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Hillary Tweets More Lies About Zika Funding — Obama Raided $500M for Zika Research to Finance UN Green Climate Fund

HRCLying Hillary Just Can’t Stop Lying About Zika Funding

  • Flashback: On the 18 June I wrote here that a week earlier, The Washington Free Beacon reported that Obama raided $500M from foreign aid money that could have been used for Zika research to finance the United Nations Green Climate Change Fund

In May, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) writing in The Daily Signal about Obama’s shenanigans with taxpayers money to give away for the UN Green Climate Fund said:

ZikaZika 2Zika 3

Obama at U.N. to Iran: “Chanting Death to America Does Not Create Jobs”

Obama Teleprompter...Obama Never Goes Anywhere Without his Trusted Teleprompter
Image Courtesy: FOX News

(WFB) Obama to Islamic Fascist Iran: Chanting ‘Death to America’ doesn’t create jobs or make Iran more secure…Yade, Yade, Yade — As the Supreme Leader Khamenei, Islamic Assembly and the Mullah’s actually care what Obama thinks.

On Monday Iran’s President Rouhani Tweeted “I invite the world, esp my region to form a ‘joint comprehensive plan of action’ to fight Extremism and Violence.”

This is coming from an Islamic Fascist country which continues to illegally hold Four American’s hostage, has a horrible human rights record and subjugates Women — They don’t respect Obama or care what he thinks or says. Obama lives in a world how he expects it to operate than how it really is.

United Nations Human Rights Chief Claims ISIS Accepting of Ethnic Diversity

ISIS Cultural Diversity(NY Times) UN ‘Human Rights’ Chief Claims This ISIS Jihadist
is Accepting of Ethnic Diversity –Image: Fara Sherazi@Twitter
Kurdish ChildrenKurdish Children in Fear of ISIS Facing Genocide, Rape & Slavery
Image: Robe Von Rebok@Twitter

ISIS Destroying ArtifactsThese So Called Tolerant ‘Ethnically Diverse’ ISIS Jihadists
Destroying Ancient Statues in Iraq –RT News

ISIS Destroying ArtifactsISIS Jihadists Destroying Priceless Artifacts in Iraq
Image: Archwizard@Twitter

Obama Notifies Israel of Major Break and Plans to Begin Voting With Israel’s (and Our) Enemies at the U.N.

Obama Israel

(Western Journalism) Several Israel Cabinet Ministers are reporting that Obama has notified PM Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Breitbart of a “major break” with Israel.

According to reports, the United States will begin voting with the (Islamic) enemies of Israel at the United Nations unless Obama’s wishes for Israel are heeded.

Surprise, Surprise…Why?

U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who is rumored to be in the running to replace Atty General Eric Holder, on Monday at the Supreme Court according to Washington Free Beacon compared Israel’s right to Jerusalem would be the same as Russia’s claim over the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, arguing that Jerusalem is not officially part of Israel.


What are the Facts About the History of Jerusalem That the Obama Administration Would Rather You Forget:

Backgrounder: History of Jerusalem –CAMERA

Wannabe King Obama May Go Around Congress (Again) To Impose Deal With Islamic Fascist Iran

Obama Nuclear IranWannabe King Obama Sees Deal With Iran to Avoid Congress
Legal Insurrection

(NY Times) Should an agreement be reached between the Obama Administration and Iran the Treasury Dept has concluded that Obama, has the authority to suspend the vast majority of sanctions imposed on Islamic Fascist Iran without seeking Congressional approval.

“We wouldn’t seek Congressional legislation in any comprehensive agreement for years,” said one Obama Administration official.

White House officials say that Congress should not be surprised by this plan (they’ve gone around Congress so many times already without consequence–I digress) pointing to testimony earlier this year when top negotiators argued that the best way to assure Iran complies with its obligations is a step-by-step suspension of sanctions.

“We’ve been clear that initially there would be suspension of any of the U.S. and international sanctions regime and that the lifting of sanctions will only come when the Intl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifies that Iran has met serious and substantive benchmarks,” said Bernadette Meehan, spokesperson of the Natl Security Council.

Meehan added, there “is a role for Congress in our Iran policy” but Members of Congress want a role larger than consultation and advice.

Many of the details of the negotiations with Iran remain cloaked in secrecy. Wendy Sherman, Under-Secy of State for Political Affairs had struck a deal with Congressional leaders that enables her to avoid public comment when negotiations are underway–Its time to rescind that deal.

In 2010 The Christian Science Monitor reported  that the IAEA had sounded a note of caution about any of Iran’s claims that it isn’t interested in obtaining nuclear weapons adding that he couldn’t guarantee that all of the countries atomic activities are civilian and for peaceful purposes as Iran has long insisted.

According to the IAEA in September, Reuters reports that Iran had failed to address concerns about ‘suspected atomic bomb research’ by an agreed deadline and have implemented, just 3 of the 5 nuclear transparency steps that it was obligated by the 25 August, under a so-called ‘confidence building agreement’ it had reached with the IAEA last November–which the Obama Administration is ignoring.

The IAEA has observed through satellite imagery ‘ongoing construction activity’ at Iran’s Parchin military base–Officials believe that Iran once conducted explosive tests there of relevance in developing a nuclear weapon and has sought to “cleanse” it of evidence since then.

Muslim States Claim That Israel Has No Right to Self Defense

Hamas IdeologyThis is Islamic Fascist Hamas –Image: Al-Qassam Brigades@Twitter

(Israel Today) United Nations representatives of Muslim States participating in a session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this week called into question Israel’s right to defend itself from Islamic Terrorism.

The representative from Pakistan insisted that it was “morally abhorrent” and “legally incorrect” to label Israel’s actions in Gaza this Summer as self defense.

This makes about as much sense as Obama declaring this week at the United Nations that “Islam teaches peace” on the same day that Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs behead a French hostage or Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calling Hamas a ‘humanitarian’ organization earlier this year.

By July, Hamas indiscriminately had fired over 2,500 rockets into Israel since ‘Operation Protective Edge’ had begun.

H/T: Pam Geller

Obama Claimed Today at the U.N. Islam Teaches Peace: ISIS Jihadists Behead French Hostage

ISIS Beheads Man From France(NY Times) ISIS Jihadists Behead French Hostage Herve Gourdel
Mevlut ISIS @Twitter

Today at the United Nations Barack Hussein Obama claimed “Islam teaches peace, Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice.”

Obama appears to see the world how he expects it to be rather than how it actually is–there is a word for that.

Obama at United Nations: “Islam Teaches Peace…”

Abu Izzadeen(Telegraph) Abu Izzadeen Convicted for Inciting Terrorism
Image: Leann Ranae@Twitter

Barack Hussein Obama today at the United Nations claimed “Islam teaches peace, Muslims the world over, aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice…”


ISIS ThreatIslamic Jihadist Threatens Americans –Image: Bint al Saif@Twitter

Rally to Protest Islamic Fascist Dictators at the United Nations Thursday, 25 September

No to Islamic DictatorsNo to Islamic Jihad Dictators in NYC –Image: IranFreedom

Flashback: Remember in February when Islamic Fascist Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Brig General Hossein Salami threatened to unleash ‘sleeper cells’ to launch terrorist strikes against key population centers in the United States.

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