Warren Buffett Endorses Single-Payer Health Care – Flashback: Ronald Reagan Speaks About the Dangers of Socialized Medicine

“Back in 1927 an American Socialist Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president of the Socialist Party ticket said the American people would never vote for Socialism but he said, under the name of Liberalism, the American people will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program…”

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GOP Leadership Finally Concedes, Delays ObamaCare Lite Vote – Flashback: Ronald Reagan on the Evils of Socialized Medicine

(ZeroHedge) ObamaCare Lite Fails to Correct ACA Disaster – Repeal & Replace

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Democrat Hypocrisy: Ted Kennedy Asked USSR to Intervene in 1984 Election to Defeat Reagan

Democrat Hypocrisy is Astounding But Not at All Surprising – Thanks: Gateway Pundit

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Very Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Ronald Reagan (06 February, 1911 — 05 June, 2004)

Nancy Reagan Funeral Livestream Friday 11 March, 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Nancy Reagan FuneralThe Reagan Foundation has partnered with FOX News
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Mitt Romney to Lay Out Strategy to Defeat Trump – What Do You Bet Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise

Mitt Romney(Bloomberg) RINO Loser Mitt Romney Thursday to
Lay Out Case Against Trump –Image: Leah@Twitter

  • Flashback: Remember when President Ronald Reagan Gavest us his 11th Commandment

“Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Any Fellow Republican.”

How Times Have Changed

Carly Fiorina Kills It in This Address at The Reagan Library

Obama Fantasizes Compares Himself to Reagan

Reagan v Obama Labor MarketReagan’s Labor Expansion -v- Obama’s Labor Collapse
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(Politico) President Obama says he believes that he’s led a new ‘Reagan Revolution’ so that would make Hillary Clinton, if she wins his “Bush Senior.”

“Much in the same way the ‘Reagan Revolution’ required Bush Senior” to complete his transformation of American politics, Obama told his White House alumni staff in a conference call this week, “we’ve got to make sure we’re laying the foundation” for the next Democrat elected.

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Reagan v Obama JobsReagan -v- Obama Foundations: Recoveries & Jobs Growth —IJ Review

PT v FTP/T Jobs Surge by 161,000 — F/T Jobs Tumble by 349,000 –Zero Hedge

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96.3 Million  Not in Labor Force Obama Advisor Blames it on the Calendar

Thank You D-Day Veterans

D-Day Greatest GenerationD-Day: 70 Years Later–Remembering Greatest Generation –FOX News

Ronald Reagan Normandy(The Blaze)  Reagan’s Riveting Words on D-Day’s 40th Anniversary Still Require Tissues –Image Courtesy: American President’s@Twitter

Remembering President Ronald Ronald, 10 Years Since We Said Good-Bye

Nancy ReaganNancy Reagan Takes a Moment to Remember Her Best Friend and Husband 10 Yrs Since His Death –Image: Christine O’Donnell@Twitter