CBO Gives Obamanomics an F

Obama Grade FObama Gives Himself an Incomplete, Any Teacher Knows That’s an F –The Looking Spoon

(American Thinker) The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued its report yesterday to the sound of crickets from the Dinosaur Media.

Why would this report be ‘Liberal Kryptonite’ because we back on page 8 we learn the lasting legacy of Obama’s and Democrats ultimate spending spree in the name of recovery.

American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 (AARA) long run effects, ‘AARA will reduce output slightly in the long run, CBO estimates–by between zero and 0.2% after 2016…AARA’s long run impact on the economy will stem primarily from the resulting increase in government debt.’

On the 26 October, 2012 I wrote here that average GDP growth less than half what Obama forecast–U.S. debt was then $16.2 Trillion+ (today $16.57 Trillion) and rising increasingly faster during Obama’s Watch.

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