We The People Fight Tyranny

Fighting Tyranny --Patriotic MomsFighting Tyranny –Patriotic Moms

The following article is not exactly light reading but it clearly shows the historical correlation between restricting gun rights in various countries and the genocides that followed.

The 2nd Amendment was not and never has been about hunting–it is about our God given responsibility to preserve liberty for ourselves and for our children.

Although, we also grieve over the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut we can not trade liberty for a false sense of security. It seems clear…that this very sad event will be used to usurp our rights–not because the statist in government “care” about the children, they do care, however by using the goodness of our hearts, manipulating our suffering and our demands for unattainable justice to seize control, which control they can not have until they have unarmed the citizenry.

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