What the MSM isn’t reporting about the Gaza Ship Raid

Answer Coalition.org the pro-Islamic Jihad organization formed in 2001 in association with the Marxist Workers World Party, Party for Socialism and supported by the Muslim Student Association a front for the Hamas Supported Muslim Brotherhood which has ties to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin-Laden organized this protest outside the Israel Embassy today in Washington, after the Gaza Ship raid by Israel Commandos turned deadly.

Despicable—Children are easily manipulated and this little girl is carrying a Socialist sign to further the pro-Islamic Jihad, Marxist message outside the Israel Embassy today in Washington protesting Israel’s attack on a Gaza bound flotilla.

Did anyone tell these children that the so called “peace activists” transporting aid to Gaza, ignored orders by the Israel Navy to to turn back and then acted anything but peaceful, using knives, clubs and weapons to attack Israeli Commandos that attempted to board the vessel armed with non-lethal weapons.

More here from Ynet News

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