Obama’s Poor Elderly Auntie Zeituni Granted Asylum

Not at all surprised that President Obama intervened in his Auntie Zeituni immigration matter who he so affectionately remembered in his book Dreams of my Father but one must wonder why the President’s Auntie goes without, while living in public housing?

While the Obama’s vacation in Martha’s Vineyard playing golf and shopping till they drop among the liberal elitist friends, has anyone given any thought to poor old Auntie Zeituni in South Boston?

Why hasn’t the President sent a car to pick up Auntie Zeituni, she too may enjoy the family reunion with her dear stingy millionaire nephew and his family?

Definitely says a lot about compassionate liberal elitist ideologues, President Obama is always so willing to spread the wealth with other peoples money but he doesn’t improve his Auntie Zeituni standard of living, leaving her all alone in South Boston.

More here from Politico

H/T: Xiao-Mei—Xiexie

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