Remembering 9/11 – God Bless The USA!

(Audio) CNN Wolf Blitzer Wonders Whether Barcelona ISIS Attack Was a “Copycat” of Charlottesville?

Over the past 3 Years there have been at least 14 Jihadist Attacks Using Vehicles – the most deadliest attack was in France, Nice on 14 July, 2016 which killed 84 on Bastille Day

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(Watch) California Imam Calls For All Muslims To “Fight the Jews”

(Video) Pray For the Safe Release of Catholic Priests Kidnapped in Congo

Liberals & MSM Silent – Women’s March Celebrates a Marxist Cop Killer & Joins BLM Calling For “Dead Cops”

(Watch) FOX News Jesse Watters Interviews Antifa Member

ISIS Jihadists Burn 12 People to Death in Cages Dousing Them in Oil as They Attempt to Flee Iraq

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Obama’s Bestie Iran Threatens Israel Again — Test Fires Missile Into Star of David

Trump’s Travel Ban Takes Effect Tonight

Islamic Terrorists Desecrate Eucharist, Destroy Catholic Chapel in the Philippines

Islamic Jihadists Targeting Christians in the Philippines, Entered a Church Destroying a Crucifix, Statutes of Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary with Hammers and Desecrated a Eucharist -Image: Rescue

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