NRA President Proposes Cop’s In Schools, Where in the Constitution Does It Allow This?

NRA President--The BlacksphereNRA President LaPierre Proposes Cop’s in Schools -The Blacksphere

(Tea Party/Breitbart) After a week of silence, NRA President Wayne LaPierre, made his first public statement since the Sandy Hook Massacre, proposing having a federally funded police officer in every public school.

Where exactly in the Constitution does it allow for the federal authority to fund local and state police and pay for Cop’s in schools?

While we’re asking, where in the Constitution does it provide for federally funded public indoctrination centers?

Post-Newtown School Murders: Death Threats Being Made Against NRA Officers & Members

Twitter Lynch MobTwitter Lynch Mob –Asian Conservatives

(Twitchy) There is a certain irony in the fact that many liberals, purporting to be devastated by the Sandy Hook School murders of 26 innocent victims, 20 which were children, are responding by calling for the murders of NRA members–well to be fair, some are just calling for the murders of NRA Officers.

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Letter From Sandy Hook Elem School Six Year Old Jack Pinto’s Best Friend

Letter 6 Yr Old Jack Pinto's Best Friend Wrote To HimLetter 6 Yr Old Jack Pinto’s Best Friend Wrote to Him –Yamiche/Twitter

(Newsday) Family and friends of Sandy Hook Elementary School victim 6 yr old Jack Pinto was laid to rest on Monday, buried wearing his favorite NY Giant’s No. 80 Jersey–On Saturday NY Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz paid tribute to his young fan Pinto writing, “Jack Pinto–My Hero” on one of his cleats & “Jack Pinto: This One’s is 4 U” on one of his gloves.

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Solace in the Rose Colored Candle-Prayer for 26 Innocents-Catholic Mom

Remembering Madeleine Hsu, Sandy Hook Elem School Victim -8 Asians

Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn Chaplains Providing Crisis Counseling

Catholic Priests Respond Quickly to Newtown School Shooting –CNA

Obama Eliminated School Security Funds to Instead Save Big Bird & Develop Robotic Squirrel

Newtown, Ct Elementary School Shooting Massacre --Captain CartoonNewtown, CT Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre –Captain Cartoon

(Washington Guardian) Before the Newtown, CT school shooting tragedy which left 20 children dead the Obama Administration eliminated school security preparedness programs over the last few years that had provided more than $200 Million to schools for training, security equipment and police resources and instead chose to waste $1,067,532 to save Big Bird and wasted another $18 Billion on such  projects as:

  • $350,000 to study on how golfers may use their “imagination” envisioning the hole their attempting to putt in is actually bigger than it is;
  • $27 Million grant from the U.S. Agency for Intl Development for Moroccan Pottery Classes;
  • $300,00 to promote Caviar production and consumption;
  • $505,00 to promote shampoo for dogs and cats; 
  • $516,000 for a video game allowing taxpayers to relive Prom night; 
  • $325,000 on the development of a robotic squirrel named Robo Squirrel, among other things.

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Far Left Groups Defeated CT Mental Health Protection Laws Mo’s Before

Prayers for Victims at Newtown, CT Elementary School, 27 Dead, Including at Least 20 Children

Peace Park Memorial Hall of Victims Nanjing Jiangsu Province --China DailyPeace Park Memorial for Victims Nanjing, Jiangsu Province –China Daily

(Twitchy) Police in Newtown, CT are reporting that 27 people are dead, 20 of them children have been killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Execrable Newsweek Editor Ghoul David Furm mocks victims of Connecticut school shooting, other liberals join in seizing the opportunity to showcase the tragedy to promote their far lefty loony gun control agendas.

In China, despite having some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, sick b-stards intent on murdering children do not need a firearm to kill.

In 2010 I wrote here, here and here about some of the cold blooded senseless murders of Chinese school children by knife wielding assailants. Should knives be banned too?