Help To Free Zhiwen Wang From China

Happy Birthday Wang Zhiwen

Dear Zhiwen:

Birthday celebrations often include gifts of food, cake and other material items. Yet in their most fundamental principle they are celebrations of the person himself. We celebrate the years a person has been on this planet and the contributions they have made to us as individuals and society.

Though the current period of time is difficult and the untold suffering Zhiwen has endured is hard to imagine, we believe when the human rights persecution of the Falun Gong ends in China, the religious dissidents will be recognized in a new light.

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Free Zhiwen, Another Moment Is Too Long

Chinese Human Rights Activist May Be Jailed For Writing Letter To Obama

Yang Zili

Yang Zili has previously served 8 years in a Chinese prison for subverting state authority an overly used broad term often times used to detain Chinese Human Rights Activists several well known human rights activists have been imprisoned by Chinese Authorities. Yao Fuxin and Xiao Yunliang, from Liaoyang, were detained after peaceful demonstrations and the organization of Independent Workers Congress. In March 2002 Yao and Xiao, were sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Gao Zhisheng remains missing in China, having been detained and tortured by authorities. Last year I wrote that PRC authorities have detained Hu Jia and in December I wrote that PRC detained Liu Xiaobo for organizing academic professionals calling for Democratic and Legal reforms.

Chinese Activist Yang Zili, faces arrest for writing a letter to President Obama Via China Digital Times

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Help Free Zhiwen Wang, Another moment is a moment too long!

Help To Free Zhiwen Wang From China

Help Free Zhiwen Wang
Another Moment is a Moment to Long Via Free My

Recently news has come to light of intense torture inflicted upon Zhiwen Wang by Chinese Authorities.

According to intelligence gathered about Wang in Chinese from guards arranged Sirenyizu “double teamed” four groups a shift to look after Wang. Prolonged deprivation of sleep, a wake up slap when he closed his eyes, Wang was forced to sit for hours on a stool motionless and his captors stepped on his fingers then forced toothpicks under his finger nails.

On 16 September, Wang turned 60 years old and for the last decade has been imprisoned by China due to his religious practice of  Fulan Gong

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