China Hangzhou Court Sentences Human Rights Activist Zhu Yufu to 7 Years in Prison for Poem

China Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court sentenced 59 year old human rights activist Zhu Yufu to 7 years in prison and 3 years deprivation of political rights for “inciting subversion of state power.”

Zhu’s wife  Jian Hangli and their son Zhu Ang attended the court hearing which lasted but for 20 minutes.

Zhu Ang told HRIC “Our family absolutely can not accept this ruling–the authorities are outrageous and arbitrary…My father is nearly 60 years old, in poor health, putting him in jail for seven years is too inhumane, too cruel.”

One of Zhu’s Defense Attys Li Dunyong said, “This is politics not law.”

More here Zhu Yufu Sentenced to 7 Years for Online Poem

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