BHO, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democrats Here: Problem Solved

NFL Great Joe Theismann Rebukes Washington Redskins Debate, Then Labeled a Racist

Joe-Theisman-Tweet(SooperMexican) Football Great Joe Theismann Rebukes Redskins Debate Then Labeled a Racist on Twitter

With an Historically Low Approval Rating of 5% Senate Democrats Waste Taxpayers Money Urging Washington Redskins to Change Their Name

Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins Should Consider Dropping “Washington” From Their Name Because Its Offensive???

(5News Online/CBS) With an historically low public approval rating of a mere 5% according to a new CBS News poll released on Wednesday, 50 Senate Democrats have signed a letter to the NFL according to The New York Times urging its leadership to pressure a private company to change its name because they claim its offensive.

Could it be that Senate Democrats are actually the ones who are really offensive to many Americans and vulnerable incumbent Democrats are just trying to divert attention away from themselves in an election year in which their thin majority is in jeopardy?

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