Today We Honor Our American Heroes — One Nation Under God

Veterans DayGod Bless Our American Heroes -Image Courtesy: Military@Twitter

God Bless Our American Heroes!

Hooray It’s Veterans Day! California Honors American Heroes

It’s Veterans Day! God Bless Our American Heroes

Veterans DayRemember to “Thank” Our American Heroes –Image: Tx Laney@Twitter

Veterans Day 2013 God Bless Our American Heroes

Mexican-American Wars Memorial in East L.A. Vandalized, Cowardly Thieves Steal Bronze Plaque

Bronze Plaque Stolen from Mexican Americans Wars Memorial-EGP News

(Los Angeles Times) For 65 years an obelisk like monument has stood over Boyle Heights in East L.A. a tribute to Mexican-American fallen heroes in all wars for the United States–then sometime in October, thieves struck making off with one of the large bronze plaques that had been affixed to the Mexican-American Memorial in 1947–the cowardly thieves also took two smaller ones nearby.

The likely motive money: The metal may be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to an unscrupulously recycler, who could bale it with other scrap metal and ship it overseas.

New York City ‘Brooklyn War Memorial’ Closed On Veterans Day and the Rest of The Year

Brooklyn War Memorial –Image: New York City Parks

(New York Post) Its another Veterans Day and patriotic Brooklyn residents still can’t visit the boroughs only war memorial.

Veteran’s and Park advocates have been fighting to open the “Brooklyn War Memorial” a shamefully neglected building in Cadman Park Plaza–that has never been accessible to the public now 61 years after it was built.

Only an elite chosen few have been afforded the opportunity to visit the sacred wall of bronze plaques, holding the etched names of the 11,000 Fallen American Heroes from Brooklyn who didn’t come home after the Second World War.

More here from The New York Post

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Veterans Day 2012 God Bless Our American Heroes

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Happy Veterans Day 2010

Happy Veterans Day–Thank You

“I am greatly obliged to you and to all who have come forward at the call of their country.” –Abraham Lincoln

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Thank You –Right Truth

Veterans Day 2009—Remember Our Military Hero’s Who Have Served Honorably

Veterans Day 2009

Happy Veterans Day 2009—Remembering all of our American Hero’s who have worn our nation’s uniform,
serving our country honorably
Thank you very much!

Veterans Day 2009—Thank You Via Michelle Malkin

Veterans Day! 1,000 Thanks—A Debt That Can Never Be Paid Via Atlas Shrugs

Virtute et armis—by courage and by arms—Veterans Day 2009 Via Right Truth