Calif May Soon Have Highest Gas Taxes in U.S.

Gas Prices --Barracuda BrigadeRising Gas Prices –Barracuda Brigade

(Breitbart) In California, the solution to all ills is further taxation even though gasoline prices have skyrocketed a full .12 cents last week and past $5.00 in L.A.County now, State Sen Noreen Evans, (D-Santa Rosa) wants to tax oil.

“California is the only oil producing state in the nation that does not have an oil extraction tax. States such as Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska have such a tax and it just makes common sense,” Evans said.

Evans wants a 9.9% tax on all barrels drilled in the state, which runs up to $9.60 per barrel at current prices–the effect, will be to drive oil companies out of California and raise prices at the pump even more than what may soon be on their way for motorists. 

On top of the recent spike in gasoline prices, the California State Board of Equalization was expected to approve a 3.5 cent increase in the gas tax during their meeting in Culver City today.

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