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Happy Columbus DayHappy Columbus Day –Image Courtesy: Seton Catholic Central

(KOFC) What You May Not Know About Christopher Columbus…

When the Knights of Columbus was founded in New Haven, CT in 1882 by Fr. Michael J. McGivney, its namesake ‘Christopher Columbus’ was a symbol of the idea that there is no contradiction in being Catholic and an American. In recent decades however (thanks in large measure to the PC crowd, I digress) Columbus has become a figure of controversy leaving conflicting opinions about his legacy.

Carol Delaney, a Cultural Anthropologist and long-time Professor at Stanford Univ had little knowledge or interest in Columbus that is, until she was teaching a course called ‘Millennial Fever’ in 1999 and came across a reference to the Explorer Columbus apocalyptic beliefs. Delaney was intrigued and set out to research ‘Christopher Columbus’ at Brown Univ in the Summer of 2003

Two years later Delaney retired from Stanford to devote herself to research which launched a remarkable journey into the footsteps of Columbus

Columbia Online spoke to Delaney about the fruits of her research published in her book, ‘Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem’ available at Amazon.com what Delaney’s research uncovered was indeed fascinating and may not be what you learned in school about Christopher Columbus but may so now…

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