Arizona Lawmakers Debating To Reaffirm Prejudice

Nettie Hunt and her daughter on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court after the landmark 1954 Brown -v- Board of Education of Topeka 347 U.S. 183 decision was handed down reaffirming American values that segregation has no place in the United States.

Ohio was the last state to ratify the 14th Amendment in 2003 but goofy lawmakers in Arizona must think that the Ohio Legislature overreacted when after 135 years they symbolically removed the stain of Segregation?

Small minded Arizona anti-immigrant zealots, have reopened century year old wounds resurrecting prejudice, bigotry and hatred of others based on ethnicity.

On the 13 May I wrote here that while Gov. Jan Brewer and other elected officials may want to wrap themselves up into the American Flag attempting to spin their controversial anti-immigrant law which critics call separatism and racially divisive, one does not have to look very far into Arizona’s behavior to not realize that their racial fears are leading them down a dark path.

Faced with what is morally right or immorally shameful, Arizona’s narrow minded lawmakers have chosen to reaffirm their unconstitutional prejudices in order to debate new legislation that would deny U.S. Citizenship to babies born in the state of Arizona to undocumented aliens.

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