Today Christians Celebrate Feasts of St. Gerald & St. Sabas

St GeraldSt. Gerald Bishop of Mayo -Image: St. Paul Street Evangelization

(CNA) Born in England Northumbria, the exact date of his birth is unknown, we do know that Gerald was an English Monk, becoming Bishop of Mayo and that following the Synod of Whitby in 664 he followed St. Coleman (605-676) to Ireland and settled in Innisboffin in 668

After a period of time dissensions arose between the Irish and the English Monks and St. Coleman decided to found a separate Monastery for the 30 English Brethren, this arose the Abbey of Mayo with St. Gerald being its first Abbot in 670

St. Bede (Feast Day: 25 May) wrote: “The Monastery is to this day 731 occupied by English Monks…continues an exemplary body who gathered there form England and live by the labor of their own hands (after the manner of the early Fathers) under a rule and Canonical Abbot, leading chaste and single lives.”

Although St. Gerald was a comparatively young man, he proved to be a wise ruler and governed Mayo until 697 when it is said that he resigned in favor of St. Adamnan some scholars hold that St. Adamnan celebrated the Roman Easter at Mayo in 703 and then went to Skreen in Hy Fiachrach. — following his departure it is said the Monks prevailed on St. Gerald to resume his duties as Abbot — Mayo though merged in Tuam for a time.

St. Gerald reportedly continued to govern the Abbey and Diocese of Mayo until his death in 731

  • Today’s alternative Feast Day is of St. Sabas, Patron Saint of Generosity

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