Hillary Clinton’s Memoir “Hard Choices” Sales Keep Plummeting

HiIlary Rodham Clinton(Washington Free Beacon) Hillary Clinton’s recent memoir Hard Choices sold only 26,000 copies during its 3rd week on the market, down 46% from the previous week.

Hillary Book First Week SalesDuring its first week a mere 60,000 hard copies were sold (together with some 25,000 ebooks) the publisher had hoped to move 150,000 copies–less than a third of Sarah Palin’s first week book sales.

Did Virginia Democrat Mike ‘Dickinson For Congress’ Suggest Killing Michelle Malkin, Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Sarah Palin?

Dickinson TweetVirginia Democrat Mike Dickinson For Congress Tweet Suggests
Killing Conservative Women

(Examiner.com) Virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson, running against House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, posted a pair of outrageous, suggestive Tweets about killing Michelle Malkin, FOX News Elisabeth Hasselbeck and former GOP Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin on Thursday.

Two minutes before Tweeting suggesting to kill @michellemalkin @ehasselbeck & Sarah Palin, Dickinson Tweeted  alleging “the @TeaPartyExpress are terrorist trash.”

Dickinson Tweet Tea PartyIt appears pretty clear that misogynist Mike Dickinson is just a simple minded, fatuous poof with serious psych issues and in desperate need for intensive therapy, instead of wasting his time on a campaign that he can’t possibly win and making a bigger fool of himself than he already is.

I am sadden for his family.

Jewish Americans Defend Sarah Palin Use Of Term “Blood Libel”

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, defended Sarah Palin’s use of the term “Blood Libel” in the latest brouhaha that has the Dinosaur Media and Loony Liberal Lefties worked up into a frenzy.

More here from Breitbart–Big Government

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Sarah Palin Was Correct About ObamaCare Death Panels

Remember last year when Democrat-Socialists, (Liberal Progressive Kool Aide drinkers that now want to repackage themselves as Center Right) decried former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for writing that ObamaCare Death Panel Charge was 2009 Biggest Lie what has happened since?

ObamaCare bureaucrats have not not ruled out turning away sick people created by the new health care law to provide coverage for the uninsured.

Critics of the $5 Billion Dollar high risk pool insists it will run out of money before 01 January, 2014–that is the date when health plans can no longer deny insurance to persons with pre-existing conditions.

Obama Administration officials insist that they can make changes to the program to ensure it last until 2014 and risks turning away sick people by changing programs, reducing benefits to redistributing funds between state pools.

Sarah Palin was truly far ahead of the goofy loony liberal lefties concerning death panels ObamaCare rationing for all.

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ObamaCare 3 months of Broken Promises by John Boehner, R-OH Via Human Events

Rep. John Dingell, D-MI ObamaCare will eventually control people Via Breitbart

CNN Larry King Says That Sarah Palin Should Pose Nude

Corrupt News Network talk show host “potty mouth” Larry King, during an interview with (certainly not very funny) Comedian Sarah Silverman, who made a comment that Sarah Palin should pose nude for Playboy, Larry King responded by saying, “I think she should go for it.”

Whats up with Larry King’s continuing inappropriate behavior? Last April, I wrote here that CNN Larry King during an interview with Bristol Palin’s ex-fiance Levi Johnston, “Where…was there sex in the (Palin) house?”

CNN should fire Larry King for his indecent comments about Sarah Palin and her family but they acquiesce this continuing inappropriate conduct by allowing their degenerate night time host to remain on the air to make offensive,  filthy and lewd remarks yet another day.

More here from Politico

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Boston Tea Party, Thousands Rally To Take Our Country Back

The Tea Party Express rolled into Boston today, former GOP V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin was the key note speaker, addressing the thousands which showed up to protest being Taxed Enough Already, Repeal of ObamaCare and voicing their support that “its time we take our country back.”

Sarah Palin rallied the crowds gathered at the Boston Tea Party delivering an important message that government should be working for the people, we should not be working for the government.

One Goofy Loony Liberal Lefty showed up carrying his sign “Dump Palin Into Boston Harbor” sign, feeling unwelcome he left.

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Sarah Palin was Correct about ObamaCare Death Panels

Former GOP V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin was correct when she wrote on her Facebook page that ObamaCare would lead to Health Care Rationing and Death Panels.

Who can forget last years HHS Preventative Services Task Force recommendations against routine Mammograms.

You can now thank “Hoax & Chains” and his loyal Democrat-Socialists in Congress for ObamaCare and they’re Death Panels deciding if Americans are entitled to medical care and worth saving.

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H/T: Net Right Nation

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Takes Cheap Shot At Sarah Palin

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, takes a swipe at Sarah Palin, who wrote a few words on her hand as a notepad, before addressing the Tea Party Conference last week in Nashville, TN

Gibbs crossed out bread and instead lists the words “Hope and Change” in his criticism of former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.

While Sarah Palin uses her hand to jot down a few words as a reminder while giving a public address, at least she does not need the use of a teleprompter for every public address she gives, unlike Barack Obama.

On the 19 January, President Obama, spoke to children at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, VA and of course uses his teleprompter.


More here Via FOX News

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Sarah Palin: “I’m so proud to be an American”

Former Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin, addresses the Tea Part Convention in Nashville, TN

Tea Party souvenir shirt sold at the Tea Party Convention, Nashville, TN

“I’m so proud to be an American,” said former Republican VP candidate who was the key note speaker at the Tea Party Convention.

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Sarah Palin—Dem’s Fear the Most