Very Happy Thanksgiving!

happy-thanksgivingMay You & Your Family Enjoy a Very Happy Thanksgiving — God Bless!

Thanksgiving Wishes From President-Elect Donald J. Trump

A Loony Liberal Lefty @AWorldOutOfMind Thanksgiving Day Tweet

St Brian@AWorldOutOfMind Another Example that Loony Liberal Lefties
are Some of the Most Miserable People

As to calling yourself a ‘Saint’ well, that’s between you and God but if I may be so bold to suggest that one may want to compare this “Wannabe Saint” with the real Saint’s of the Day which I’ve been writing about daily during the past  year…

Saint Brian...Saint Brian@Twiiter: You’re No Saint

An Inspiration Of Time With God For Today

True ThanksgivingTrue Thanksgiving -Image: Sister Veronica Paul

I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus, for in every way you have been enriched in Him, in speech and knowledge of every kind–just as the testimony of Christ has been strengthened among you so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He will also strengthen you to the end, so that you may be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful, by Him you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. –1 Corinthians 1:4-9

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Very Happy Thanksgiving — God Bless!

Very Happy ThanksgivingFrom Our Homes to Yours: Saint Teresa Benedicta and Saint John Bosco Wish You a Very Blessed Thanksgiving -Image: Sister Carmen

Very Happy Thanksgiving — God Bless!

Hello Kitty Happy ThanksgivingVery Happy Thanksgiving From My Family to Yours

Despicable: What Ferguson, Missouri Thugs Have to Be Grateful For Just Ahead of Thanksgiving

Ferguson MOThese are Nothing More Than Ferguson, Missouri Hoodlums –Image: BBC

Ferguson MissouriMore Ferguson Thugs–What Useful Purpose Does This Serve?
Action News JAX@Twitter

Ferguson MO ThugsDespicable How These Ferguson, MO Thugs Behave
Elaine Shircliff@Twitter

Ferguson WalgreensFerguson Walgreens Pharmacy Looted and Set on Fire — Note Christmas
Toy Drive Donation Box in Store –Image:  Breaking911@Twitter

Fire FergusonFire Engulfs ‘Little Ceasars’ Pizza in Ferguson –Image: Anon Message@Twitter

Ferguson LootersFerguson Looters Stealing Items from Antique Store
Shannon Halligan@Twitter

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Prayer--Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post

(Catholic Online) Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks.

Thank you for all the graces and blessings You have bestowed upon us spiritual and temporal, our faith and our Christian heritage, our food and shelter, our health the love we have for one another our family and friends and the love we have for those absent but thought of daily.

Dear Father, in your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessings throughout the coming year.

This we ask humbly and in reverence, in the name of Jesus, Your Son and our Brother. Amen.

USDA ‘Cultural Sensitivity Training’ Instructed Employees to Call Pilgrims Illegal Aliens

Thanksgiving BlessingThanksgiving for the Goodness of America –Image: Catholic Online

(Daily Caller) Footage of the United States Dept of Agriculture (USDA) compulsory “Cultural Sensitivity Training” program reveals USDA employees being instructed to refer to the Pilgrims as “illegal aliens” at huge taxpayers expense.

Unseen video clips were made public on Thursday by Judicial Watch requiring USDA employees to bang on tables and chant in unison to learn the proper politically correct thinking about diversity and minorities or as overpaid diversity instructor Samuel Betances called them “emerging majorities.”

Between requiring USDA employees to repeat that “every federal agency has discriminated against African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Indians and other groups,” Betances encouraged the employees to take note because the presentation is “a huge expense.” 

In 2011 and 2012 the USDA paid Betances and his company nearly $200,000 for their part in the “cultural transformation” program.

As reported by FOX News in October, Judicial Watch first broke the news of the USDA compulsory sensitivity training program based upon information it obtained in response to a FOIA request–that request was prompted by a tip provided to the organization by a USDA whistleblower.


Happiest of Thanksgiving Blessings

“Perhaps no custom reveals our character as a nation so clearly as our celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Rooted deeply in our Judeo-Christian heritage, the practice of offering thanksgiving underscores our unshakable belief in God as the foundation of our Nation and our firm reliance upon Him from Whom all blessings flow.”
President Ronald Reagan

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Give Thanks –Right Truth

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