Baldwin McCullough Christian Talk or Tabloid Journalism?

On their Facebook page, Baldwin McCullough advertises their Saturday, 20 March program writing, “2. Plus: What kind of moron leaves Americas sweetheart (Sandra Bullock) for a tatted up such and such? In all honesty, you’ve seen it happen again and again. Prince Charles gives up Lady Di for Ms. Bowles (described as a “hussy” during their program) Hugh Grant left Liz Hurley for Divine Brown, Tiger for Elin, Eric Benet and Haley Berry.”

Aired by American Family Radio (AFR) a net work of more than 180 radio stations broadcasting Christian orientated programming to over 40 states and Canada. AFR was launched by Pastor Donald Wildmon in 1991 as a ministry of the American Family Association AFR Christian Talk Radio Network features a variety of programs one of which is Baldwin McCullough between 9:00 to 11:00 pm Saturday’s.

During the Baldwin McCullough broadcast, I sent a comment to American Family Radio writing, “What exactly is AFR about? You folks have on a program called Baldwin McCullough which degrades Women that are “unattractive” in their subjective opinion…”

In response to my comments, I heard from Jim Stanley, Director of AFR Talk Radio on Sunday, 21 March at 10:44 a.m. who writes, “…I haven’t had the chance to review the program but I will listen to it the first part of next week…I find the comment from you, AFR really has no shame, other people don’t matter. Camilla Parker Bowles may be a really nice person but according to Baldwin McCullough since “she is not sexually appealing to them” (very subjective) its OK to throw her (along with other Women) under the bus, to be ludicrous…”

Huh? My comment is “Ludicrous” for a program that Mr. Stanley by his own admissions has not even heard, whats up with that?

My bible teaches, “For by thy words thou shalt be justified and by your words you shall be condemned.” –Matthew 12:37

Steven Baldwin the brother of Alec Baldwin definitely has a recent reputation of peculiar actions:

Sporting tattoo’s of 16 year old Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana the 43 year old Baldwin, seems to have a fetish for tattoo’s of young female celebrities.

In January the Guardian reported that Baldwin said during an interview,”Jesus or no Jesus, if my daughter started working in a Strip Club, I’d beat her ass.”

Insanity—who in their right mind thinks and says such a thing? Nobody other than a controlling person and abuser of Women.

According to Skepacabra, Just when one thought that Stephen Baldwin couldn’t get any crazier than when he said that God was responsible for the 1996 film Bio-Dome for the purpose of giving him an audience to minister the gospel, Baldwin reportedly said on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother, that he would rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus.

Family Friendly AFR? Definitely not without adult supervision.