If Hillary Clinton Is Such a Strong Candidate Why Is Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid So Worried About Trump?

Harry ReidIf Hillary Clinton is Such a Strong Candidate Why is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)
So Worried About Donald Trump?

American Murdered in Israel by Islamic Jihadist — Dems Accuse Republicans of ‘Shameful Hate’ About Radical Islam

Islamic TerrorismAt Least 5 Dead Including American Ezra Schwartz –Daily Mail

(JPost) American Yeshiva student Ezra Schwartz was among three people murdered in the Gush Etzion area of the West Bank Jerusalem when a Palestinian Terrorist opened fire into a traffic jam.

These murders came on the heels of another deadly stabbing rampage in Tel Aviv in which another Palestinian Jihadist killed two people and wounded another. Fortunately a few brave civilians were able to subdue the terrorist before he could kill again or escape.

  • President Obama@Twitter is dead silent about the death of American Ezra Schwartz from Boston but instead Tweets about Climate Change and the Obama Administration Retweets:

Obama -- Harry ReidDemocrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid@Twitter accuses Republicans of “Shameful hate” when it comes to radical Islam.

H/T: Legal Insurrection

Ousted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to Republicans: Voters Want Us to Work Together

Harry ReidHarry Reid Suddenly Now Wants to Work with Republicans
Image: HuffPo

(Mediaite) Ousted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) issued a statement to Republican Sen Mitch McConnell after Tuesday’s Republican landslide election which has so far sent 7 Senate Democrats packing:

“The message from voters is clear, they want us to work together…”

What? Huh?

Like how Harry Reid refused to work with Republicans by killing GOP House bills from being voted on and in 2011 triggering the ‘nuclear option’ to change the Senate rules unilaterally to prevent Republicans from forcing votes on uncomfortable amendments after the Senate had moved a bill for final passage.

What comes goes around Harry.

Republican Wave Election: U.S. Senate Gains +7 So Far…

Sen Harry ReidRepublicans Retired Sen Harry Reid (D-NV) as Majority Leader

BHO, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democrats Here: Problem Solved

Delay at Seattle Veterans Administration Killed Another American Hero

Govt Death PanelsWhat We Can Expect ObamaCare To Do to the Rest of Us
Image: Linda Suhler, PhD@Twitter

(The Spokesman Review/AP) Donald Douglass aged 57 had a small spot in his forehead when he went to the Seattle VA in 2011 a biopsy confirmed it was cancerous but it was four months before the VA Hospital scheduled an appointment for him to have it removed and by then, it had spread, wrapping around a facial nerve and getting into his blood.

The delay proved fatal, a said his Atty Jennifer Holman of Tacoma. “Had he had his surgery timely, he’d be alive today.

” While the VA said it would schedule an appointment for Douglass to have the necessary surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center, it dragged its feet,” Holman said.

Douglass repeatedly checked in about whether the appointment had been scheduled and there are notes in his patient records indicating that he was still waiting for surgery. The surgery was finally performed in September 2011 but by then the cancer had spread. Douglass suffered facial pain and paralysis and died a little more than a year later.

ObamaCare = VA CareObamaCare = VA Care –Cartoon Image: Lana Wong@Facebook

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VA Scandal: This is What Death Panels Look Like –Front Page Mag

With an Historically Low Approval Rating of 5% Senate Democrats Waste Taxpayers Money Urging Washington Redskins to Change Their Name

Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins Should Consider Dropping “Washington” From Their Name Because Its Offensive???

(5News Online/CBS) With an historically low public approval rating of a mere 5% according to a new CBS News poll released on Wednesday, 50 Senate Democrats have signed a letter to the NFL according to The New York Times urging its leadership to pressure a private company to change its name because they claim its offensive.

Could it be that Senate Democrats are actually the ones who are really offensive to many Americans and vulnerable incumbent Democrats are just trying to divert attention away from themselves in an election year in which their thin majority is in jeopardy?

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Could It Be Senator Harry Reid, That You Are Actually One of the Real Domestic Terrorists?

Domestic Terrorists

(Washington Times) On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called supporters of Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” turning up the rhetorical heat on what has been a tense standoff last weekend.

So let me see if I have this straight. The Feds spent wasted $3.Million+ of the taxpayers money according to Human Events sending in armed federal officers involving both air and ground assets to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, which allegedly owes some $1.1 Million in grazing fees and were met by local citizens (many of which were Sen Harry Reid’s constituents, I digress) protesting the Fed’s overwhelming use of force and Sen Reid calls them domestic terrorists.

Flashback: Remember when Obama’s DHS Chief ‘Big Sista’ Janet Napolitano claimed that our returning American Heroes, white-middle class Americans, anti-Abortion activists and those in favor of Constitutional limited federal government were the ‘new’ domestic terrorists.

Could it be that Sen Harry Reid and out-of-control big money spenders in Washington that have run up a crippling $17.582 Trillion federal debt and will waste $3 Million+ of the taxpayers money for an operation on a remote Nevada ranch in the middle of ‘Nowheresville’ that many of us never heard off before the last couple of weeks, are the real domestic terrorists, threatening our economic security, freedom and liberty for what?

Gas Prices Spike to Highest Level in Southern California Since Last Summer, Where’s the Outrage from Democrats?

Gas Prices Rise

(CBS Los Angeles) The average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gas has spiked to their highest levels since last Summer. On Thursday, according to Santa Clarita Valley Signal regular unleaded gas prices average $4.07 to $4.29 a gallon.

Flashback: Remember when then candidate for president Senator Barack Obama said that rising gasoline prices were a crisis and the result of George W Bush’s failed energy policies, or when Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)  blasted George Bush for high gas prices and when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) echoing Pelosi’s comments said that gasoline prices were “the number one issue facing America today.”

Where is the outrage from Democrats today during Obama’s Watch???

Crickets Chirping…

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid Denies Saying ObamaCare Horror Stories Are “Lies”

Harry Reid ObamaCare(CNS) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Now “Denies” Saying that ObamaCare Horror Stories are Lies –Image: Gordon@Twitter

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