Washington Post Breaking News? Consider the Source – Flashback: Remember When WaPo Claimed the Russians Hacked the Power Grid

Flashback: Remember on the 30 December, 2016 when the Washington Post ran a FAKE NEWS story headlining “Russian Hackers Penetrated U.S. Electricity Grid Through a Utility in Vermont”

Obama Administration Criticizes Execution of Oklahoma Rapist & Murderer Clayton Lockett

Stephanie Neiman and ParentsStephanie Neiman Together with Her Parents –Images and Story
Oklahoma News9.com

Stephanie Neiman and GrandparentsStephanie Nieman Together with Her Granparents

Family of Stephanie Neiman StatementFamily of Stephanie Neiman Statement –Ben James@Twitter

Clayton LockettRapist & Murderer Clayton Lockett

(NBC News) Today, the Obama Administration claimed that the execution of Oklahoma rapist and murderer Clayton Lockett fell below humane standards.


While Lockett’s final 43 minutes on this earth according to The Washington Post reportedly did not go as planned, many people seem to be forgetting his victims Stephanie Neiman and her friend that Lockett together with his two cousins, abducted, tortured and repeatedly raped Neiman and her friend, then shot 19 year old Neiman in the head and buried her alive.

Lockett got what he deserved.

Obama Administration Makes a Mockery of Its ‘Transparency Pledge’ Banning News Photographers and Hosting Liberal Journalists

Obama Administration on TransparencyObama Administration’s Broken Transparency Pledge

(The Blaze) In another blow to Obama’s transparency pledge, major news organizations and associations are protesting the White House policy of banning news photographers from covering Obama at official events, while opting instead to releasing White House propaganda images and videos of gatherings.

In related Obama’s broken transparency pledge, Breitbart News reported today, FOX News’ Ed Henry Tweeted that the White House were hosting liberal reporters MSNBC Ed Schultz, Ezra Klein of ‘The Washington Post’ and FOX News Juan Williams, were invited for a private ‘off the record’ chat with President Obama.

FOX News contributor Juan Williams later confirmed the ‘off the record’ meeting with President Obama on FOX News “Happening Now” with Jon Scott.

Anonymous IRS Cincinnati Service Center Official: Everything Comes From The Top


(Washington Examiner) A story in the Washington Post late last week about the Internal Revenue Service, Cincinnati Service Disservice Center, which is tapped to do most of the auditing of 501(c)(4) applications of not for profit groups and organizations, clearly contradicted earlier reports that the IRS targeting of Conservative, Jewish and religious groups was the result of rogue agents.

The Washington Post story quoted an anonymous staffer in Cincinnati who said they only operate by directives from headquarters.

On Friday, outgoing IRS Commissioner Steven Miller testified before the House Ways & Means Committee and claimed that targeting of Conservative groups is ‘absolutely not illegal.’

Obama Receives 4 Pinocchio’s from WaPo Fact Checker for Calling Benghazi “Act of Terrorism”

Obama Four Pinnochios --Soda HeadObama 4 Pinocchio’s –Image: Soda Head

(Washington Posst) Obama’s claims that he called the Islamic Jihadist attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi an act of terrorism, gets him 4 Pinocchio’s from Washington Post Fact Checker.

ObamaCore: The Bid to Control Education

ObamaCore –Image: Patriotic Moms

(National Review–The Corner) President Obama’s bid now to control what children learn in school is surely one of the most important and disturbing of his many transformative plans–Not only is Obama’s attempt to devise what is in effect, a national K-12 school curriculum  is arguably unconstitutional and the fact, that many Americans have no idea that the new “Common Core” (A/K/A: ObamaCore) even exists, may be the most troubling thing about it.

Sunday’s (02 December) Washington Post featured an article on the controversy being kicked up by the new English curriculum that 46 states and the District of Columbia are just now waking up to.

Not coincidentally, this new education war is hitting a month subsequent to Obama’s reelection, just in time to prevent the public from taking the most effective step it could have to block the changes. One has to get nearly to the end of the WaPo article, even to get a hint of the fact that the Obama Administration is the real force behind the new curriculum.

Full article here by Stanley Kurtz at The National Review

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Washington Post & Daily Kos, Blame “Tea Party” for Austin Suicidal Pilot

Its a wonder that anyone can really take those Goofy Liberal Lefties seriously again or will be able to ever say that the Washington Post is serious journalism, upon alleging the deranged Austin suicidal pilot Joesph Andrew Stack of being influenced by the “Tea Party” movement to commit murder and mayhem.

The hate filled site “Daily Kos” (which I refuse to link back to) contributor mcjoan writes, “Obviously Stack was not a mentally healthy person and he was embittered at capitalism…and the government. Reading larger political motives into this action would be preliminary…about whether he actually has been involved in any political movement like the teabaggers but it should inject a bit of caution into the anti-government flame throwers on the right.”

Wacky in the head, brain dead goofy liberal lefties are so far removed from reality, they will just publish anything.

Why didn’t the MSM and the far left blogs such as Daily Kos, leave open the possibility that “Obamania” incited  political extremist Amy Bishop to arm herself with a rifle and murder her colleagues last week at the University of Alabama?

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H/T: Megyn Kelly

VA Gov-elect McDonnell Overcame WaPo Smear Campaign and Anti-Asian Bias

Asian Supporters of Gov. Elect Bob McDonnell

Bob McDonnell & ChineseSchool
Asian-Americans celebrating election of Virginia Republican Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell

Despite the Washington Post smear campaign to derail Virgina Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, voters sent the loony liberal leftists packing on election night, winning in a landslide by 18% sweeping the state’s top three offices, ending nearly a decade of Democrat control.

Drive-by media just don’t like crediting Asians—WaPo Reporter Sandhya Somashekhar who is particularly cavalier writes in her 08 November article, Republicans Still Hard Pressed For Minority Support “Despite his efforts to reach out to Black, Hispanic, Asian and other minority groups…McDonnell’s decisive victory Tuesday was largely the result of his overwhelming support of White Voters…”


A survey of 16,293 registered Asian-American voters in twelve legislative districts in Northern Virgina, where the Asian population is as high as 21% of general population, showed an average of 58.5% voted for Republican Bob McDonnell…furthermore Asian American voter turnout was highest among Chinese and Vietnamese Americans…in Election 2008 Asian-Americans voter turnout in Virginia, was at an historic high of 61% according to the Richmond Times Dispatch

More here Election 2009 Via League of New Voters