When Obama Economic Fantasyland is Introduced to Reality

Obamanomics...Obama’s Fantasyland

(USA Today) Obama embellishes his record on jobs…the net gain since he’s taken office is actually just under 9.3 million — what Obama didn’t spell out during his SOTU lecture is that more than 4 million jobs were lost during the first 13 months of his presidency and he ignored losses of state and local government jobs as well.

Likewise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over Obama’s entire time in office the U.S. has lost 230,000 mfg jobs dropping from 12,561,000 jobs in January, 2009 to 12,331,000 in December, 2015

On the 08 January, I wrote here that 94 million+ Americans are not in the labor force, labor force participation rate is just 62.6% continuing a trend unseen since the Carter Administration; Average hourly wages fell last month.

In related news according to Forbes today, Walmart has announced that its shutting 269 stores, its first mass closings affecting some 16,000 workers.

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Walmart Offering New Cosmetic Line For 8 Year Olds

Walmart is going after the “Tween” (Ages 8-12 year old) market with their new line of Geo-Girl Cosmetics such as mascara, blush and shimmer exfoliating products specifically designed for young skin.

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