Obama Says Uighurs Pose No Threat To Security

Uighurs Overturning Police Car In PRCUighurs Overturn Police Car And Set It Ablaze In PRC

Meet the Uighurs…

Photos of radical Islamic Uighurs living peaceably with their neighbors in China. Liberals claim that the Uighurs pose no threat to security. Uighurs claim they are merely misunderstood “victims” of circumstance.


In June, B. Hussein Obama ordered released four Islamic Uighurs from Gitmo, dertermining that their detentions were all a mistake, reclassifying them not to be “enemy combatants” at all, resettling them in Bermuda, compliments of the American taxpayer.

Ginny Sloan writes in HuffPo on July 02 “A Gitmo Tragedy: The Uighurs” and demands justice for the radical, misunderstood Islamists detained by the U.S. Military on the battlefield.

The Uighurs claim they had been wrongfully imprisoned. Why were the native Chinese Uighurs in a war zone if they just wanted to lead tranquil lives?

On Monday in China, two knife weilding radical Islamic Uighurs who hacked at soldiers calling for Jihad, were killed by Police.

So much for not posing a threat to security and only wanting to live quietly with their neighbors.

More here from France 24

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