China Liaoning College Student Offers Herself For-Sale to Save her Father from Imprisonment

After her father was given a life sentence for no proven wrongdoing Wang Ting advertised herself as a ‘Mistress’ to any government official that is willing to uphold justice and set her father free.

Very quickly the desperate appeal received 142,000 hits and over 2,000 comments from Netizens on China’s second largest social media site,

The 25 November post said, “My name is Wang Ting, college student in Liaoning, Anshan City. My father has been illegally sentenced for a crime he never committed. We have expended all our resources in vain to restore justice. Finally I make an appeal: If any high ranking official can come forward to uphold justice for my father, I’m willing to become his mistress.”

To evidence her father’s innocence Wang Ting uploaded 17 pages of documents and left her cell phone number adding, “Is this society really dark? State officials seem to care only about making money and use their power indiscriminately on innocent persons.”

Rest here from Epoch Times

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