Fact Check AP News Disinformation! – Supreme Ct Nominee Gorsuch: “We Have To Accept Criticism With Some Humility.”

(Watch) “I Love You So Much” SCOTUS Nominee Judge Gorsuch Pauses Opening Remarks to Give Wife a Hug

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Judge Gorsuch Was Confirmed Unanimously to the 10th U.S. Circuit Ct of Appeals in 2006

The Five Men to Thank This Week

Hobby Lobby DecisionHobby Lobby, 1st Amendment -v- ObamaCare -Image: The Economist

(CNA)  On Monday, in a 5-4 vote the Supreme Court said that closely held corporations can not be required to provide contraception coverage to their employees which they determine to be objectionable based on the religious beliefs–definitely is a victory for Christian principles and that all five of these votes came entirely by Men speaks volumes about the (so called) ‘War on Women’ which our country is currently embroiled.

Yesterday’s decision reminds us that Women’s health–and by this I mean more than merely contraceptive coverage–is not just a Woman’s issue. Yesterday’s decision affects both Women and Men because procreation necessarily involves Women and Men and because conscience protection is not gender specific nor is it a partisan issue.

The Truth Is: We gave up mutual responsibility for procreation long ago when we praised the birth-control pill for giving Women a ‘new found freedom’ and power over their fertility, when we wildly accepted, nay, promoted sex outside of marriage, when we made abortion about ‘a Women’s right to choose’ we surrendered something quite difficult to get back–shared responsibility for what our bodies are made to do when we have sex namely, to create life.

Even though it takes two to make a baby, we have given Men the ability to opt out of parental responsibility if they choose. The forms of contraception covered by ObamaCare, all depend necessarily on the Woman’s faithful use of these devices not the Man’s. Male condoms are not covered by ObamaCare also not covered are methods that both beget appreciation for the wonder that is the female reproductive system and require mutual responsibility like natural family planning or other fertility awareness methods…

Full article here by Jennifer Manning, Catholic Womanhood

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Supreme Ct Justice Sotomayor, Deals Another Setback to ObamaCare’s Contraception Mandate

Contraception MandateObamaCare’s Contraception Mandate –Image: KIII-TV Corpus Christi

(Businessweek) The Obama Administration has been temporarily blocked by Associate Supreme Ct Justice Sonia Sotomayor in a two sentence Order, from forcing the Denver and Baltimore Chapters of the Little Sisters of the Poor to comply with ObamaCare’s Contraception Mandate, which was facing Millions of Dollars in fines for their refusal to comply with the controversial federal mandate in violation of their Constitutional Rights.

On the 29 September, I wrote here that the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ an international congregation of Catholic Women, was founded in 1839 by Saint Jeanne Jugan and is presently serving the poor in over 30 countries around the world but this may all come to an end in the United States if the Obama Administration which has demonstrated its hostility towards Christians gets their way.

Justice Sotomayor was nominated to the Supreme Ct by President Obama in 2009 to replace retiring Justice David Souter, Sotomayor gave the Obama Adminitration until Friday, 03 January to file a responsive pleading in the case.

The decision by Justice Sotomayor was not the only action taken by Federal Courts on the last day of 2013, there were also Orders issued by three separate Circuit Courts on Tuesday ahead of ObamaCare taking effect today.

More here from Religion Clause

$222,000 Civil Judgment For Downloading Music

Music Downloading

(AP ) A Minnesota mother of 4 children is at the center of a long running court fight over the unauthorized downloading of copyrighted music, says that there is no way that she’ll be able to pay the $222,000 civil judgment that she owes after the U.S. Supreme Ct under the caption of Thomas-Rasset, Jamie -v- Capitol Records, Inc. et al  Case No 12-715 declined to hear her appeal today.

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Supreme Court Revives Challenge to ObamaCare

With Over 100 Plaintiff’s ObamaCare Challengers are Hopeful –CNA

(FOX News) The U.S. Supreme Court has revived a Christian college challenge to ObamaCare today Ordering the 4th U.S. Circuit Ct of Appeals in Richmond, VA reconsider a claim by Liberty University that ObamaCare violates federal law and the Constitution, by mandating that religious organizations give up their constitutionally protected religious freedoms.

Obama Comdemns U.S. Supreme Court Decision as Major Victory for Special Interests. Did it just slip his mind about all of the Move-On.org money to Obama’s 2008 Campaign?

Never being able to make an address without his teleprompter, speaking yesterday to the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s at the White House—President Obama condemned Thursday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down much of McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, which placed restrictions on corporations from spending money on political issues.

Democrat-Socialists want people to forget how much money George Soros and his group Move-On.org spent during the 2008 Presidential Campaign attempting to influence the election outcome.

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Senator Mitch McConnel Requests Reasonable Delay In Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings

Judge Sotomayor

Via Roll Call

Senator Mich McConnel, R-KY today said on FOX News Sunday, that 300 new boxes of  additional documents have been found about Obama’s Superme Court Nominee Judge Sotomayor and her time with the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund and that a reasonable delay in her confirmation hearings is needed, in order so that the Senate Judiciary Committee has time to review the newly discovered materials.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, has scheduled hearings on Sotomayor’s nomination to begin on the 13 July Why not give the Committee Members and their Staffers, a reasonable delay, whats the hurry?

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