Today Christians Commemorate Feast of the ‘Four Crowned Martyrs’ for Jesus Christ

Four Crowned MartyrsThe ‘Four Crowned Martyrs’ at Museum of Orsanmichele Italy, Florence
Image Courtesy: National Galley of Art, Washington DC

(uCatholic) St Castorus, St Claudius, St Nicostratus and St Simpronian, were tortured and martyred for Christ during the reign and persecutions of Emperor Diocletian (from 284-305)

According to history, the ‘Four Crowned Martyrs’ were skilled stone carvers. Emperor Diocletian was so impressed with their work that he commissioned them to do several carvings which they did to his satisfaction but when they refused to carve a statute to the Roman god ‘Aesculapius’ because they were Christians they were imprisoned and subsequently executed by being drowned according to SQPN in 305

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