Israel Scientists Warn of Stem Cell Cancer Link

Stem Cells—Yale Stem Cell Center

FDA Approves Second Round of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Trial

Using a patients own stem cells to replace diseased or damaged tissues might expose the patient to a risk of cancer according to the result of new research at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Discovery raises a cautionary red flag in the advancing field of stem cell therapy. For years, embryonic stem cells were the focus of this field because they are undifferentiated and therefore have the potential to develop into any cell type in an adult body.

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Annie Le, could have been the girl next door…

Annie Le

Annie Le, could have been the girl next door. The young couple together, Jonathan Widawsky left and his fiance’ were planning on being married last weekend at Temple Beth El, in Huntington—Long Island, NY. Jewish community mourns. What a tragedy!

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