(Video) Ted Cruz Gets Booed Off Stage at RNC


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Ted Cruz...Lori Hendry is Correct
Ted Cruz Reneged on his Pledge – Not a Man of His Word

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Throw The Bums Out — Are Donald Trump’s Wins an Extension of Voter Discontent?

NY Post Metro(NY Post) Donald Trump is the GOP Nominee
It’s Time for Cruz & Kasich to Drop Out

Trump’s win in Indiana today confirms the trends of the last two weeks: A majority of GOP voters have decided, Trump is their nominee and that these Republicans have ‘zero tolerance’ for games at the July GOP convention in Cleveland–they want the party to unite against Hillary Clinton – now.

It’s time for Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich to get the message and suspend their now hopeless and pointless — campaigns, otherwise all their doing is helping Hillary.

There is no misreading this electorate: In three straight weeks of voting now, Trump has solidly outperformed his pre-election polls…

Rest here from the New York Post – Mark Cunningham

(Video) Lying Ted Cruz on More Than One Occasion Claimed Not to Know Former House Speaker John Boehner but Was his Lawyer

In January Sen Ted Cruz claimed: “I don’t really know Speaker Boehner” (R-OH) on Bloomberg Television — This week, Ted Cruz said of  the former House Speaker Boehner “I don’t know the man” on Fox News with Megyn Kelly but was in-fact his former lawyer.

According to Business Insider in 1998 before Boehner became Speaker of the House of Representatives and Cruz was elected to the Senate, Boehner had commenced litigation against Rep Jim McDermott (D-WA) for allegedly breaking wiretapping laws.

The lawsuit stemmed from a Florida couple recording a call between Boehner and then House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) they had heard over a police scanner. The couple sent the audio recording to McDermott, who later allegedly released it to the NY Times and other publications. The call centered around alleged ethical violations Gingrich faced at the time and McDermott was the top Democrat on the House Ethics Committee.

Furious, Boehner called this an invasion of privacy and hired Ted Cruz, who had recently before served as a Law Clerk for then Justice William Rehnquist — Cruz made an early appearance before the news media defending his client John Boehner after he had sent out a fundraising appeal to help defray his legal expenses.

“The fundraising letter is much ado about nothing,” Cruz told the Seattle Times – “Congressman McDermott consistently attempted to delay the litigation and drive up expense. It is reasonably expected that Congressman Boehner will use the means at his disposal to raise funds to pursue the lawsuit.”

Later when Jay Leno asked Boehner what he thought of Cruz, he referred to him as a “good guy” adding, “I don’t always agree with him but he’s a good guy.”

More here from The Washington Post

(Video) Dems Would Like Americans to Believe African-American Women Don’t Support Donald Trump – Decide For Yourself

Diamond and Silk Celebrate Donald Trump’s 5 State Win on Tuesday
They Have a Message for Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Supporters

H/T: Southern California Students 4 Trump

Bad News for Cruz-Kascih Bromance, Republicans Coalescing Around Donald Trump

National Republican Senatorial Committee Fundraising for The Donald
Cruz Kasich Bromance
“Cruz-Kasich BROMANCE is On – If This is Truly What a Representative Republic is
Then We Need a Change Fast #Trump” Leah@Twitter

NY GOP Primary 19 April, 95 Delegates — Donald Trump Leads Ted Cruz by 31 Pts in Latest Real Clear Politics Average

Latest NY GOP Primary(Real Clear Politics) Trump Leads Ted Cruz by 31 Pts in New York — Cruz Must Win 87% of the Remaining Republican Delegates to Clinch Nomination
Ohio Gov John Kasich is Mathematically Eliminated, Needing 132% of the Remaining Delegates

MSNBC: Map & Delegate Math are About to Get Tougher for Cruz & Sanders

GOP Delegate Math(MSNBC) Donald Trump must win 58% of the remaining delegates to win the Republican Primary — Ted Cruz must win 87% of the remaining delegates and Ohio Gov John Kasich is mathematically eliminated as he must win 132% of the remaining delegates and 7 more states to win the GOP Primary

DNC PrimaryHillary Clinton must Win 33% of the remaining delegates — Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders
must win 67% of the remaining delegates to clinch the DNC Primary

Real Clear Politics GOP Nationwide Polls: Trump Opens Up Double Digit Lead — Leads in California, Arizona, New York & Pennsylvania

Latest Reuters Republican Primary Poll: Trump Opens Up Double Digit Lead Now 49.7%

New Ruters Poll(Reuters) Trump Opens Up Wide Lead Over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz & Ohio Gov John Kasich

Poll Averages Show Trump Has Wide Lead in Arizona & California

Trump Poll ArizonaPoll Averages Show Donald Trump With Huge Lead in Arizona
Ahead of Tuesday’s Primary –Fox Business

(Cal Watchdog) With California’s delegate rich primary election looming–Donald Trump has established a commanding lead in the Golden State’s polls.

Pollster James Lacy revealed that respondents now hand Donald Trump 38.3% of the vote in California’s 07 June, Primary — Texas Sen Ted Cruz falls behind double-digits to 22.4% and Ohio Gov. John Kasich comes in at 19.7% 

The latest poll demonstrates Donald Trump’s standing among California Republicans growing. On the 13 September, I wrote here that Donald Trump lead stood at 24% followed by Pediatric-Neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 18%; Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz each at 6% and Marco Rubio 5%

In February, Donald Trump won 44% of the Latino vote in Nevada,
Cuban-Americans Marco Rubio received just 29% and Ted Cruz 18%