California Legislature Passes Extension of Gov Jerry Brown’s Cap-N-Tax Law

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California Politicians Routinely Divert Funds From Where They’re Promised

So You Think You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent -Image: Marla L. Wilson

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(Video) All About Federal Pork: Who Is More Responsible At Spending Your Money?

CATO Institute Opposes Republican’s ObamaCare Lite

Republican Individual Mandate: Anyone Going Without Govt Mandated Health Insurance for Two Months Would be Assessed a 30% (TAX) Surcharge Penalty


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(Watch) How Direct Primary Care Works Better Between Physicians and Patients, Cutting Out Govt Bureaucrats and Ins Co’s Lowers Costs, Increases Quality of Care

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(Video) ObamaCare: Democrats Still Must Think We’re Too Stupid to Know What’s Good For Us

Obama’s Legacy: Record Budget Deficit & Taxes

us-debt-clockU.S. Debt Clock Today



Obama Had the Audacity to Call President George W. Bush “Unpatriotic” for Adding $4 Trillion to Budget Deficit During his Watch — During Obama’s Watch the Federal Deficit Nearly Doubled from $11 Trillion to Just Under $20 Trillion

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California One of the Heaviest Taxed States in the Country – Lawmakers Push to Confiscate More Money from Job Creators

CA LawmakersCalifornia Already Heavily TaxedLiberals Push to Confiscate
Even More Money from Job Creators

Flashback: On the 05 April, I wrote here that California Human and Business Capital Exodus Widens — California has one of the Worst Business Tax Climates (only NY and NJ are worse) in the Nation.

Wendy’s Turns to Self-Serve Kiosks – No More ObamaCare, No More $10 to $15 Minimum Wage

Wendy's(IBD) Welcome To Wendy’s… Self-Serving Kiosks Will be Added at 6000+ Locations This Year Joining a Growing Trend of Companies Across the Country

Flashback: On the 28 October, 2014 I wrote here that Lowe’s/Orchard Supply in San Jose added ‘Robotic Shopping Assistants’ for ones convenience, just as one will now commonly find self-service kiosks at airports, the U.S. Postal Service and Hertz locations, just to name a few throughout the country and no one gives them a second thought.

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Chicago Protesters Make Mockery of Religious Vocations – Violate Tenth Commandment

CovetEvangelical Lutheran Church in America @Rev Emily Heitzman Promotes Coveting

SeminariansReligious Vocation??? — The Peoples Lobby@Twitter Pro-Socialist Bernie Sanders Group Organizes Chicago Demonstrations -Image: Peoples Lobby USA

CatholicSeminarians@Facebook — What Does the Holy Scriptures Teach About Covetous?

More here from the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops

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Protesters Storm Into Chicago Hedge Fund Headquarters Demand Rich (Job Creators) Pay Their Fair Share – What Is Fair?

Chicago Protesters(Fox Business) Protesters Storm Into Chicago Hedge Fund Headquarters Blocking Doorways & DemandingĀ  the Rich (Job Creators) Pay More in Taxes
Image Courtesy: Tyler LaRiviere

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