Washington State Woman Victim Of Random Acid Attack

Bethany Storro, who was out celebrating after just landing a new job, had acid thrown on her face Monday and hospitalized in the Burn Unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, with 2nd degree burns on her face.

Today the brave 28 year old surrounded by her parents Nancy and Joe Neuweit, held a Press Conference following surgery yesterday to remove dead tissue from the areas that were most severely burned.

Vancouver, Washington Police are actively searching for an African American Woman who was last seen wearing a green top and khaki pants, approximately 5’8″ tall with 3 piercings in top of her left ear and her hair pulled back into a pony tail. Police have offered no motive for the attack.

Anyone with any information about this crime are asked to contact: Detective Wally Stefan, Vancouver Police Major Crimes Unit at 360-487-7425

More here from The News Tribune, Tacoma Washington

H/T: The Columbian Publishing Company


  1. WrshpMzshn says:

    I’m disappointed that the Drudge headline made her sound like a Nancy Kerrigan style whiner:

    “Acid Attack Victim: ‘Why Me?’…”

    The Columbian article said she’s moving past the why me questions and is grateful for God’s provision of eye protection.

    I think she shows courage and a great attitude.

  2. outragetoday says:

    Read all accounts. NOBODY has or will even insignuate that this was a hate crime.

    I mean, it probably was, and would be called so, however a minority was the vicious attacker.

    In the original post, the attackers minority status is not even mentioned until the very last sentence, and you could feel the pain of the author that he felt he had to insert it.

    God I hate racism, from ANY direction.

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