Gallup: Unemployment 10%

Unemployment as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment hit 10% in mid-February up from 9.8% in January

Where are the 10 Million Jobs Sen. Chuckie Schumer D-NY claimed were saved by Obama’s Economic Stimulus & TARP?

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Obamamobile—$41,000 Boondoggle No One Will Buy

In April, Government Motors were running false and misleading ads, claiming to have paid the taxpayers back the Billions of Bailout Money “loaned” to them when in fact all they did was return $4.7 Billion Dollars to the Treasury by dipping into a separate pot of Bailout Money already owed to the taxpayers.

Are the taxpayers realizing a good return of their investment? Will GM actually manufacture affordable automobiles that the average American family will be interested in purchasing?

Sitting in the Obamamobile (Chevy Volt) with a $41,000 Dollar price tag less federal, state and local taxes, financing costs, insurance and maintenance–Service Stations may be unwilling to invest in the equipment necessary to repair electric vehicles, for there is no profit in it.

Are Electric Car manufacturing actually a good use of taxpayers money or just another government boondoggle?

Where will consumers go to recharge their electric vehicles? Much of the U.S. population do not live in large urban areas where recharging stations may one day exist, will the average American Consumer, actually be willing to wait 10 hours to fully recharge their electric vehicles from a standard outlet that only have a range of 40 miles?

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Citigroup Thanks Taxpayers for $300 Billion+ in Troubled Asset Guarantees & Bailout Money

Citigroup received $306 Billion in troubled asset guarantees from the Fed including an infusion of $45 Billion in capitalization.

Thanking the American Taxpayers for saving them from bankruptcy and liquidation—Citigroup has informed its customers that effective 01 April, 2010 they reserve the right to require that its customers provide seven (7) days notice in advance before being able to withdraw funds from their checking accounts.

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