Students Love Socialism But Can They Define What It Is?

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(Watch) Liz Wheeler: Another Example of Political Violence From the Left

Warren Buffett Endorses Single-Payer Health Care – Flashback: Ronald Reagan Speaks About the Dangers of Socialized Medicine

“Back in 1927 an American Socialist Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president of the Socialist Party ticket said the American people would never vote for Socialism but he said, under the name of Liberalism, the American people will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program…”

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Wannabe Virginia Assassin James T. Hodgkinson Was a Bernie Sanders Supporter & Fascist From a Review of His Facebook Posts

(Video) Loony Liberals Demonstrate for Socialism on May Day – How’s That Socialism Working Out in Venezuela?

Loony Liberal Socialists “May Day” Demonstrations
Why Not Move to Venezuela?

San Francisco Liberal Anarchist Fools


How’s That Socialism Working Out in Venezuela?


Socialist Left Riot in Paris Following Election

GOP Leadership Finally Concedes, Delays ObamaCare Lite Vote – Flashback: Ronald Reagan on the Evils of Socialized Medicine

(ZeroHedge) ObamaCare Lite Fails to Correct ACA Disaster – Repeal & Replace

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Fidel Castro Dead at 90 — Good Riddance

fidel-castro-tweet(AP) Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Announces Death of his Brother Fidel Casto

  • More Images of the Real Cuba from Alicia Dede
    the MSM Never Publishes

If You Think VA Health Care Works You’re Going to Love HillaryCare 2.0

“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – The Disguised Socialism of Saul Alinsky

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.” -Norman Thomas

“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” — A look back on the life, ideal and works of 1960s Community Organizer & Activist Saul Alinsky, through the lens of a Catholic perspective — Order Your Copy here on DVD from EWTN Religious Catalog