Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Saint Hugh of Grenoble

St. Hugh of Grenoble

Saint Hugh of Grenoble
Image: A Catholic View

(EWTN) Born in France Chateauneuf, Hugh from the cradle appeared to be a child of Benediction–Hugh went through his studies with great applause and his religious devotion, always kept pace with his advancement in education.

Having chosen to serve God in ecclesiastical state, he was ordained and became a Canon in the Cathedral of Valence. In this station, the sanctity of Hugh’s life and his extraordinary talents earned him praise of the Church, his gentleness and affability won him the affection of his colleagues.

Hugh then the Bishop of Die but soon thereafter became the Archbishop of France Lyons for 52 years according to Franciscan Media and Cardinal Legate of the Holy See, he was reasonably effective in his role of a reformer. Hugh  fearlessly supported the Papacy and was an eloquent minister.

At the age of 80 Hugh Became a Carthusian Monk and lived 18 yrs in great humility and authority under Saint Bruno and his successors in the Great Chartreuse where he passed away in the year 1132 at the age of 100 and was Canonized by Pope Innocent II just two years later.

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