California #1 in Nation of Homelessness – Gov Jerry Brown & Legislators to Receive Another Pay Raise

(Video) Homelessness On Rise in California – This Is What Happens When Democrats are in Charge and Gov Jerry Brown is More Concerned About Climate Change

Maxine Waters Struggles To Explain What Democrats Actually Stand For

California Gov Jerry Brown, Have You Even Mentioned Human Rights in China?

California Politicians Routinely Divert Funds From Where They’re Promised

So You Think You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent -Image: Marla L. Wilson

VIA: CA Political Review

Mexican Flag Waving Liberals Demand Trump Supporters Leave a Latino Only Council Meeting in Cudahy, California

(Watch) Berkeley Professor Says That Everyone Supporting Donald Trump May Be a Nazi

California Is $457 Billion+ In Debt — Illegal Aliens Cost California Taxpayers $30.3 Billion Annually

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USA TODAY Holly Epstein Ojalvo Questions Free Speech at Public Universities – When Was the First Amendment Repealed?

Democrat Jon Ossoff Falls Short of Winning Georgia Special Election Despite Raising $8.2M Mainly From California Liberals