Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. John of Damascus

St John DamascusSt. John of Damascus (676-749) Image: St. Paul Street Evangelization

Born in Syria Damascus according to SQPN John spent much of his life in the Monastery of St. Sabas near Jerusalem and all of his life under Muslim rule. Tutored in his youth by a captured Italian Monk Cosmas, together with being educated in Muslim schools, John became quite well schooled in the areas of Geometry, Literature, Logic, Writing and Speech.

St. John became famous in three areas: (1) Writings; (2) Treatise “Exposition of the Orthodox Faith” and (3) A Poet — Proclaimed a Doctor of the Church in 1890 by Pope Leo XII

Rest here from Cristy Li (2014) here from Franciscan Media and here from Catholic Online

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