Calif Website Makes it Easier to Compare Wages, Overspending and the Worsening Budget Crisis

California Avg Wages --OC RegisterGovernment Compensation in California Average Wages

(OC Register)  Comparing how your city, county or even your local sewage district pays its workers has just got a whole lot easier.

Through a website run by the California State Controller’s Office you can see how much workers have been paid and how much of that pay came in addition to their regular salary.

Progressives in California and at the national level, never stop telling us that we have a revenue problem–in reality like at the national level the problem is not revenues reports A View From the Ranch but with the massive overspending that takes place. Overspending on salaries of a bloated government on the excessive retirement and benefit payments that come from politicians ‘repaying’ their union supporters through overly generous collective bargaining agreements.

Since 2005 in California the compensation level of government employees has increased by more than 100%

California Very Generous Government Employee CompensationWhich helps to explain how California’s Predictable Budget Crisis Worsens and why its undoubtedly only a matter of time before the American taxpayers will be asked to bailout California and other states.

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