Today Christians Honor Blessed William Carter, Martyred for Jesus Christ

Bl William Carter

Bl. William Carter –Image: A Catholic Prayer@Twitter

(Franciscan Media) Born in London, William Carter entered the printing business at an early age. For many years he worked as an apprentice to well known Catholic printers–one of who served a prison sentence for persisting in Catholicism. William also served prison time for printing ‘lewd (Ie Catholic) pamphlets’ as well as possessing books upholding Catholicism.

Even more, William offended public officials by publishing works that aimed to keep Catholics firm in their faiths. Officials that searched William’s house found various vestments and suspect books and were even able to extract information from William’s distraught wife–Over the next 18 months, William remained in prison, tortured and subsequently learning of his wife’s death.

William was eventually charged with printing and publishing the ‘Treatise of Schisme’ which allegedly incited violence by Catholic and which was said to have been written by a traitor who addressed to traitors.

While William calmly placed his trust in God, the jury met for only 15 minutes before finding him guilty–William made his final confession to a Priest who was being prosecuted along side of him, hanged, drawn and quartered the following day.

In 1987 he was beatified by Pope John Paul II

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