Southern California Sepulveda Dam Flood Control Basin Work Halted Due to Nesting Sparrows

US Army Corps of Engineers Sepulveda DamU.S. Army Corps of Engineers –Sepulveda Dam Images: LA Daily News

US Army Corps Engineers Sepulveda DamU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sepulveda Basing Work Halted

Sepulveda Dam Unsanitary Homeless CampSepulveda Dam Unsanitary Homeless Camp

(LA Daily News) The U.A. Army Corps of Engineers were unable to resume their work yesterday as work was suspended “again” because they had found ‘sparrows nesting’ across the Sepulveda Dam Flood Control Basin.

By cutting out a former thicket, the Army Corps of Engineers had intended to improve dam operations, while discouraging homeless camps, drug dealing, and lewd public sex.

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