Henry

Saint Henry II (972-1024)
Image: Catholic Online

(Franciscan Media) Born in Germany Bavaria, Henry was educated at the Cathedral School in Hildesheim, he would become ‘Duke of Bavaria’ in 995 ending any thought he had of becoming a Priest according to SQPN and ascended to the throne of Germany in 1002–Later also crowned King of Italy Pavia in 1004

As a German King and Holy Emperor, Henry II was a practical man of affairs and energetic in consolidating his rule, crushing rebellions and feuds.

On all sides, King Henry had to deal with drawn out disputes so as to protect his frontiers, this would involve him in a number of battles, especially in Italy. King Henry would also help Pope Benedict VIII quell disturbances in Rome — Always Henry’s ultimate purpose was to establish a stable peace in Europe.

According to the 11th century custom of Henry II day, he was permitted to appoint Bishops, however he would avoid the pitfalls of this practice and sought to reform the Church while respecting its independence.  Henry II fostered reform of the Ecclesiastical and Monastic life together with establishing Missions and began construction of the Cathedral of Basel in Switzerland (which took some 400 yrs to complete) and is remembered as a prayerful King that was always generous to the poor.

Good King Henry II died on this date in 1024 and was Canonized in 1146 by Pope Blessed Eugene III

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